Spotting Before Period Causes and Treatment

If you experience minor bleeding from your vagina, then it is known as spotting. It is a very light bleeding and normally spotting lasts for two days. If you experience spotting just before your period, then you may actually be ovulating or even it may be your matured egg that is being implanted in your uterus. However; you need not to worry about that as it is very normal occurrence.

Women who normally take birth control pills or even use several birth control methods can also experience light spotting before period. Girls who are just beginning to their period can also experience spotting. There are some other reasons that also can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding like low hormonal levels, uterine fibroids, endometriosis as well as cancer. These conditions require a pure medical attention.

Types of Spotting Before Period

The vaginal discharge of the women changes throughout their menstrual cycle. Basically a very clear or even white discharge is known as regular or even common symptom on all the days just before your period as well as it is really helpful for the lubrication of your tissues. However, you may also experience some common changes in vaginal discharge and it may be just because of your vaginal infection or even irritation.

It can be yellowish and sometimes it can also be greenish. It is sometimes very unpleasant. In case this is blood tinged, it can be considered as spotting, however; the actual cause is an extreme infection or even irritation, not cycle bleeding.

Brown or dark spotting between your periods can vary widely according to its nature. Bleeding or spotting just between the periods is also known as breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding can be light, however; it can be heavy or thick enough simply to saturate the sanitary pad with the blood. The menopausal bleeding between your menstruations can be unpredictable or even very erratic.

Common Causes of Spotting Before Period

Spotting Before Period
Spotting Before Period

There are some common causes that can be responsible for spotting before period. Read through to learn the common causes of spotting:

  • Ovulation: You can experience spotting just after your ovulation. It could be the cyst that basically has ruptured or even implantation. If you know your body well, you will be able to easily point it out. It is very normal for some women who are experiencing very light spotting before period each month during the time of ovulation.
  • Spotting when pregnant: Many women also experience spotting during the time of their pregnancy.It may seems very scary, however; it is not at all. The color of vaginal discharge matters in this case. Not only the color, but also the amount is very important. The color can be very light pink or even pink as well as brown spotting is also very common with the implantation.
  • Changing birth control method or taking new pills for birth control: After changing the birth control methods or even the regular birth control pills, many women face this problem. Skipping the methods and pills is very common cause of light brown spotting. Stopping as well as restarting the pills and methods of birth control may easily cause bleeding between menstrual periods.
  • If you want to reduce the chance of spotting before period, then you have to take your birth control pills same time each day and you have to maintain a perfect method of birth control for you as it will reduce the chance of bleeding.
  • Intake of aspirin: You may know it or not that Aspirin can easily cause bleeding. If you are experiencing spotting just after taking aspirin, then you have to avoid aspirin as Aspirin is not suitable for you. Aspirin is basically a blood thinner. It could exacerbate your bleeding between your periods.
  • Getting pap smears: It actually screening for the cervical cancer that can catch diseases just before you get bleeding. It is possible to cure Cervical cancer if you can treat it at the early stages. The pap smear can easily detect abnormal cells at the treatable stage.
  • Managing stress: If you want to avoid spotting, then you have to manage your stress. Though it is not a physical causes of spotting, however; emotional disorder often cause unexpected spotting before period and it is proved by the researchers. Stress can easily cause women’s cycle to get out of the whack that can also cause irregular periods or even spotting.
  • You need to try to keep your stress under your control. You can easily do it simply by following some relaxation techniques like yoga, pure meditation, very deep breathing especially in the morning, visualization, as well as aerobic exercise.
  • Weight Problem: If you want to avoid spotting, then you have to maintain a very healthy weight. If you are under weight or even if you are overweight, in both cases you may experience spotting. You will be able to reduce the possibility of occurring uterine cancer simply by controlling your weight.
  • Obesity is a very strong risk factor for the uterine cancer because this cancer is the most common among the post-menopausal women. If you face any of the symptoms of cancer like spotting just after menopause, then contact the doctor immediately.

Home Remedies for Spotting before Period

When to See a Doctor

For all the women who normally have very regular as well as predictable cycles, for them spotting can really create a lot of confusion as well as worry. Do you have ever had spotting? Think once! If you have not experienced yet, then for the first time it can be really a matter of concern for you. However; spotting is really very common among the women and there is nothing to worry.

If you are not sure, what is going on, then, you can talk with your doctor and do not hesitate to tell him or her details about your problem. If you fail to explain everything, then you may not get a proper solution. It is very important for the women not to just pass off the spotting before period. It needs to be checked properly by a doctor or even by your health care professional.

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