Shorter Period than Normal What does it mean?

The normal menstrual cycle usually lasts from about three to five days but there are some women who experience more than that while others experience shorter than those three to five days. Most women would not want to experience menstruation because overall, it can be a hard and painful experience. There are a lot of women who feel that their moods can be better when they have their period but they cannot control it because of their hormones. Some women also feel bloated and this is probably caused by water retention. Still, most women become concerned when they get shorter periods than normal. Having short period may be caused by different reasons. To know more about what these reasons are then read on.

Normal Menstrual Cycle

Normal Menstrual Cycle
Normal Menstrual Cycle

It is important to take note that most women have different menstrual cycles. This means that various women also experience different menstrual cycles. For instance, some people normally just get 2 days of period and it has always been this way since they started. There are some women however who get the normal 3 – 5 days and their periods may range from those days every month. Some women are irregular which means that even though there are months when they get their period, there are also months when they do not experience anything. Do remember that a woman’s menstrual cycle is usually determined by some factors such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Food Intake
  • Medication

These three things mentioned will affect the type of menstruation that women experience from month to month. Knowing your pattern will help you determine whether the menstruation that you experience every month is normal or not.

Causes of Shorter Period than Normal

Shorter Period than Normal
Shorter Period than Normal

There are some women who are accustomed to getting the normal cycle of 5 – 7 days and then for one month, they would just get 2 days. Some women are not concerned about this because they are actually glad that their period has stopped immediately. Still, some people may feel that this is a cause of concern. Before panicking, here are just some of the various reasons why women experience shorter menstrual periods:

  • Exercising – As women age, some try harder to maintain their current weight and they know that they can do this by exercising. It is true that when women exercise, they usually make their bodies healthier so in the process, the menstrual cycle also shortens.
  • Being with Other Women – Although this may seem unlikely, studies have shown that this is actually possible. When people live with other women, it is likely that they are going to adapt the type of period experienced by the other women. This means that if they live with women who experience short period, it is likely that they would start experiencing short period too.
  • Aging – As women age, the number of days that they experience menstruation may also shorten. There are even times when the menstruation does not only become shortened, the menstruation becomes irregular.
  • Eating Disorders – There are instances when the cause for shorter period is brought about by something that women do which is to get eating disorders because of thinking that they would have to lose weight in order to fit into the clothes that they would like to wear. More often than not, women who are suffering from anorexia and bulimia do not only have their menstrual period shortened, more often than not, the production of eggs stop and this causes them not to have their period anymore. This is a primary concern because people who are suffering from eating disorders usually do not get enough nutrients to help the body. It gradually causes the body to weaken and become vulnerable. Most people who suffer from eating disorders die from overall total organ failure.
  • Hormonal Imbalance – For women who are not yet concerned about getting pregnant, hormonal imbalance may be something that should not be a concern but for people who would like to get pregnant, regulating the hormones is important because this will increase women’s chances of conceiving.

Aside from these possible causes, do remember that sudden lifestyle changes and the food that people eat may also be causes of the sudden short period.Spotting Before Period Causes and Treatment

Possible Treatments to Undergo

For some of the above mentioned causes, regulation of the current changes with one’s lifestyle or current exercise may help. It is likely that once the body is able to adjust to the recent changes, the cycle of menstruation that women experience will revert back to normal. There are instances however, when more treatments are prescribed to ensure that women will have better chances of recovering.

  • For Eating Disorders – It is important that a physician and a dietician will be able to tell how much the person needs to gain in order to regulate the body systems again. It is also likely that a person suffering from anorexia or bulimia would have to undergo psychological treatment in order to help the person recover from the condition.
  • For Hormonal Imbalance – There are various treatments that can be done with hormonal imbalance unlike in the past wherein the things that people can do were only limited. Right now, people may be prescribed by their physicians to take some medications that can regulate their hormones. Some may also be given birth control pills which are only used to regulate women’s menstruation.

Some Possible Concerns

There are a lot of women who would like to get shortened periods because they know that it is experience menstrual periods every month still, for those who are concerned because their shortened periods are sudden and they do not know what the cause is, it is possible to seek the help of the doctor immediately so that the reason can be pinpointed. Going to the OB-GYN once a year is important. The OB GYNE will make sure that women’s reproductive system is working well and there are no apparent infections that can be found. Those who do not get themselves checked may have some underlying conditions that would need to be addressed immediately.

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