What You Should Know About Pain Under Left Breast

Whenever people experience sharp pain under left breast, they tend to feel out of breath for a short while. There are instances when the sharp pain is caused by something that it temporary while there are also instances when it signifies a more serious condition that people should be aware about. Seeking medical attention about the pain is still the best way to understand what kind of condition you have but in case you are already curious, here are some of the causes of sharp pain under the left breast.

Causes of Sharp Pain Under Left Breast

 Pain Under Left Breast

  • Heart Burn – One of the main causes of heart burn is when the acid from the stomach shoots up because of something that the person is doing. This is the reason why people who have just eaten are not recommended to just lie down or try to bend down because this may cause the acids to come spurting out. When the lower muscles of the abdomen are unable to control the acids of the stomach, it can cause heartburn.
  • Too Much Digestive Gases – There are times when the sharp, shooting pain that people feel is caused by gases that have been trapped inside the stomach and it goes up near the chest area which is the reason why you are feeling pain under your left breast.
  • Heart Condition – There are times when people feel sharp pain under their left breast when they have a heart problem. This depends on how frequent the sharp pain is felt but if you feel that you are having the pain on a recurring basis, it will be best to see a medical doctor about it.Read more info here How to tell if Your Chest Pain is Heart Related
  • Chest Wall Problem – There are times when various things can happen to your chest wall. You might have hit it unknowingly or accidentally or there are also times when something is wrong from the inside. Knowing what is wrong will help you determine the problem and what you can to do treat it.
  •  Cyst – There are instances when cysts can appear on the chest area. They might also cause sharp pains from time to time. The frequency of the pain that you can feel may increase as the cyst goes unnoticed. It will be best to seek the help of your doctor about this.
  • Stress – What a lot of people do not realize is that when they are feeling stressed, the body actually acts a bit differently too. This is the reason why we sometimes feel pain although our signs are all normal; it is because we are too stressed with the things that are happening around us.

Treatments That You Can Do To Relieve The Pain


Of course you can always do or undergo some treatments in order to make the pain go away. Here are the treatments that you have to consider depending on your current condition:

  •  Undergoing Surgical Procedure – This is the treatment that you can do if you have a cyst on your chest cavity. Most of the time, cysts are just benign although there is still a possibility that it is malignant. Your medical doctor will give you more advice on what you can do about your condition.
  • Change in Lifestyle or Diet – If the pain that you are feeling is caused by some digestive problems, it is likely that you would need to change your diet. There are some people who eat too much and this can cause the body’s digestion to slow down.
  • Medications – People take certain medications to control their heart problems and conditions. This should be prescribed by your doctor. If you would try to diagnose yourself, there is always a possibility that you are mistaken.
  • Relax – If the pain under your left breast is caused by stress, it is about time that you relax and take a breather. You can always take a vacation or just stay at home and unwind. It will do you a lot of good. It will be good for your health too.

Remember that when it comes to pain that is felt on the chest area, there is always a possibility that it is related to the heart. There are also times when it can be caused by other digestive problems. Heart conditions are often considered to be a bit scary because the treatments tend to be costly and it can affect people’s lives tremendously. Have yourself checked immediately so that your condition will not worsen. Do not forget that as always, prevention is better than cure.

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  1. I have a pain that started just under my left breast and I was sure it was from putting stuff away at work without using the ladder and stretching. I saw my doctor and he gave me a requisition for an x-ray if it gets worse. We’ll now it’s worse but I’ve been looking after 3 of my grandchildren, 2 who are only 3 and 4 years old. So picking them up hasn’t helped. I’ve had costrocondritsis and this is different. Now it’s mostly the side of the left breastfeeding underneath but it can spread to the back and front. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The little ones will be heading home once mom and dad have moved into the new place. Thanks for reading. Robynn

  2. I also have the pain under left breast feels like a pinching pain I do have costrocondrtis also had every test done on my heart and my heart is fine also had ultrasounds done to rule out other things everything is normal it’s scary as heck but I also have extreme panic and anxiety disorder also have bad acid reflux and ulcers also have erosion of my espogus but i think it’s gas so fingers crossed good luck everyone. Also have extreme back and neck pain so it could be pinched nerve because all of that is interconnected

  3. I fell the other day on my right side, ever since the pain under my right breast hurts, mostly when I sit and lay down and when I take a deep breath…..but as long as I sit steal it easies up….what do u think????

  4. Recently under/besides my left breast when hugged or pressed against it I feel an intense pain as well as my chest but ekg was normal but would like to knw what is causing the problem? Also been recently diagnosed when I went to ER that I have CHF

  5. Am a. Breast feediing mother,wanted breast feeding my child because he was crying,pulled the breast out quick cos of the. Cry,I immediately felt a sharp pain cos of the way I pulled the breast.I’v been having it more than a month now.Any medication. For it

  6. Hi I have pain on top of my Brest on left side its been a year now i have visit the clinic they say its caused by stress .i take the meds but it doesnt go .what caused it and wha must i do

  7. I got a question. I get a sharp pain in my left breast and it hurts and then it will go away and then few months go by and it does it again. What’s wrong with me.

