Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer is one of the common diseases worldwide. Normally the people of over 55 years old experience this problem. It is possible to get rid of this problem if you can diagnose it at a very early stage. If you want to take the chance of an easy cure, you have to learn about the most common signs as well as symptoms of this disease. If you face any of the symptoms of stomach cancer, you have to see your doctor as soon as possible. Do not forget that, the more advanced the stomach cancer, the less chance that the treatment of this disease will be cured. Proper treatment can slow the process of stomach cancer.

What is Stomach Cancer?

Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer is also known as Gastric Cancer. It is a very common problem, especially in Japan as well as China. Men and women both can experience this problem. However; it is seen that men experience this problem greater than the women. Older people experience this problem greater than the younger. Most of the time stomach cancer begins from the cell in the lining of the mucous or even stomach. This type of stomach cancer is also known as adenocarcinoma. Cancerous tumor most of the time starts from the abdominal cell. The ulcer is one of the most common reasons of stomach cancer. If the patient fails to treat the stomach ulcer, there is a huge possibility that they can experience stomach cancer. Though many people sometimes develop stomach cancer without any specific reason, however; there are some risk factors that can be responsible for this condition.

When a stomach cancer starts to develop, initially it does not show any kinds of symptoms. That is the main reason most of the people fail to diagnose it earlier and suffer a lot. It is also seen that many people do not experience any symptoms until their stomach cancer goes to the advanced condition. When the stomach cancer starts to grow, the symptoms of this disease start to worse. It can be intractable if the condition goes under control.

Most Common Warning Signs

Stomach cancer is a dangerous disease. The unfortunate fact is that, the symptoms cannot be identified or traced out at the early stage of this disease. But with the development of the disease you may mark out some symptoms. The symptoms depend on that, how long you are suffering from this disease. Here I give some important symptoms of stomach cancer. If you find any one of these signs with you please don’t delay to converse with your consultant.

Blood in Your Stool

It is one of the most important and the earliest symptoms of stomach cancer. Generally, if you see blood with your stool or on your toilet tissue after wiping it may cause a warning for you. But you should not be nervous. This condition is also visible for less serious condition.

Blood in your stool is not visible always with the naked eye. So, you can take a fecal occult test of blood to make sure.

When you get an abdominal pain and feel uneasy

Abdominal pain is considered as one of the most well-known symptoms of stomach cancer. You can receive an abdominal pain from mild to severe form. Most commonly, in case of stomach cancer the pain is traced out at upper abdomen. If you mark out such a consistent situation go to your doctor at once.

Consistent Vomiting

Permanent vomiting along with nausea is a symptom of stomach cancer. It is more dangerous to you if you find blood in your vomit. It may cause a serious damage to your esophagus and leads your health to deteriorate quickly.

No desire for food

If you have no hunger for food for two or more days you may consider it as a serious symptom of stomach cancer. In general, it is a common matter to lose appetite for one day, but longer than this is dangerous to you.

Bloating of abdomen

If you find your abdomen excessively bloated specially after taking meal, it may a bad sign for you. Again, improper digestion, and heart pain is other important symptoms of stomach cancer.

When you feel extra tiredness

If you feel tired heavily with a little exercise you should go to your doctor immediately because most often this condition is created by the persistent vomiting and blood loss from your stool. It is one of the dangerous symptoms of stomach cancer.

Losing weight spontaneously

Most of the people welcome their weight loss. But it may cause a threat to you if you do not take any physical exercise and don’t practice and diet control and experience such a weight loss. In general, if you lose 5% weight of your body within a six month or less it is not good for you.

Most of the symptoms of Stomach Cancer are similar to the symptoms of stomach ulcer. Stomach ulcer is also known as the earlier condition of stomach cancer. If you experience any of the above symptoms, you should see your personal health professional as soon as you can. A proper diagnosis can help you a lot to get rid of this problem. Timely treatment is a must for the patient of stomach cancer. A stomach cancer can grow faster than any other disease if you fail to diagnose it earlier.

The examination to diagnose stomach cancer is very normal, especially when your cancer is at a very early stage. Normally a Gastroscopy is arranged to diagnose the problem.


Several treatment options are available for stomach cancer. Surgery is one of the common treatments of stomach cancer. However; according to the health condition of the patient the treatment of stomach cancer can vary. It is a must to get enough nutrition from the foods as well as also follow a healthy diet to control the condition. If you face any kind of abnormality, you have to discuss with your doctor for the possible solution.

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