8 Easy Ways to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

If there is one thing that a lot of people do not appreciate, it is the fact that nail polish can appear on the carpet. When this happens, carpet owners know that it will be such a pain to have the nail polish removed.

The nail polish that is left behind on the carpet can be complicated to remove. No matter how hard you try to get it out, it will seem to stay there for a long period of time. It will obviously have an effect that is not too nice on the carpet especially if you have some friends over who will notice the nail polish stain.

Having the nail polish stain on the carpet professionally removed can be one option that you can check out especially if you have money to spare but if in case you do not want to spend too much, you have to remember that there are still other options that you can try so that you can remove the nail polish on your carpet easily without having to spend too much on professional company services.

How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet
How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

8 Easy Ways to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

Here are some of the things that you can do so that you can remove the nail polish from your carpet easily:

  1. Warm Water

You have to remember that this is only effective immediately after you have spilled the nail polish on the area as you will be able to remove more of the nail polish while it is still wet. Remember that the longer it will take for you before you remove the stain, the harder the stain will be to put out.

  • Spray warm water on the carpet where the nail polish has spilled over. Remember to only spray and not wipe as you may spread out the nail polish on various areas of the carpet.
  • Carefully remove the nail polish without placing the nail polish on other places of the carpet.
  • Blot out the excess with paper towels until nothing comes off.
  1. Acetone

A lot of people are reluctant about using acetone because this is known to ruin the carpet. If the nail polish that you have spilled is small and you know that only acetone can remove it, remember that you cannot spread out the acetone on other areas of the carpet and this can ruin the whole thing.

  • Use a dropper to place the acetone on the affected area. Remember that if your carpet is made out of synthetic materials, this method is not recommended at all.
  • Gently remove the area with cotton similar to how you remove nail polish from your hands.
  • You would need to use water to rinse off the area.
  1. Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Let us say that you have spilled your nail polish on your carpet made out of synthetic fiber. You know that using the acetone will not be too effective this time. What you can do instead is to look for a non acetone based nail polish remover as this will not melt the fibers of your carpet.

  • If you would like to try it out first, use it on a small area that is not noticeable. If nothing has happened to your carpet, you can then use the nail polish remover to remove the spill that you have done on the carpet.
  • Blot the area where the nail polish has been spilled. Remember to only rub and not blot as this can be bad for your carpet in the long run.
  • Continue blotting until such time when no more of the stain will come out. At times, you will be able to completely remove the stain.
  1. Windex

If you are not familiar with Windex just yet, you have to know that this is one product that you can use to clean your carpet as well as other surfaces that are available. There is a possibility that this can be effective in removing the stain that is on your carpet.

  • Place a small amount of Windex on the carpet first to see if it would not react violently with your carpet. If nothing unfavorable occurs, proceed.
  • Place Windex on the portions of the carpet wherein you have spilled the nail polish.
  • Let it stay there for more than a minute.
  • You would need to use a cloth that you have soaked in water in order to remove the Windex that hopefully comes with the nail polish that you have spilled on your carpet.
  1. Greased Lightning

This is yet again known to be another cleaner that you can use if you would like to try out removing some of the stains that you can find on your carpet. Do remember that this may only be used for certain types of carpets so trying out beforehand can be important.

  • Place the cleaning solution on the stain that you have spilled.
  • Wait a while before you can start cleaning.
  • You would need to scrub the stain this time with the use of a clean cloth.
  • Do this several times until you get the stain completely removed from the carpet.
  1. Hair Spray

If in case the spillage of the nail polish is still fresh, the use of the hairspray can make it effective in getting rid of the spills that you have found on your carpet. Remember to use hairsprays with only a little bit of alcohol as too much can ruin the carpet.

  • Spray the hairspray on the portion of the carpet where the spills are.
  • You would have to remove carefully with the use of paper towels or clean cloth if you can.
  • Be careful not to spread out the spills on other parts of the carpet.
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

This is the type of item that you can use if you would like to remove stains from a light colored carpet. If you have a white carpet and you have spilled nail polish on it, you know that it can be very obvious. The use of hydrogen peroxide can make it effective.

  • Place hydrogen peroxide on the area where you have spilled your nail polish.
  • Make sure that you will remove with the use of a cloth.
  • Do the process of cleaning with hydrogen peroxide until you have the stain completely removed.
  1. Vacuuming

This is one process that you can take if you would like to remove dried nail polish from your carpet. The great thing about this is that you know that you can remove it easily. If in case the pieces are already too small to pick up with the use of your fingers.

  • Vacuuming would have to be done after you have cleaned up the portion wherein you have spilled the nail polish.
  • There may be instances when you would still have to vacuum from time to time especially if some specks have been left behind. Remember that trying to remove dried nail polish is always harder to do.

Now that you are aware of the different things that you can do to help remove nail polish from your carpet, remember that being able not to do this can spare you the trouble of having to clean whether your nail polish is dry or wet.

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