Ultimate Guide to Pinched Nerve In Back

Have you ever wondered how the brain knows certain things about our body? For instance, when we hurt our hand or other parts of our body, our brain tells us where the pain is exactly. Same way when we are feeling hot or cold, the nerves located in different parts of our bodies signal the brain about it. There are instances when people feel a numbing or painful feeling at their backs and this is because of pinched nerve.This article show you the best information about pinched nerve in back.

A pinched nerve is the condition wherein a nerve or a set of nerves becomes numb or painful because of the damage to the peripheral nerve. There are different reasons why people experience this condition. Some of these possible causes are the following:

pinched nerve in back
pinched nerve in back
  • Spinal Disc Problems – Slip Disc is one of the most common problems that causes pinched nerve because a set of nerves become compressed and this may lead to the permanent injury of nerves.
  • Arthritis – The inflammation of different joints that can be found inside the body.
  • Spinal Stenosis – This is the condition wherein the spinal canal becomes narrower and smaller.
  • History of Pinched Nerve – There are some people who have more chances of acquiring this condition because of other family members who have also acquired this in the past.
  • Body Positions – There are times when people have habits of crossing their legs or leaning on their elbows for a certain period of time. This might seem harmless enough but actually, prolonging the above mentioned positions may lead to having pinched nerve.
  • Weight Gain – There are times when sudden weight gain can also cause a strain on the nerves.
  • Pregnancy – When women are pregnant, they tend to put a certain amount of weight plus they are also straining their back most of the time because of child bearing. Not knowing the proper positions and posture to sit and to stand may cause some problems later on.
  • Repetitive Exercise Routines – There are different reasons why people are recommended to do different types of exercises. Aside from giving the body a time to heal, it also gives the nerves a time to heal and adjust to the exercises that are being done. Doing the same exercise routine all over and over may cause some strain on some parts of your body.
  • Stretching – Yes, something as trivial as stretching can actually cause Pinched Nerve so try not to stretch too much.

Aside from these possible reasons for getting a pinched nerve at the back, remember that there are also other conditions wherein people have gotten pinched nerves at different parts of their bodies. More often than not, people can cause pinched nerves if they apply pressure to one part of their body for a certain period of time than a numbing feeling becomes evident after. When this happens, usually freeing the obstruction that caused the pinched nerve will make the numbing sensation go away but do not think that you can do this often because you are causing your nerves to become stressed .This may still lead to permanent damage later on.

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve In Back

It is likely that at one point in your life, you have already experienced having a pinched nerve and like most people, the pinched nerve that you have experienced is probably just temporary. Still, you have to remember that prolonged pressure on some parts of the body can lead to permanent damage of the nerves. Here are some of the symptoms of a pinched nerve:

  • Tingling Sensation
  • Numbness
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Pain

Do remember that having a pinched nerve will not result to a muscle weakness immediately but prolonging the agony will. When people experience muscle weakness, which is also the time when certain parts of their bodies become smaller in size because of the lack of sensations that it feels every day.

Diagnosis of the Pinched Nerve

Although the symptoms that have been mentioned earlier can probably help people in making self diagnosis remember that it will still be more helpful if professional doctors would be in charge of checking and making the proper diagnosis. The doctor will base it on the different symptoms that the person has felt through a certain period of time plus the activities that the person has done for a certain period of time.

The patient will be examined more carefully through a series of tests that will determine if there is any underlying cause to this condition. Depending on the results, the doctor will then be able to make a proper diagnosis or other tests might have to be conducted when the results are not that clear. Usually, people who have pinched nerve at the back may have to undergo MRI and CT scan.

Treatment for Pinched Nerve In Back

Pinched Nerve In Back Treatment
Pinched Nerve In Back Treatment

If there are things that can cause pinched nerve, there are also different solutions to this problem. Some of these solutions include the following:

  • Weight Loss – Losing a few pounds will help relieve some parts of the body from the pressure and may lead to the recuperation of the damaged nerves.
  • Exercises – Even if there are certain exercises that can cause pinched nerve, there are also some exercises that are designed to make the body stronger overall.
  • Activity Modification – Somewhat related to doing exercises, a person may do another set of activities that is different from what the person usually does. This will lessen the strain caused to some parts of the body.
  • Surgery – The main point of surgery is to eliminate the possible reasons of the obstruction that is causing the pinched nerve. This is only done in cases where in other solutions are not possible anymore. The type of surgery that will be done will depend on the part that is involved.

Do remember that when it comes to pinched nerve in back, the longer the person takes to recover from the symptoms of this condition, the harder it will be for the person to heal the nerve or the set of nerves affected.

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