Skin Sensitive to Touch Causes and Treatment

There are instances when people become surprised when their skin becomes too sensitive to touch. Instead of being able to mingle with other people, they try to avoid situations wherein they would have to be with people because their skin feels painful even with the lightest touch possible. Some experience this condition from time to time and the condition comes and goes but for others, they experience it often and some do not even know why they are experiencing skin sensitive to touch.

Having sensitive skin is already a big problem for people especially those who would need to put in different skin products on their faces. Women especially sometimes have a hard time searching for the right makeup products to use because they know that they can become highly sensitive depending on the ingredients that have been used to make the products.

Causes of Sensitive Skin

Skin Sensitive Causes

The reasons for the skin becoming sensitive may range from external problems that will easily go away to internal problems that are usually considered to be more serious. For those who are wondering about how people sometimes acquire skin sensitive to touch, here are just some of the possible reasons why:

  • Insect Bites – There are instances when people do not even realize that they have already been bitten by insects. This usually happens when people unknowingly disturb the nests of insects or when they are in areas where insects usually reside.
  • Caterpillar Poisoning – There are certain types of caterpillars that are poisonous. Some have acquired sensitive skin after being bitten by caterpillars.
  • Exposure to Chemicals – There is some chemicals that can cause the skin to become more sensitive than usual. This is the reason why in conducting experiments especially in school, there are certain paraphernalia that would have to be used to protect the skin from the various chemicals. Mishandling chemicals can lead to skin irritation and sensitivity.
  • Sunburn – Some people get sunburned not because they have forgotten to place sun block on their skin but because they have forgotten to reapply sun block from time to time. Do remember that people would have to reapply ever so often to be fully protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Staying under the sun too long can still get people sunburn even with the adequate amount of sun block. Of course, when the skin regenerates, it will not be as painful and sensitive to touch anymore.
  • Food Allergies – There are instances when people eat some food products that they are not particularly okay with. This can vary from person to person although studies show that food allergies may be hereditary. This means that if the family has experienced allergies in certain food products, it is likely that it will be passed on to the generations to come.

More Serious Causes of Skin Sensitive to Touch

There are some causes of skin sensitivity that people cannot acquire from using various products that might make their skin sensitive to touch for a while. Here are some of the causes that would need to be addressed immediately.

  • Autism – There are a lot of autistic people who have recorded that they feel that their skin is sensitive because the lightest touch can send them reeling.
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome – This is the type of condition wherein the spinal cord is injured. Instead of not feeling anything however, the injury causes the nerve endings of different parts of the body excited. Of course, this makes the skin extremely sensitive to touch because it feels everything.
  • Diabetes – It is true that diabetes is usually given attention because of the body’s inability to produce insulin which is needed to regulate the blood sugar levels of the body but there are instances when diabetes that is left untreated can lead to various complications. One complication that it might lead to is neuropathy wherein the nerves become extremely sensitive. This condition can cause the skin to become sore.
  • Allodynia – This is another skin condition brought about by other conditions such as migraine wherein the pain becomes extremely sensitive to touch. There are instances when this condition affects how people live their lives because normal activities can cause gallants of extreme pain for the person experiencing this condition.
  • Herpes – This is a sexually transmitted disease that might appear on different parts of the body depending on the body part that has been exposed to the virus. Aside from causing some parts of the body to have blisters all over, there are also instances when the affected area becomes very sensitive and painful to touch.

Aside from these possible causes of skin sensitive to touch, do remember that there may be many others more that would have to be addressed immediately. While some are just simple skin sores that will heal over time, some would require more rigorous treatment so that the skin will return back to its normal state over time.

Skin Sensitive to Touch Treatments

Skin Sensitive to Touch

For people who think that treatments are just not possible when it comes to skin sensitivity, do remember that knowing first what the skin condition is the key in order to know what the things that should be done are. For instance, you cannot apply topical creams if you are not sure if it would improve your condition. Going to a medical practitioner and having your skin condition diagnosed first will be the first step that you have to do. Most likely, the medical practitioner will give prescription for the medications and the creams that you would have to apply to make your condition better. There are even times when the skin sensitivity is merely caused by lack of vitamins in the body so it is possible that people would have to take some vitamin medications for their skin. For more serious conditions, other treatments would have to be done. There are also some doctors that may prescribe anti inflammatory or pain medications to help lessen the sensations and symptoms that you are experiencing because of the skin condition that you have acquired.

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