Sciatic Pain that Hurts Stomach

Sciatic Pain is a common reason people most of the visit their doctors. More than 25% of adult people experience the pain at least one day in 3 months period. Sciatic Pain is basically a pain that is caused by compression or even irritation of sciatic nerve. Sometimes it hurts stomach and cause stomach pain.

Causes of Sciatica Pain

Sciatica nerve is a very long nerve that starts from the pelvis and ends at the feet. When something irritates or even compresses the nerve, it causes pain that radiates out from the lower back to calf. It hurts the stomach and the range of pain can from mild to very powerful.

The most common causes of Sciatica pain are the followings

  • Slipped disc
  • Spinal change due to age
  • Changes in the ligaments of your spine
  • Infection in the bone
  • Accidental injury
  • Diseases of the bone
  • Unwanted spinal growth like tumor

It is important to find out the actual cause of your Sciatica pain as the treatment of the pain can vary according to the cause. Take your pain seriously if it hurts your stomach.

Symptoms of Sciatica Pain

Sciatic Pain

Sciatica pain can be mild or even powerful. It may last in a few days or even it can stay for months. If your Sciatica pain lasts more than 6 weeks then it is considered as chronic Sciatica.

Sciatica pain is not like the general back pain. From the lower back it radiates out. Sometime the pain turns into worse situation over time. The pain can be worst for the following reasons:

  • Sitting or even standing for a long time
  • Laughing, coughing or sneezing
  • Bending backwards

There are a number of symptoms you may experience if you have Sciatica pain. Following are the most common symptoms of Sciatica pain:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Loss of the tendon reflexes
  • Muscle weakness

Above are the common symptoms of Sciatica pain. But if you face any of the following symptoms, then you have to seek for emergency medical help:

  • Loss of bowel control or loss of bladder
  • Feeling weakness in the foot and leg
  • Numbness in the bottom, leg or even lower back

The Sciatica pain often starts very slowly. Normally at night the pain turns into a very worst condition. You may feel burning sensation, feeling weak or very cold in the pain affected area.

This pain usually goes away within 1 week unless there is no serious condition. The symptoms of the pain may differ on the actual cause of the pain.

Medication for Sciatica Pain

A number of medications can be used for the treatment purposes of Sciatica pain. Following are the popular medication for the Sciatica pain.

  • To ease muscle spasms, prescription muscle relaxants
  • Aspirin, acetaminophen or NAAID like ketoprofen, naproxen
  • Antidepressants for chronic pain

Aspirin is not suitable for the child age 16 years old or younger. It can increase the risk of Reye’s syndrome. Many doctors also prescribe injection for the patient to reduce the pain. Medication is normally injected into the area around the spinal nerve. These injections have a great effective if the cause of the pain is irritation ore pressure from a ruptured or herniated disc.

Physical therapies are also very popular to treat Sciatica Pain. Though bed rest is not recommended, but you can try several positions as well as activities that will give you comfort and will reduce your pain. There are some physical exercises that are also very helpful. These exercises can also help to prevent the Sciatica Pain from coming back! The exercises can vary according to the type of your pain. It is very important to take the advice of a physician to know what types of exercises will be best for you.

How to Prevent Sciatica Pain

Though may not be possible to prevent the sciatica pain always; however there are several things that can help you to prevent the pain. The most common reason of this pain is the back injury, handling and lifting object incorrectly. Before you lift any heavy object try to follow the correct method to lift it. Learn the ways to stand sit as well as lie down perfectly. Try to balance your weight and always keep your legs straight. Make your routine to do physical exercises every day. It will make your body fit and keep your muscles strong.


Sciatica Pain sometimes hurts stomach and cause abdominal pain. Proper steps can help you to get relief from this irritating pain experience.

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  2. This can be so hard to treat… You can either try and live with it or be dosed up to your eyeballs on pain meds which cost the earth… cost your wallet and worsen your immune system.

    There is always a better way to help you pain .. But most people will just do what everyone else does.. and live with the pain rather than treat it.

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