Helpful Natural Remedies For Indigestion Treatment

This article will show you the best helpful natural remedies for indigestion treatment.Indigestion is a health condition that is characterized with inability of the person to digest some foods. This condition may occur due to various reasons, such as wrong lifestyle and bad eating habits. Among the most common factors that can induce indigestion are drinking a lot of carbonated beverages or alcohol, consuming a lot of chocolate, overeating, taking antibiotics, aspirin or other medicines, eating without chewing the food, or when you feel down, regular intake of greasy, spicy food, or fat products, smoking, gastritis, etc.


Usually, prescribed medicines have some side-effects that can even further deteriorate the condition. That is why taking natural remedies to solve the problem of indigestion is the best option that is both efficient and safe.

People who have problems with indigestion can take up the following foods that can help them treat this condition successfully:

 Indigestion Treatment foods

  • Bananas prove to bring about a fast relief to sufferers, as they do not induce stomach irritation. That is why usually athletes make use of this fruit to get some energy without upsetting the stomach. Pectin that bananas contain helps to firm bowel movements.
  • Another fruit that encourages digestion and soothes the tummy is papaya, which contains a special protein called papain.
  • Rice is another type of food that has very beneficial effect on a stomach. It absorbs fluids and is bland enough to add some bulk to the stool. This product has no side-effects, so you may consume it as regularly as you like.
  • Another beneficial product is yogurt, which promotes good functioning of the entire body. The good bacteria contained in it soothe the stomach. Ensure you take in only the yoghurt that contains active culture to get the desired benefits from it.
  • Among the other very beneficial natural remedies are garlic and ginger that should be taken in moderate quantity combined with other foods. They can ease naturally the effects of indigestion.

Apart for proper food, there are some other natural ways to get relief from indigestion symptoms, such as pain, reflux, nausea, etc. They are connected with proper way of life, so that one should make needed changes in his lifestyle to get rid of this unpleasant health condition.

  • Avoid sleeping on your back. This simple tip will decrease the acid reflux and heartburn sensation. Try to sleep always on your side instead.
  • A great impact on your condition would have the quantity and type of food. Ensure you avoid all foods that contain fat. Fried and greasy foods are also not appropriate for you, as well as overeating. A helpful advice is to be on an elimination diet for some time. This diet will help you identify the exact food that triggers your abdominal problems. You can begin by eliminating all dairy products, as well as all drinks other than water or herbal teas. No pops, coffee or even juices should be consumed during the period of healing.
  • Drinking some kinds of tea can help improve your condition and smooth the irritation. Among the most popular choices are mint and chamomile teas, as both of them help for tummy complaints.
  • Make use of massage therapies like poking and rubbing, as well as acupuncture, as they are proven to be excellent natural remedies for indigestion curing. Use the services of a registered massage therapist that can make a gentle session for loosening your abdominal muscles. This will help improve movements in the right direction. If you feel heartburn or suffer from constipation or heartburn, acupuncture might be of a great help. A certified TCM practitioner would be able to offer you the best treatment without any harmful side-effects.
  • Slowly chewing of the food will help digestive enzymes located in your month to start function properly and break down the meal into parts. This simple advice will also help you prevent bloating and gas and easily recognize the time when you are full, which on the other hand will help you avoid overeating.
  • Regular exercises are also helpful in improving functioning of your digestive system. In addition to that, they will reduce stress levels that highly contribute to your tummy upset. There are a few yoga poses, such as wide squat and dog pose that are very helpful and can do miracles in treating your indigestion problems.

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Indigestion

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