Pain on Left Side during Pregnancy

There are a lot of pregnant women who complain about feeling pain on left side during pregnancy. If you are also feeling this way, you have to remember that you are not alone. It is highly likely that a lot of pregnant women all over the world are feeling this too. While it may be a common complaint, there are instances when the reasons for abdominal pain can be quite serious. This is the reason why common checkups with the doctor will be extremely crucial to make sure that everything will fall into place.

Common Causes of Pain on left side during Pregnancy

Pain on left side during PregnancyPain on left side during Pregnancy
Pain on left side during Pregnancy
  • Gas – Women who are pregnant usually have certain hormones that can cause bloating. This is the reason why women usually feel thicker than they should be. The uterus also grows as the baby grows bigger and this can yet again cause gases to be trapped inside the woman’s body and in turn can cause pain on the left side during pregnancy.
  • Constipation – Some pregnant women usually find themselves constipated. In case you do not know, constipation is the process wherein the body is unable to release stools in a regular basis. Once again, the hormones connected with pregnancy can cause constipation. The expansion of the uterus can also play a huge role with this condition.
  • Braxton Hicks Contraction – This is the type of contraction that women usually feel during the second trimester of their pregnancy. There is a chance that women would feel that they are going into labor but this is just the effect of this condition. Do remember that the discomfort may become intense at times. Women who experience this condition must immediately seek the help of the doctor.

Uncommon and Serious Causes of Left Side Pain during Pregnancy

The above mentioned conditions are the common causes that women experience during their pregnancy but there also some serious causes of pain on left side during pregnancy that women have to take note of.

  • Miscarriage – This is the process wherein the baby was unable to still maintain its position in the uterus. This usually occurs during the first and second trimester of the pregnancy. There is already a possibility for the fetus to be born during the third trimester of the pregnancy. Women who undergo a miscarriage should immediately seek medical help.
  • Pre – Term Labor – There are some women who go into pre labor during the third trimester of the pregnancy. This can usually be controlled very easily if women would seek medical help at the soonest possible time.
  • Ovarian Cysts – During pregnancy, cysts in the ovary are not considered to be dangerous. It can only cause pain when it is obstructing the normal flow of the food from the mother to the child. It will be important for the doctor to know if there are cysts that are present in the ovary during pregnancy to stop pain from being felt.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy – This is the condition wherein the fertilized egg does not develop in the uterus as it should. Instead, it develops outside the uterus and this can be a dangerous condition for both the woman and the baby.
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) –There are a lot of pregnant women who do get UTI during pregnancy. The reason why it can be hard to deal with is because it is an infection and there is always a possibility that it can make it harder for women to cope with the condition and with the pregnancy at the same time.
  • Placental Abruption – This is the condition that occurs when the placenta separates from the uterus before the baby is born. This is very crucial and life threatening not only for the fetus but for the mother as well. It will be an immediate need to go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. The longer it would take before the doctor would be able to attend to the mother, the lesser chance of being able to live.
  • Preeclampsia – This is the condition wherein because of the pregnancy some of the nerves affect different organs in the body. Usually, women who have this condition are diagnosed by their doctor and are given instructions on how the condition can be improved throughout the whole pregnancy. There are some women who gain weight rapidly because of this condition.

Do remember that not just for pregnant women; there are still other causes that might cause left abdominal pain. People should just be aware of the different symptoms and conditions so that seeking the help of the doctor will be easier to do.

Pregnancy Tips : How to Diagnose Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Signs and Symptoms to Take Note Of

Usually, there are different signs and symptoms that will accompany feeling pain on the left side of the abdomen or the body during pregnancy. It is important for people to take note of the symptoms so that they can seek medical attention for symptoms that seem to be serious. Some of the symptoms that should be given attention to are the following:

  • Severe Pain – There are different types of pain that women may feel during pregnancy but experiencing severe pain during pregnancy and not just mild pain or discomfort may be a sign of a more serious condition.
  • Fever – Unusually high fever may indicate that the condition is more serious than people think.
  • Contraction – When women experience contraction but they are not yet supposed to give birth, this might mean that there is a serious condition that needs to be addressed immediately.

Do remember that there are certain conditions that are only present during pregnancy probably because of the different hormones that are not usually common amongst people who are not pregnant. Be sure that you know about these conditions so that you will not panic all the time when you experience pain on left side during pregnancy.

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