What muscles do lunges work

A lot of people do lunges right now in order to help tone and sculpt different parts of the body. One of the greatest benefits of this exercise is that it is able to work out different body muscles located at different parts of the body. While usually, people do this exercise for toning and conditioning, there are still some who do the exercises as part of their weight loss routine.Are you now curious to know what muscles do lunges work?

What muscles do lunges work
What muscles do lunges work

How to Do Lunges

Since some people have only heard about the exercise but are not entirely sure how it is done, do remember that there are different types of lunges that are available. When you are new to doing it, you should do the basic first. You can then progress into harder lunges as time progresses. Here are the steps that would have to be done:

  • Make Sure That You Have the Proper Athletic Gear – Lunges is already considered to be easy to do but people have to remember that having the right athletic gear can make a lot of difference. People are able to pay more attention to their form and posture if they have all the proper things needed.
  • Stand Up Straight – Again, consider your posture.
  • Step forward with one of your feet about feet far from your body. Remember to still keep your body straight so that you will not have any risk about hurting your back in the process.
  • Slowly go down forward and continue to balance using the other foot.
  • Do the same for the Other Foot and repeat multiple times.

Based on the details mentioned above, it is apparent that doing lunges can be an easy task provided that people will continue to keep their good posture.

Benefits of Lunges

Benefits of Lunges
Benefits of Lunges

Now that you already know how you can do it, you are probably curious to know how doing lunges can possibly and positively benefit you. Here are just some of the benefits that you should know:

  • Different Muscle Groups is Worked Out – There are some exercises that can only work out certain parts of the body but with lunges, the different body muscles can be toned if done regularly.
  • Tones Different Muscles – There is something about having toned muscles that can be very appealing. Doing lunges often can usually help people have toned muscles from different parts of their bodies.
  • Helps Burn Calories – Calories are the reasons why some people gain weight after some time. Usually, people just need to consume less than 3,500 calories a day in order to maintain their weight but probably because of the different products that can be found in different stores, 3500 calories can come fast enough. Staying below 3500 calories can help people lose weight at the soonest possible time.

Aside from these benefits that are mentioned above, trying out the exercise yourself can also give you an idea about the other benefits that you may acquire from it.

Some Tips to Follow

There are instances when people become too excited with the thought that they are going to try something new that they tend to be hasty in making decisions. Here are some tips that can be followed to have a more effective lunges workout:

  • Research about the different types of lunges that are available. Some types of lunges are easier to do for some people so make sure that you know exactly what you need.
  • Do Different Lunges – When the body becomes too accustomed to just one type of exercise every time, this will make the body weaker against the other types of lunges. Make sure that you do all the types that are available because this will help you pass.
  • Make sure that the reps are always equal. There are some people who do not take the number of lunges that they have to do seriously so they always end up working out one part of the body over the other. This can be a big concern especially if it is obvious. Count the number of lunges that you are going to do with your right foot first before you proceed with doing lunges for the other foot.
  • Holding a dumbbell may help. As we know, lunges are supposed to be use for toning so having a dumbbell during an exercise may help a lot. Usually, beginners start with no dumbbells yet but the weight of the dumbbell does increase as time goes by.

What muscles do lunges work

Are you now curious to know what muscles do lunges work? It is likely that you are and you would like to know the muscle groups now. The different muscle groups are the following:

  • Muscles in the Thigh Area – Since this is a leg exercise, it is only common for the thigh muscles to also be part. Usually, the thigh muscles are very important because it helps people to keep stable while doing some activities.
  • Muscles in the Lower Leg – These muscles are usually targeted when people are balancing with the use of their toes.
  • Muscles in the Abdomen –Usually, people become confused and surprised when they learn that lunges can actually help the abdominal muscles but because of the steps done to do lunges, the abdominal muscles are pressured into also keeping balance and stable and this can help tone the muscles a bit.
  • Muscles Located at the Hip – Do remember that the larger the step that people make in order to do lunges, the more affected the hip muscles are going to be as well.

There are some people who tend to overwork their muscles which mean that they do lunges every day. People might think that this will make the process of acquiring muscles and becoming toned faster but it can only proceed in hurting the group of muscles targeted by this exercise. Usually, people are recommended to do lunges every other day and do some exercises at the other days when lunges are not being done. This way, other muscles in different parts of the body can be targeted better. What muscles do lunges work? Those that would need to be toned the most.

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