How to Pierce Your Belly Button Without Pain?

Now a day people move forward to make them most gorgeous, beautiful and dashing.  Belly or navel piercing is such a thing which is accomplished most commonly by the women to get a sexy and dashing appearance. It is preferable to go to the experts or surgeons to accomplish this operation, but, at recent time, many people like to pierce their belly at home simply. Again, you will not get so pain, if you follow some simple and common instruction. If you are very much enthusiastic to do the belly piercing yourself, please take a look to the instructions given below.

Pierce Your Belly Button Without Pain.

Instruction for you to get a pain free belly piercing operation

  • Every operation needs a proper planning. Your first task is to research about the piercing method very well and make a considerable plan to accomplish it. Again, your confidence and braveness is also important in this case. Make sure that, you are confident enough to take the pierce. Then your duty is to gather the operation tools. Make a list of tolls those you need for the operation and it is recommended not to substitute any tools with a chief option.
  • It is very important to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Every tool should be cleaned and sterilized properly before using. Wash your hand thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Then put gloves on your hands to get ready.
  • Then you need to clean the area of your belly where you want to get the piercing. You can use the alcohol for cleaning purpose. It is better to place a mirror just front of your body and use a marker to mark the desired area where you want to pierce. You should keep in mind that, the marking should be started from the top and ended at the bottom.
  • Now you need to clamp the desired area to make the skin tight. It will reduce your pain as the area will become blood restricted. Now take a check that if your marked area is right or not. If it is wrong, mark it again carefully.
  • Don’t feel nervous. Take a clean needle and pierce the marked area along the periphery. It is very important to hold the confidence at that time otherwise; you will get more pain than expected. Yes, the most painful part of your operation is over now.
  • Now it is time to place your jewelry at the pierced place. You can complete this part by using a thread with your needle.
  • Now you need the make sure that, your jewelry is placed at right place and you should secure the ends of your jewelry properly. You are complete. Can you imagine! Now you need to take some precautionary measures ant wait for 6 to 10 weeks.

How to Take Care of the Piercing

How to Take Care of the Piercing

New piercing is just like an open wound! You have to take care of your new piercing a lot. You have to work more just after over your piercing. You have to maintain very strict cleaning to avoid the future infections. You have to maintain it for the next 2 to 3 months. Until your piercing heal completely you have to keep this cleaning process up if you want to prevent infection or even itching. Infection or even itching can often cause pain in the piercing area and you may experience more pain just after piercing if you avoid the cleaning procedure. Here are some procedures that that you can follow to prevent infection:

Use Antibacterial Soap: With antibacterial soap wash your piercing area at least once a day. You have to avoid rubbing peroxide, ointments or even alcohol. These can be very irritating or even drying on your skin.

Use Salt Solution: If you want to keep your new piercing free from infection as well as if you want to keep it clean all time then without any hesitation you can use salt solution. It is also possible to buy salt solution. You will get the solution at any drug studio or even at the piercing studio. If you fail to manage it from there, you can simply dissolve the non-iodized sea salt just in a glass of water. It would be better if you use warm water.

  • First slowly dip a tip in the salt solution as well as use it around the both ends of your piercing very carefully
  • Carefully push the jewelry simple from one side to another. You have to clean ring very well if you want to protect the infection.

Avoid Swimming: Forget about swimming! You have to avoid river, hot tub and other water sources for the 1st few months. Water can easily harbor bacteria as well as it can easily infect the new piercing. That is why you have to be careful enough about swimming.

Allow piercing time to heal perfectly: If you experience white or even clear liquid, then it is clear that it is healing properly. If you experience anything with bad smell or even color, then it is infected as well as you should seek medical care immediately. You have to follow a regular care routine for 4 to 6 months. After each 2 months, you can go to a professional to know whether the piercing goes well or not. You have to allow healing before changing the rings. If you want then you can also replace the balls, however; never dare to touch the barbell. If you touch the barbell frequently, then it will slow your healing process.

The piercing can be infected even after the piercing seems healed! If you experience any sign of infection like tenderness, swelling, seeping or even bleeding, then you have to apply a warm compress to the infected area just every 2 to 3 hours. After that you have to clean the area with the antiseptic cleanser. You can also apply antibacterial cream. If you still do not see any improvement, then it will be better to consult your personal doctor.

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