Why do You Have Vaginal Itching Before Period

More often than not, women feel extremely uncomfortable when they experience vaginal itching before period. It does not necessarily have to be experienced only before getting menstruation. There are some women who experience it before, during and a few days after their menstruation cycle. There are some women who usually do not pay much attention to vaginal itching especially if in their opinion, they have more important things to think about but actually giving attention to vaginal itching can help tremendously.

Some Symptoms to Take Note

Vaginal Itching Before Period
Vaginal Itching Before Period

There are instances when people just realize that they may have a certain condition when they are already feeling uncomfortable because of the itch that they are feeling. Do remember that aside from the itching of the vagina, other symptoms that would have to be given attention to are the following:

  • Vaginal Dryness – More often than not, the cause of the itch is the dryness of the vagina.
  • Burning Around the Vaginal Wall – This is an uncomfortable feeling that may sometimes make people feel that they do not want to do anything anymore. The reason for this is because the burning of the vaginal wall can become aggravated when women do normal things such as walking and running.
  • Trouble Passing Urine – Depending on the condition or the cause that might be causing the itch in the vagina, there are some women who experience having hard time passing urine. This should be given the right attention immediately.

Aside from these symptoms, there may still be others that would have to be given attention to.

Types of Vaginal Itching

Some women assume that all types of vaginal itching are all the same but the types of itching can be classified into two types. The first type is the normal vaginal itch that is usually experienced by people because of dryness. This is normal and women usually experience this from time to time especially before they get their menstruation. The second type of itching is the abnormal itching. Abnormal itching is an itch caused by different diseases that most women do not have.

Common Causes of Vaginal Itching

If in case you are a bit paranoid with the itch that you are experiencing on your vagina, you have to remember that often, the itch that you are feeling is considered to be normal. This means that the cause of vaginal itching before period is nothing out of the ordinary. Some of the common causes are the following:

  • Hormonal Imbalance – If in case you are not sure what hormonal imbalance is, it is the lack of estrogen that can be found in the body. When women lack estrogen, it is likely that they will experience dryness which will then result to itch.
  • Allergies – There are times when people use certain products that can cause itchiness. If you are not sure about what is causing your allergies, you have to remember to check the components of a certain product. If you know the things that you are allergic to, you would be able to pinpoint immediately what products you should avoid and what products you have to use to avoid getting an itch.
  • Menopause – There are some women who are in their 50s who start experiencing the symptoms of menopause. Feeling itchy on the vaginal area is considered to be one of the common symptoms that people are going to experience.
  • Uncomfortable Clothing – There are instances when people wear clothes that are not really comfortable so that they may appear to be attractive or in order to look good. There are some seasons wherein tight clothes are very popular so people cannot help but wear tight fitting clothes without having to think about how it will affect the various parts of the body. Wearing clothes that are too tight may just cause some problems with vaginal itching.
  • Stressful Events – More often than not, women experience various situations that will cause them to rethink about the things that they are going to do. When women are under a lot of stress, they cannot help but neglect some of the things that may keep them healthy thus risking their health and sometimes even their hygiene. Avoiding stressful situations may be inevitable but you have to remember not too focus on the stress too much.

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More Serious Causes of Vaginal Itching

There are instances when the causes of vaginal itch may come with a variety of other symptoms that will help the woman know that it is not just a simple itch that will go away without undergoing treatment. Some of the possible causes of vaginal itching are the following:

  • STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)– This condition is usually acquired when a woman has sexual intercourse with someone who already has the condition. Some STDs can be cured with the right medications while there are some like HIV that has no known cure yet.
  • Cancer – There are times when the itch is being caused by a discharge that may come from cysts or tumors that might be located near the abdominal area.
  • Infection – There are various times when people become exposed to viruses and bacteria that may cause the vaginal itch. This can easily be cured with the proper treatment.

Do remember that for common causes of vaginal itching before period, going to the doctor to seek treatment may not be necessary but for more serious causes, going to a medical practitioner immediately will always help.

Home Treatments to Try

If in case you would like the vaginal itch to be relieved, here are just some of the possible treatments that you can try:

  • Keep the Vaginal Area Clean – One of the main reasons why people experience itch is because they are not wearing clean clothes. Make sure that undergarments are always fresh and clean.
  • Select the Right Products to Use – Some products contain chemicals that are too harmful for the vaginal area and in turn may cause vaginal itching before period or sometimes maybe even during period.
  • Apply Ice – When the itch becomes too bad, do not scratch because this will only worsen the condition. Instead, apply ice to the areas that are itchy. This will help relieve the itch without causing pain.

Through these things that can be done, vaginal itching can be controlled.

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