Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

There are some people who would just like to do the usual things that they do on a daily basis until suddenly pain from their wisdom tooth strikes. If in case you have not experienced it yet, wisdom tooth pain happens when the wisdom tooth starts to grow usually in people’s adult years. The pain that people feel from it may vary. There are some who are unable to do anything while feeling pain while there are also some people who do not feel much.

Symptoms of wisdom tooth pain

wisdom tooth pain

  • Aching Jaw – Since the wisdom tooth is usually located near the jaw, when it starts growing, the jaw also becomes affected. More often than not, people who begin to experience aching jaws cannot concentrate on the tasks that they have to do making them become less productive in doing their tasks.
  • Soreness – There are some people who are unable to eat most types of food because of their wisdom tooth. Usually, when a certain type of food reaches the gums or the area where the wisdom tooth grows, it can be extremely painful.
  • Throbbing Pain – Some people are unable to sleep at night or pretty much concentrate on doing anything because of the throbbing pain caused by their wisdom tooth.

The above mentioned symptoms are just some of the possible symptoms of wisdom tooth. In order to become better informed about the wisdom tooth pain relief then read on.

Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

If in case you would like to make a quick solution to the type of pain that you are feeling because of your wisdom tooth, here are just some of the possible things that you can do for wisdom tooth pain relief:

  • Saltwater Solution – In order to make a salt water solution, what you can do is place warm on a glass and mix in about 2 – 3 teaspoons of salt. You have to mix in the solution. Do remember that you are not supposed to drink the solution. Rather, what you can do is gargle the solution at different times of the day. You can do it frequently as long as you will not drink the water.
  • Chewing on Cloves – It has already been a known fact that for toothache, people can rely on cloves. Sometimes, the cloves can be mixed in with clove oil to make it more effective in combating pain caused about by the wisdom tooth.
  • Dental Creams – If in case you would like more immediate relief, making use of dental creams may work tremendously. Do remember not to purchase a dental cream without the recommendation of your doctor. This way, you can be sure if the dental cream that you will place on the infected area will be effective in combating the pain.
  • Ice Pack – This is probably the most common home remedy that people can do. Simply place a pack of ice on the affected area for instant relief. The coolness of the ice will also make the inflammation go down a bit.
  • Vanilla Extract – Vanilla extract contains some properties that will help alleviate the pain caused by the growing wisdom tooth. To place vanilla extract, first put the vanilla extract on a piece of cotton and place it on the affected area for a certain period of time or until the pain goes away.
  • Pain Relievers – Some people opt for pain relievers probably because they need relief that will take place immediately and will last for a longer period of time. Some people tend to become scared with choosing pain relievers without the prescription of their doctors but there are some over the counter pain relievers that are available right now.Do remember that pain relievers are made with different ingredients. Make sure that you will choose a pain reliever that you are not allergic to so you will not have any problems afterwards. If the pain reliever is not recommended by your doctor, what you can do is to make sure that you follow the daily dosage usually placed at the back of the bottle.

Do remember that depending on how severe the wisdom tooth growth is or if it becomes apparent that the wisdom tooth is not growing normally, people can also consider getting an extraction for their tooth. Tooth extraction can actually become helpful because tooth extraction can make the pain go away caused by the wisdom tooth. Do remember though that after the tooth extraction, there might be some inflammation but it will go away after some time for wisdom tooth pain relief.

How to Choose a Dentist

How to Choose a Dentist

Do remember that you cannot just choose the first dentist that you will see. You would have to choose the best dentist that will ensure that your wisdom tooth problems will go away. In order to help you out, what you can do is to search on the Internet for dentists that are near your area. Then, you can also call them up to inquire about their services as well as their fees. If you are a bit torn with the dentist that you will pick, what you can do is to ask for recommendations from other people who have already gone to their dentists. You can also check out the reviews stated by other people on the Internet. Do remember that once you find a dentist, you can make sure that you will start to regularly go to the dentist to take better care of your teeth.

After the tooth has been extracted or different treatments have been applied to stop the pain caused by the wisdom tooth, the pain should go away completely after some time. The pain will just stay if it would be affected by an infection. If in case of an infection, contact your dentist immediately so that the pain will be stopped. There are some people who have reported not being able to chew or even close their mouth after the tooth extraction has taken place.

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