White Discharge Before Period: Causes and Treatment

A lot of women normally experience white discharge before they get their period. Do you usually notice this before you get your period? You may initially think that there is something wrong with you but you should calm yourself down and remember that a certain amount of discharge that you will release before your period is considered to be normal.

This is because of ovulation and when women ovulate, they usually release a clear discharge before and after the ovulation period. Before getting your period however, you will begin to see a discharge that is thicker and is color white.

White Discharge before Period

Different Types of Discharge

It is important to understand that there are different types of discharge that you may get whether or not you are about to get your period. It is important that you understand this so that you will know if the discharge is harmless or if it is already a sure sign of infection. Here are the different types of discharge you ought to know more about:

  • Clear Discharge – Like mentioned earlier, this type of discharge is associated with ovulation and can be seen before and after the ovulation period.
  • White Discharge – This is the type of discharge before a woman gets her menstrual period.
  • Brown Discharge – This is the type of discharge that a woman may get after she gets her menstrual period. The main reason why it is brown is because the vagina gets rid of leftover menstruation that may have gotten stuck on the vaginal walls. It is the body’s way of releasing these leftovers.
  • Yellow or Green Discharge – When this is the type of discharge that comes out of the vagina, this may indicate an infection. This type of discharge usually has a certain smell and may sometimes come in clumps.
  • Brown Spots – The brown spots may be in the form of a blood that may appear when a woman is supposed to be expecting her period but does not. Do remember that this may indicate that a woman is pregnant and should have herself checked by the doctor immediately.

Do remember that women who are pregnant may not usually know that they are pregnant until they start seeing some of the symptoms like having sore breasts and pain that can be felt near the lower back area. Usually, white discharge can also be considered as one sign of being pregnant.

Some Infections that Can Cause Discharge

Since it has already been mentioned that there are certain conditions that can cause a discharge, do remember that discharge caused by infections usually has a certain smell. The smell may depend on the type of infection that may be experienced.

Here are some of the infections that may cause vaginal discharge:

  • Gonorrhea – This is a sexually transmitted disease which means that it can spread from one person to another through sexual intercourse. Usually, those who have gonorrhea usually experience a yellowish discharge with a foul smell usually coupled by other symptoms like the bleeding of the vagina even without menstruation.
  • Yeast Infection – This is actually a common type of infection and women are bound to get yeast infection one way or another depending on the things that they are going through. Yeast usually love living in areas that are warm and moist which explains why the vagina is a favorite place of the yeast to stay in. Some people usually report having yeast infection when they are feeling stressed but some people get it because of poor hygiene. There are various treatments that can be done to help cure this condition.
  • Bacterial Vaginosis – This is the type of condition usually felt by women because of the imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in the vagina. The discharge that comes from having this condition may vary from person to person but usually, the discharge is a bit yellow or brown in color. It also comes with a smell that can be comparable to fish. Women who have this condition may be more prone to acquiring HIV.
  • Trichonomiasis – This is yet again another sexually transmitted disease that may cause vaginal discharge with a distinct odor. It has been said that the odor of this type of discharge can be compared to that of rotten eggs. Usually, the strong and unpleasant odor can be smelled immediately.
  • Chlamydia – Another sexually transmitted disease that usually comes with a white discharge may seem harmless especially since getting white discharge is normal but one of the symptoms that will show that this is an infection is through the burning sensation usually felt by women when they are urinating.

If ever you experience any of the above mentioned vaginal discharge, you should have it checked by your doctor so that your doctor will indicate if there is something wrong with what you are feeling. At the same time, you will be given instructions on what you should do so that you can be cured from the condition.

Vaginal Discharge during Pregnancy

There are some women who think that when they are pregnant they will not get any vaginal discharge at all but this is not true. Pregnant women are reported to experience more of it than what they experienced before they got pregnant. Sometimes, it can be even so bad for pregnant women that they tend to have wet undergarments in the progress during the course of their pregnancy.

The type of discharge usually experienced during the whole course of the pregnancy is clear but as the day of birth becomes nearer, the discharge usually becomes thicker and whiter in color. Of course, when there is a sudden gush of clear liquid and it is not sticky, then this is a sign that the pregnant woman is about to give birth.

Do remember that there are some women who report to having a huge gush of liquid even before their due date and when this happens, this means that the doctor would have to be called immediately. It may also be a good idea to go to the hospital at the soonest possible time because this may mean that something is wrong.

How to Prevent Unhealthy Vaginal Discharge

Any woman would like to prevent unhealthy vaginal discharge so here are the things that are supposed to be done:

  • Keep the Vaginal Area Feel Clean and Dry – Since some infections tend to stay in warm and moist areas, keeping your vaginal area clean will help stop these infections from spreading.
  • Choose the Right Products – Do you know that there are certain products that may do more harm than good to your vagina? Make sure that you will avoid this by choosing products that may contain allergens. You may also want to avoid anything that has scent since this can cause irritation to the vaginal area.
  • Practice Safe Sex – Since one of the main reasons why women acquire certain infections is because of unprotected sex. Having multiple partners should also be avoided because people will never know who’s infected and who is not until such time when they have also acquired the infection themselves.

Having discharge may be normal but you still have to have yourself checked by your doctor to be sure.

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