How to Get Rid of Thrush in Babies Fast and Naturally

If you are not aware what thrush is, this is a type of yeast infection that babies sometimes acquire from their mothers. Do remember that some babies also acquire this without the mother having a yeast infection. This is a common condition and most babies experience it at one point in their lives.

The main symptom that you would have to look at when you suspect that your baby has oral thrush is if the baby has white patches that can be seen on the baby’s gums, inner cheek area and even the tongue. Aside from this, another symptom that you have to look for is if your baby shows discomfort every time the baby tries to feed.

Thrush in Babies

Although there are various creams and other medications that you may apply to the oral thrush of the baby in order to help it get cured at the soonest possible time, it can be very helpful if there are some home remedies that you can try instead. For instance, there are some babies who actually get oral thrush because of taking antibiotics. This should always be looked into.

There is also a possibility that if the baby has oral thrush, the thrush will be passed on to you. There are certain symptoms that you can look for:

  • Pain when you are breastfeeding.
  • Sensitive nipples and even areola.
  • Change in the color of your nipples.

The moment that you see the symptoms that you have a nipple thrush, you can go to the doctor immediately so that you will be given the chance to continue breast feeding but there is a chance that you would need to use creams in the process so that the thrush will go away over time. Do remember that the cream should be placed on the nipples after feeding and removed again if the baby would need to be fed again.

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Oral Thrush

  1. Gentian Violet

This is an antifungal dye that can help get rid of oral thrush. Do remember that it can work in 3 out of 4 babies.

  • Use the solution on the baby about 3 times every day.
  • Make sure that you will place it on the white patches.
  • It can also be placed on anything that can be placed on the baby’s mouth.
  1. Grapefruit Seed Extract

The great thing about this is that it has anti microbial properties that can help get rid of the various infections that can be found in the mouth. It can help get rid of various types of infections and not only oral thrush. This can be a whole solution for a range of different problems.

  • Mix 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract to distilled water.
  • Every hour, place the solution on the white areas of the baby’s mouth.
  • Try if the grapefruit seed extract will be effective in a period of 2 days.
  • If it still has not taken effect, what you can do is increase the number of drops that you can place with water.
  1. Use Sodium BiCarbonate

For those who are not aware, you can also make use of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda to make sure that you will get rid of the oral thrush. What it does is it fights against the infection that is causing oral thrush.

  • Make use of carbonated water.
  • Place baking soda on the carbonated water.
  • Mix a cup of distilled water as well.
  • After feeding the baby, use a q tip in order to place the baking soda mixed in with water on the oral thrush.
  • Everything that will be placed on the baby’s mouth would have to be coated with sodium bicarbonate solution.
  1. Enhance the Breast milk that the baby receives.

In order to make it easier for you to help get rid of the oral thrush that may be found in your baby, what you can do is make sure that the effects of your breast milk will be enough to get rid of oral thrush.

  • Make sure that you will not take in antibiotics because if this gets into your baby’s body, this might increase the amount of bacteria that will be causing the oral thrush of your baby.
  • You can also take garlic so that you can immediately get rid of some of the common causes of the oral thrush of your baby.
  • Oregano oil is also known to enhance the strength of your immune system so that it can effectively kill off the yeast that may have transferred to you from your baby or vice versa so that the oral thrush will go away eventually. The essence of oregano oil will be mixed in with your breast milk so it will help in getting rid of the oral thrush of your baby safely.
  1. Probiotics

Probiotics are normally found in yogurt but they can sometimes be found in pills. While you cannot feed your baby yogurt directly and you cannot make them take pills as well, what you have to do is take those so that their benefits will go directly into your breast milk that you will feed to your baby. These will then be in charge of getting rid of your baby’s oral thrush at the soonest possible time.

  1. Nystatin

This is known to be a liquid medication that is usually recommended as an alternative to other medications. The great thing about this is that most babies will be able to take this medication without having any problems.

  • This would need to be placed with the use of a dropper.
  • Place this on the white areas inside the mouth of the baby.
  1. Wait for the Oral Thrust to Take Its Course

There are times when oral thrush does not need any medications before it goes away. Since it is not usually serious, there are some oral thrushes that will go away over time; you just need to wait for it. Do remember that you can only do this if the baby does not experience any extreme symptoms. You cannot do this type of method if your baby displays the following symptoms:

  • Loss of Appetite – If your baby does not want to eat, this means that the oral thrush is preventing your child from taking in milk and this can also be true for other food products that you may want to feed your baby.
  • Irritability – If you notice that your baby seems to be quite irritable and is not as happy and jolly as usual, this may also be because of the oral thrushes that your baby has.

Do remember that the time will come when the oral thrush will go away eventually probably because of the home remedies that you have done or because it naturally went away on its own. What you have to do is make sure that it will not come back. You know just how irritable it can be for your baby and you do not want your child to experience the same amount of discomfort that he/she may have felt when he/she had the condition.

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