How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast

Stretch marks are a skin condition that can appear at different places, such as shoulders, belly, arms, upper arms, underarms, thighs, etc. They are usually a result of fast weight gain or can be due to a hormonal change. In the beginning they look like purple or red lines, but their color changes with a time and they become silverfish or white. It is more difficult to remove the older lines. However, if you start taking care of your skin in the affected area, you will be able to significantly reduce and even eliminate them.

Since women usually prefer to avoid corrective surgical procedures, they would rather handle the problem on their own. This is reasonable decision given that the laser and other kinds of surgical treatments are very expensive and require a number of sessions to be effective.

When the skin starts to expand very fast, the dermis begins to tear and damage causing these stretch marks. This is typical condition for women during the fast growth of body during the puberty or during the pregnancy, but it might happen to men as well, especially to those that are engaged in bodybuilding or gain very rapidly extra weight. Another frequent cause can be rapid changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy and puberty.

You have the better chance to get rid of stretch marks fast, if you start treatment in the early stages, while the lines are still of purple and red color. Those who try to eliminate white lines will find this to be very hard, which requires time, effective treatment and tenacity.

Stretch marks

Find below a lit of ten great tips that can help you get rid of your stretch marks fast:

  • Return your skin to its normal sizes to eliminate the stretch marks. This is possible by healthy weight loss. If your stretch marks appeared during the pregnancy, you can get rid of them fast by slimming down to what was your normal body weight before the pregnancy. A healthy and beneficial diet would help you in the process of stretch mark treatment.
  • Another good option that can be combined with other methods for better and faster result is massage treatment, which improves the blood circulation in the affected skin. Combine the massage techniques with a pressure to easier break down the scar tissue.
  • Get some tan to make these lines with the same color as the rest of your skin. This works well for other changes in pigmentation too, like white spots on skin after burning. Tanning is an effective method in getting rid of stretch marks as well, making them invisible. In order to avoid further problems, do not forget to use high protection factor sunscreen. Some even prefer to use tanning products for self tanning, as they believe that they will be much more effective compared to sun tanning.
  • Make use of natural essential oil for daily exfoliati A good option is to use a mildly abrasive sponge or brush and tea tree oil. This way the scar tissue will wear down, making a place for healthy new skin to replace it.
  • You can fade your stretch marks with Vapor Rub, applied vigorously on a daily basis before bedtime. To apply it, make use of a mildly abrasive cloth and implement this treatment for two weeks.
  • Known as a natural skin repairer, Vitamin E in liquid form will greatly benefit your skin, if applied every day for a couple of weeks. It will repair and renew all damaged cells, making your skin to look younger and refreshed.
  • A lot of natural creams and lotions are offered today that can help you get rid of stretch marks fast. Among the best options is to use cocoa butter, Shea butter, aloe vera, emu oil, jojoba oil, rose hip oil, castor oil, etc. Because of their healing qualities, these oils can be used in massage techniques. Removal creams are also good and effective option.
  • Choose the ones that contain natural ingredients to avoid adverse effects of chemicals. For a period of two weeks, you can apply this cream on the affected areas two times a day for noticeable results. This method will give you better results compared to many dermatological procedures that will require a lot of money to be spent on them.
  • There is even a hope for those, who do not have the required persistence to take care for their skin on a regular basis. These little marks will gradually disappear with the time by themselves, especially if you lead a healthy and active way of life.
  • And the last option for getting rid of your stretch marks fast is to use make-up and some cosmetic tricks to hide them. Although this is a temporary solution, you can take advantage of it in the right time.

Try to follow these simple advices to get rid of your stretch marks efficiently.

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