What Causes Stomach Pain in Children at Night

Many children sometimes feel pain for a few weeks and this can be extremely worrisome for a lot of parents.They want to know the possible reasons why their children have stomach pain at night.Most adults now do not even remember that when they were children, they have often suffered from bouts of pain in the abdomen.

 Stomach Pain in Children at Night

Common Illnesses That May Cause Children Stomach Ache

One of the most common fears of parents is to know that there are certain illnesses that are causing the children to feel pain.If your child looks stressed out or sick then it is possible that he is experiencing much more than the tummy pain that he is complaining about. Here are just some of the possible illnesses that he may be inflicted with:

  • Appendicitis – This is one disease that a lot of parents would not want their child to have. This is a problem with the appendix that can sometimes be caused by different reasons. In extreme cases, the appendix explodes and this can be extremely harmful since the other internal organs will be affected by it. To know if the tummy pain is caused by appendicitis, take note that the pain starts from the belly button although in extreme cases, the pain will be at the lower right side of the stomach.
  • Constipation – This is a condition wherein people are not able to digest food products properly. This means that the person will be unable to release stools. There are also times when the stools can be too hard. This can cause pain in the stomach area although most of the time, the anus is more affected by it.
  • Food Allergies – Allergies can be different from child to child. A child may be allergic to chocolate and this is sometimes hereditary. You can usually spot a pattern with the food that your child eats. If every time he eats a certain type of food he reports his tummy to hurt afterwards, your child most likely has food allergies.
  • Food Intolerance – This is somewhat similar to food allergies but in this case, the body of the child is intolerant to certain type of food. This means that it cannot digest some food products and its normal reaction is to just digest the food. This can cause the tummy to hurt because it can be connected to diarrhea which is another condition that can cause stomach pain.
  • Loose Stools or Diarrhea – This is one of the most common reasons for tummy aches in children and it is likely that your child will experience this a lot of times especially when he is just exploring and trying to eat what adults eat. There will be food products that will not be taken in by the body that well. The body will learn to adjust over time but this does not mean that diarrhea is not a serious condition. Learn to adjust your child’s diet to avoid this from happening.

What You Should Do

 Stomach Pain in Children

  • Contact the pediatrician immediately and let him or her know about the history of the family. There is a possibility that what the child is feeling is a result of genetics. This means that if the parents have suffered from abdominal problems in the past, it is likely that it has been passed on to the child. Sometimes, it is not the parents of the child who have had problems. It can be the grandparents or other close relatives.
  • A physical examination is necessary so that the doctor will be able to determine the underlying cause of the abdominal pain. Trying to work it out yourself unless you are a doctor will not help your child at all.
  • Remember that the different symptoms that children may be experiencing will vary. It can be different depending on the child’s age and the child’s current diet.

Sometimes, you would have to remember that some of the reasons why a child is feeling tummy pain are not always because of the things that he takes in. There are times when children feel pain in their abdomen because they are nervous about something. This can be because of something that is related to school or just because the child is feeling stressed out at home.

If you think that the current situations that your child is facing may be contributing to the stomach pain, try to assure your child that everything is okay. Being bullied is also something that can be causing stomach pain. Your child becomes too scared to do things that he normally does because he is being scared in school. Try to figure out the root of the problem because there is always a reason why your child is complaining about tummy aches at night.

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