    1. I’m 16 and been experience about a year or so. I would have a short sharp pain lower left breast that would probably last a few seconds. It only happen to me a few times in a month but today I experience it about three times now. I really don’t know what’s the cause of it.

  8. Im very worry because my underarm if my menstrual period coming very painful and it connected to my breast and my nipple so painful also i worry because i don’t know what to do because i have no money to check up and I’m studying its hard for me . Pls any advice thanks.

  9. I’ve been having light pains for months now i shrugged it off as nothing but recently its been getting worse the pain is coming from under my breast left side and from my lower back I’m 17 and don’t exercise like i should I’m seeing a doctor soon but I’m freaking out XD

    1. I’ve just been reading about a condition called Precordial Catch Syndrome that is most common in children and adolescents but can sometimes continue into adulthood. I’m 24 and have been having the same sharp shooting pains, but it’s nothing to worry about. A quick look on the Internet will tell you that :) However if your pains continue to get worse I’d always see a doctors to be sure x

  10. I want to know what i can do . Most of the time i felt pain in my left under of my breast . That is very painful if attack i stop breathing and dont say anything for a while if i breath it will be more painful its like very sharp poke my hearth like that. After few minutes will gone . Im very curious what is that. And my pulse some fast . Im really worry.please help to answer my question thank you. Im worry about my heart.

    1. Are you sure its your “breast” and not your inner chest. Does your boob hurt? or is it your heart?Don’t worry about it too much, but tell your friend and see a doctor if it’s not gone in a couple of days.

  11. Im really scared. I have pain across breasts. Heart palps dizziness. Bn docs he gave me beta blockers for anxiety attack.. why am I havin palps. I 38 years of age. Dunt exercise or eat properly. Think ut more serious

    1. Anxiety causes the body to do crazy things. I had heart palps dizzy and tingling w numbness all due to anxiety. It lasted for months and many er and doc visits later i was put on anxiety medication after 2 weeks on that i slowly started feeling better. Finally it went away i now only get it when im super stressed about stuff for along time.

  12. After dinner tonight, I start get pretty sharp pains in my chest and then under my left breast area. Ate a bunch of tums and finally appears to be subsiding. Anybody else experiencing this types of feelings? Pretty scary stuff!!!!! :-(

  13. Good day all

    I’m having the same pain under my left breast, and does not know if it’s my heart, breast or chest. I know the best way to find out is to consult a doctor. Please help

  14. Hi I’m 26 years old I had pain in under my breast the pain comes and go I went to my GP she’s is not something the big it may be muscles or change your size of your bra I said ok I change the size of my bra but the pain still there each time I try to pick something from the floor I just got the pain and its really painfull I have to hold my to hands under my breast than if I try to breath I can’t so painfull I don’t what to do I need help thanks

    1. Nuurs, It sounds to me like you may have costochondritis. It’s the inflammation of the cartilage between ribs. I’m not a doctor but I have had it several times and when I bend over or reach it hurts worse. Sounds similar. It will eventually go away but may take a few months like mine. Take something for pain and inflammation like Ibuprofen or something similar.

  15. pain under left breast-I’ve recently been advised to have gall bladder removed due to it only works 10%-no gall stones per test-could this pain under breast be
    related to gall bladder? I was told they recommend gall bladder removal for those 35 % or lower.

    1. My pain with gallstones was in my left ribcage and shoulder, so get your self checked by your doctor. If it’s gallbladder or stones get it taken care of.

  16. I’m having this pain under my left breast and the pain seems like it is inside the breasrt. What do u think it is

  17. Hello all, I been getting this really bad sharp pain under my left breast and everytime I would take in a breath the pain would get more intense. Its not the breast itself what could be causing this pain?

    1. I have been having this same type of pain under my left breast and ribcage for about a couple of weeks and I don’t know what it is either.

    2. Could it be pericardioitis? Not sure if that is spelled right, but an inflammation of the pericardium that surrounds the heart.

  18. i have been having pains under my left breast so frequent and also sore throat which the Doctor asked me to take a drug AUGMENTIN.the sore throat is completely finished but the pains under my left breast remains.am scared of consulting so what should i do.

  19. I’ve been having these pains between my breast mostly near/under my left breast. I recently had lung surgery back in April, could this pain be due to that or could it be something else? Also the pain worsens at night and early morning.

  20. I have stabbing pain in my left
    lower breast bone/rib cage….I went to the gp but said my ecg is normal. He give an injectable meds tru IM of 5cc..it relives the pain for almost 8 hr..but I felt the pain again..its too difficult to breath. Any suggestions….tenx

    1. Be careful. I was diagnosed with blood clots on my lungs when I went to the hospital with the same pain you are describing.

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