Pain under right rib cage-You Should Never Ignore

The rib cage is in charge of keeping the whole cardiovascular system safe. Usually, people have around 12 rib bones that positioned on each side of the thoracic cavity. There are instances when people feel pain under right rib cage. There are instances when the pain comes from the right and there are also instances when the pain stems from the left side of the rib cage. There are different things that people should take note of when they are experiencing any type of pain. These things are the following:

  • Intensity – There are some types of pain that are dull enough not to be noticed or at least not enough to hinder people from doing the things that they have to do but there are also other types of pain that are so intense that people cannot help but become alerted with their possible condition.
  • How Long the Pain Lasts – There are times when the pain that people are feeling will only last for a few seconds but there are also times when the pain can last all throughout the day.
  • Frequency – Some people will have recurring pain on the same spot while others will note that pain can be felt in other areas of the rib cage.

More often than not, severe type of pain felt at the rib cage is brought about by a fracture wherein the bone has a small crack or it may come away in a sharp, jagged edge. There are also instances though when the bone becomes shattered inside and this might be causing the pain. Aside from this though, it is also possible for other conditions to cause the pain that people are feeling.

Pain under right rib cage

Causes of Pain under Right Rib Cage

You have to remember that there are different organs that are located at the right rib cage so it is possible that the organs are causing the pain. Here are just some of the possible conditions that people may have:

  • Gallbladder disease – There are instances when the gall bladder becomes inflamed. The most common reason for the inflammation of the gall bladder is because of gall stones.
  • Crohn’s disease – Some people assume that people can only experience pain in the abdominal area when they have this disease but this can also manifest as pain felt in the right rib cage.
  • Ulcer – Ulcer is the tear or a wound at the intestinal tract. The wound or the tear may become inflamed and this might be causing the pain.
  • Liver cancer – Liver cancer occurs when abdominal cells multiply and take control of certain parts of the body. In return, it can kill healthy cells that can be found there and will eventually make people weaker.
  • Injuries – This has already been mentioned earlier. More often than not, the pain that is felt at the lower right rib cage is caused by different types of injuries or fractures of the rib cage.

Aside from the above mentioned causes of pain, it is possible that there are still other conditions that might be causing the pain. Some less serious conditions of the rib cage, some of the conditions are the following:

Just remember that knowing exactly what you did before the time you felt pain will also be crucial in determining the type of pain that you are feeling.

Treatment for Right Rib Cage Pain

It is important for people to go to the doctor when people feel pain that will not go away or when the pain keeps on recurring in one spot. Still, for pain that is not that serious, there are some things that people can do in order to improve their condition. Some of the possible treatments are the following:

  • Over the Counter Pain Medication – Do remember that for pain medications, it will not do anything to cure the condition that is causing the pain. Rather, what it would do is just make the pain go away for a certain period of time.
  • Changes in Diet – There are instances when one of the main reasons why people are feeling pain is because the digestive juices are not working too well. A change in diet may just be the solution that you need. It will surely make things better for you.
  • Surgery – This is applicable for people who have fractures on their rib cages. The fractures can be cured by undergoing surgery. For those whose bones have shattered, an alternative metal plate might serve as help for the rest of the remaining rib bones.

Some Things to Remember

There are instances when people do not pay much attention when the pain that they are feeling is at the right side of the rib cages because they feel that this is not a serious. A lot of people become scared though when they feel pain at their left rib cage because pain in this area usually pertains to possible problems with the heart and the cardiovascular system. Still, this does not give people enough reason to just disregard the pain that they are feeling on the right side of their rib cages. Here are other things to remember:

  • Doctors might recommend a series of tests if they cannot find a possible reason for the pain that you are feeling.
  • Sometimes, the pain felt at the right side of the rib cage can signify a possible tumor that has appeared at the right side of the body.
  • Severe issues can still be prevalent even if the pain is located at the right rib cage instead of the left.

Make sure that you will go to a doctor that you trust. If in case you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, it will help if you could get a second opinion just to finalize if the medical condition you are diagnosed with has basis and is plausible. Surely, pain that is felt on different parts of the body should not be disregarded.

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