Pain in Right Side: What Does it Mean?

Pain in right side can be caused by a number of conditions. The sex, age as well as general condition will influence the diagnosis. Examination and history will focus the diagnosis. ThisĀ  is a common symptom. Most of the people experience this pain at least once a year. This pain can be localized in upper right abdomen, middle right abdomen as well as lower right abdomen. The causes of the pain in most of the cases are the viral infection or even bacterial infection. The reasons of the pain may or may not be serious, but you need to be aware of the actual symptoms as well as causes of the pain to get the right treatment.

Locations of Right Side Pain

Basically there are three locations for this pain. They are

Major Causes of Abdominal Pain IN Right Side

pain in right side

There are a number of reasons that are responsible for this pain. The major causes of this pain include appendicitis, ovarian cysts or gall bladder problem and more. Below are some most common reasons of ride side pain:

Appendicitis: Appendicitis is one of the most common reasons of appendicitis. Basically appendix is a 3.5 long tissue tube that is a large intestine extension. Different kinds of infections can block the tube of appendix and this is the reason appendicitis occurs. It is important to treat the appendicitis urgently otherwise it may rupture. You can experience the pain of appendicitis in your upper, middle as well as the lower right side of your abdomen.

Constipation: This is one of the main causes of lower right side abdominal pain. It occurs when the bowel movement is disrupted. It is possible to prevent this problem simply by changing the diet plan. Laxatives sometime are prescribed by the doctors to help in this case. High fluid intake can help a lot to prevent this problem.

Ovarian Cysts: Ovarian cysts sometimes form with the ovary of the women and cause pain. It is also the reason of ovarian cancer. It is possible to remove the cysts through surgery that is also known as laparotomy or laparoscopy.

Ectopic Pregnancies: Pregnant women sometimes feel pain in the lower right side of the abdomen. Sometimes the reason of this pain is ectopic pregnancy. When a fertilized egg starts to implant outside of the uterus, it causes pain. The pain will depend on the implant side of the egg. It is important to terminate the pregnancy if you want to treat this pain and there is no other option.

Kidney Stone: It is one of the major reasons . The pain occurs when the stones start to form in the urethra or kidney. There is the possibility to spread the pain in the loin areas during the time of set in the urine.

How To Diagnose Pain in Right Side

abdomen pain

According to the statements of the doctors the pain can be diagnosed in 3 ways.

  • Characteristics of the pain
  • Tests and exam
  • Surgery as well as endoscopy

Characteristics of the Pain: It will help the doctor to find out the exact reason of the pain. The history of the patient as well as some basic information like duration of the pain, pattern, and location will help a lot to diagnose the pain. It is important to find out the reasons what makes the right side pain worse and other important symptoms like diarrhea, fever or even bleeding.

Test and Exam: The physical tests as well as the exams are important to determine the real cause . Tests will help to find out the right treatment for the pain. The tests as well as exams include X-Ray, Endoscopic procedure, radiographic studies as well as tests for surgery.

Surgery: Sometimes surgery or laparoscopy is very important to test the abdominal cavity. Laparoscopy is a very simple surgery. In this way it is possible to complete a very task without large surgical incision.

Treatment of Right Side Abdomen Pain

Diagnose pain

It is possible to prevent the abdominal pain simply by changing your daily lifestyle as well as following a perfect diet. Most of the cases irregular eating habit and different lifestyle become the reason of abdominal pain. There are a number of diseases that are responsible for this pain. The courses will determine how to prevent the future pain as well as how to treat the pain. If the pain is in the worst situation, surgical intervention is really required to treat the disorder to remove the infected part of the body to get permanent relief from the pain.


For a long term pain, over 12 hours or more, it is recommended to visit your doctor immediately. You need to recognize the type of your pain. You can help your doctor to find out the perfect solution for you. Most of the cases abdominal pain is not so serious. You may need to buy some medicines from the chemist to treat your pain. However; if your pain is in the worse condition, a number of tests as well as physical exams or even surgery can be needed. You can keep you healthy as well as disease free. Avoid the habits that can cause right side pain.

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