What You Should Know about Pain under Right Breast

There are some people who become a bit scared when they begin to feel pain under right breast. While it may be a cause of alarm for some, do remember that there are a variety of reasons why this type of symptom may be felt. What you should know is that although it seems severe, there are instances when the cause of the pain under the right breast is not always something that is considered to be serious.

There are times when people are not particularly sure where the pain is coming from. The pain felt in the chest area may sometimes cause people to simply grimace while others double over in pain because they cannot take the pain that they are currently feeling.

Possible Causes of Pain under Right Breast

Pain under Right Breast

If in case you are curious to know about the possible causes of experiencing pain under right breast, here are just some of the possible conditions that people are going through:

  • Costochondritis – This is the condition wherein the sternum becomes inflamed because of different reasons. It may be caused by a bacteria or a viral infection. In turn can cause pain near the right side of the chest area.
  • Gall Stones – There are some people right now who do not even realize that they already have gall stones until such time when they encounter the more serious conditions. People who have problems with their gall bladder usually experience pain and sometimes encounter blood mixed in with their urine.
  • Pancreatitis – There are instances when the pancreas becomes inflamed and this is referred to as pancreatitis. Do remember that there are two types of pancreatitis. These two types are called acute and chronic. Acute pancreatitis is serious but can still be cured by different treatments while chronic pancreatitis is the type of pancreatitis experienced by people for an extended period of time.
  • Kidney Stones –Same with gall stones, the “stones” that can be found in the kidney may be made out of toxins that are usually mixed in with a lot of salt. There are times when kidney stones may pass on with the urine without being felt or noticed but there are instances when the kidney stones become too big so passing urine may be difficult and even painful. Pain on the right side under the breast may also be felt in the process.
  • Pleurisy – This is caused by the inflammation of the chest cavity. There are different reasons why people may experience pleurisy. It may be caused by complications due to various chest problems. An example of this is pneumonia.
  • Rib Fracture – There are times when people know exactly why they are experiencing rib fracture. It may be because they have gotten into an accident. It may also be caused by something or someone hitting them. Still, there are times when people are not even aware that they already have rib fracture so they are wondering why they are experiencing chest pains particularly under the right breast. If the rib cage that you have fractured is on the right side, then it is likely that the right side of your chest will hurt.

Complications of Pain under Right Breast

Knowing what the possible causes of the pain under right breast are is not enough to understand the possible complications that people may undergo because of those conditions. There are some people who are unable to sleep properly because every time they try to lie down, they begin to feel a burning sensation that becomes worse over time. Other than that, there are also some who may have some trouble breathing even though they do not have any respiratory problems. Knowing the complications usually push people to find the right treatments for the condition that they are going through so that they can return back to their normal lives.

Symptoms that Cannot Be Ignored

Here are just some of the possible symptoms that people must not ignore:

  • Chest pain that is also felt in different parts of the chest cavity.
  • Sudden pain that does not go away.
  • Extremely low or extremely high blood pressure.

Experiencing the above mentioned symptoms may mean that a person requires immediate medical attention.

Treatments for Pain under the Right Breast

There are times when people are not sure what type of treatments they should undergo because they do not know yet what is causing their chest pain. For people who have this problem, the solution is simple and that is to go to the doctor for a checkup. These are just some of the possible treatments that people may undergo:

  • Medications – It is possible that depending on the condition that people are experiencing, the doctor is going to recommend some medications that will help cure the condition. Do remember that the medications will differ depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Surgery – There are instances when people would have to undergo surgical procedures to help cure their current condition.

While those mentioned above are for treatments for the more serious conditions, there are also other treatments that can be easier than what people initially thought. Some of these treatments may include the following:

  • Wearing a well fitting bra – This is something that a lot of women usually do not pay enough attention to. Some people just assume their bra size without realizing that their breasts become irritated in the process. There are times when there is pain under the breast because the bras being worn by women are usually too tight.
  • Using an ice pack – There are times when using an ice pack can help diminish the pain that women are feeling under their breasts.

Seeing a doctor is always important when people begin to feel something out of the ordinary. Do not wait for the symptoms that you are experiencing to become more severe before you actually start to consider seeing a doctor. There are some conditions that would need immediate attention and not seeking treatment may be lessening people’s chances of recovering from their current condition.

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