Some Things to Know About Upper Arm Pain

There are instances when people experience unpleasant sensations on their arms. Usually, the pain may be located anywhere in the arm and the pain can also vary. There are some people who can still go about doing the activities that they have to do while their arm is in pain while there are others who can barely do anything anymore because the pain that they are feeling on their arms is already severe.

upper arm pain
upper arm pain

Possible causes of upper arm pain

  • Arthritis is characterized by the inflammation of the joints. It may affect different joints of the body not only on the arms but when it does reach the arms; the pain may sometimes be unbearable while others will only experience the pain for a certain time during the day.
  • There are instances when people experience upper arm pain because they have strained their shoulders. This may be because of physical activities done by people or it may also be caused by doing one thing all over and over again.
  • There are some people who are not even aware that a condition called Tendinitis exists. From the name itself, it is pretty obvious that it involves the tendons of the body. The tendons are cords that make sure that the muscles are attached to the rest of the body. At times, they become overworked and they become painful. This can usually appear on people’s upper arm after doing strenuous workouts for the arms.
  • Shoulder injuries may also cause some pain in the upper arm. There are instances when people are not even aware that they have torn their muscle or they have sprained their shoulders immensely so they feel it as upper arm pain instead.
  • Angina is actually a condition of the heart but the pain may become so intense that the pain will travel to different parts of the body like the shoulders and the arms.

Other than the above mentioned things, there are also other reasons that may be considered more serious than the conditions mentioned above. Actually, Angina is already serious but it can only become more serious when it is uncontrolled. Other more serious possible causes are the following:

  • Heart Attack – There are some people who have had heart attack and survived that said that one of the symptoms that they remember experiencing is feeling arm pain going upwards. When you feel pain like this, you have to get yourself checked by your doctor.
  • Shoulder Dislocation – There have already been moments when people have dislocated their shoulders because of doing some things. Unlike strains, dislocations will make people lose control of their shoulders. As a result, people will be unable to do anything with the use of their dislocated arm.
  • Adhesive Capsultis – This is the condition wherein people have limited movements with their arm and shoulders. The limited movements will cause the area to have scar tissues after some time of not being able to work properly.
  • Fracture – This is different from dislocation because in dislocation, it is the joins involved but with fracture, this involves the bones of the shoulder. There are instances when the shoulder bones get a small break, pierce through the skin or shatters completely.

Do remember that aside from the symptoms mentioned above, there are still other possible causes of arm pain that people would have to be aware about. It is always advisable if people could seek the help of a medical doctor if they feel that the pain is serious enough.

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When to See a Doctor

There are instances when people do not know when they should seek the help of their doctor. In order to know better, here are just some things that you have to be conscious about:

  • When the pain that people are feeling are sudden and severe. Usually, the reason for the pain is unexplained because it was not expected at all.
  • Obvious dislocation or difference with how the arm looks.
  • Arm pain or even other types of pain that usually go away when people are resting and come back again when people are doing some things.
  • Hearing bones crack because of a certain activity or hearing a sound that is not usually heard within the arm.
  • Swelling of some parts of the arm that may be caused by a serious condition.

Do remember that depending on the severity of the case, you may choose to seek the help of the doctor immediately which means that you will go to the emergency room of the hospital or if the symptoms are not too severe, you may choose to schedule an interview with your doctor. Usually, if you feel that the symptoms are not that serious to begin with but suddenly you will notice differences with your arm as time progresses, this might mean that your condition is more serious than you think.

Home Treatments – Are They Effective?

While home treatments may not help cure upper arm pain or any type of arm pain completely, it is possible that it can help alleviate the symptoms being felt by the patient. It would be a good idea if people would be able to help them out in the process so that the healing process can be much faster than usual. People who would like to do home treatments would just have to follow R.I.C.E which means complete rest, ice, compression and elevation.

People who will not rest will usually aggravate their condition and those who do not put ice may also feel more pain than those that do. Compression bandages are used to make sure that the swelling will go down a bit over time. Elevating people’s arms can also help improve blood circulation and can also help improve oxygen circulation to the rest of the body. Knowing these things will help you out in all the things that you have to do when you experience upper arm pain.


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