Best Waist Cincher for Weight Loss

There is a current trend right now wherein waist cinchers would have to be worn in order to make women’s waists slimmer. There are a lot of celebrities who have already tried it and they are quite happy with the results even regular people see the results and they would like to achieve that type of body as well. A lot of women wish to have an hourglass shape but not everyone is given that type of body especially because women’s bodies are all created differently.

Waist Cincher for Weight Loss

The History of Waist Cinchers aka Corsets

Corsets have been around for quite a long time. According to history, the first ever corset was created and worn in the 1500s but it has evolved since then. There was a time when women were required to wear corsets with their ball gowns because they would like to make sure that they will have small waists that will showcase their femininity.

Over the past few years, they are not mainly used to change the shape of your waist or your body in general. They are made to help you lose weight. Some of the products that are being sold right now are designed to help people feel like they are exercising whenever they wear the waist cincher. Also, some of the waist cinchers being sold right now are recommended to be use during a workout because this can help make exercises more difficult.

What Waist Cinchers Claim to Do

Here are some of the things that waist cinchers claim that they can do:

  • Compress Your Core – This will lead to a stronger and tighter core that will ultimately lead to having a more feminine shape.
  • Make You Perspire More – If one of the main reasons why you think you are not losing weight that easily is because you are not perspiring, you have to remember that once you perspire more, you can start losing weight.
  • Releases Toxins – Since you sweat easily with the use of the corset, the toxins that may be stuck in your body will be released with it.
  • Lets You Eat Less – Since the waist cincher is tight, you tend to feel full faster which means that you will not eat as much as you usually do.

It has been said that with the use of waist cinchers, you will start to lose extra pounds and you will also be motivated to maintain your new weight once you get to your goal weight with the help of the waist cincher.

Do Waist Cinchers Actually Work?

Some professionals say that the main reason why people who have worn corsets for a long time have smaller waists is because they have succeeded in altering the shape of their body but it does not mean that they have lost the fat. Rather, the fat is just distributed to other parts of the body. With this in mind, it does not seem to be very appealing anymore.

There are also some women who have gotten a bit over with the use of waist cinchers and corsets that they have managed to make their waists extremely small. In the process, they have made their organs go to different areas. This can actually be unhealthy but only in extreme measures.

Disadvantage of Using Waist Cincher

Although the main advantage that the waist cincher can do is to let women achieve the hourglass shape that they have always wanted to have, this also comes with a downside, a disadvantage that must not be overlooked.

When people make use of a waist cincher, they might realize from time to time that they are having hard time breathing. This is because the waist cincher is disallowing the lungs to expand to its full size. This means that the amount of air that people can take might not be enough at times to sustain the whole body.

It is recommended that when women wear waist cinchers, they would have to do it at certain times of the day only preferably when they are exercising so that they will still be able to breathe easily and maintain their body’s overall health. While losing weight is always good, being unhappy with one’s shape can cause more problems in the long run.

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