What to Do About Pain in Back of Neck

Some people might not realize but neck pain is actually quite common. It is expected that people will feel neck pain at one point in their lives. There is even a possibility that the neck pain will happen more than once. Feeling pain on the neck area depends entirely on the type of activities that people do and the food that people eat.

Some people get worried at the onset of neck pain but what should be remembered is the fact that neck pain does not usually signify more serious conditions. In fact, there are a lot of cases wherein people will undergo a full recovery without doing much in order to help cure their condition. There are times however when people develop pain in back of neck and the pain never goes away.

The Neck

Some people know where their neck is located but they do not know the different parts that make up this important part of the body. The neck usually holds the cervical spine located at the back, muscles around the neck and some ligaments that can make the neck stronger. Each part has a main role in keeping the neck intact. Usually, the ligaments and the muscles are in charge of protecting the spinal cord so that it will not get broken. Since the neck still holds a part of the spinal cord, it serves as the bridge that is passed by from the spinal cord to the brain or vice versa.

Possible Causes of Back Neck Pain

Pain in Back of Neck
Pain in Back of Neck

Some people just become confused at the onset of neck pain because they do not remember the reasons why they are feeling pain. This is already common and people should know that neck pain is normal. Still, here are some of the possible causes of neck pain:

  • Whiplash – This is usually the most common reason why people experience pain. This is due to the sudden movement of the neck when it is forced to go forward and then go backwards because of a certain force. This usually happens to people who get into car accidents or this may also be caused by other accidents that involve the neck being forced into strong forward and backward motion.
  • Torticollis – For people who do not know this is the condition wherein there is sudden pain felt at the neck area. Usually, this type of pain just happens suddenly without people knowing exactly why it has happened. People with this type of condition are unable to move their necks that much.
  • Aging – People have to admit that as a person ages, the different parts of the body ages as well. Sometimes, degeneration happens to the neck as a result. This means that people get weaker necks that cannot take the strain that it has managed to take before.

People have to remember that there are also instances when people develop unknown causes of neck pain because of their sleeping positions, because of sports activities that may involve having to make use of the neck and even doing simple things in an excessive manner. The above mentioned reasons are usually the less serious reasons for having neck pain but people should also be aware that there are more serious conditions that might be causing the pain in the back of neck .Some of these include the following:

This is the reason why when people get pain on their necks for a long period of time, they are expected to see a doctor so that the doctor can pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the patient. You may also have to look into the symptoms that you usually feel due to the onset of neck pain. Here are some symptoms that you should watch out for:

  • The pain is not showing any signs of improvement and the pain that people are feeling gets worse over time.
  • Having another condition that might be causing the neck pain.
  • Having other symptoms that might indicate sickness such as sudden weight loss or weight gain and having difficulty doing some things that you consider to be simple.

Treatments for Pain in Back of Neck

neck pain treatment
neck pain treatment

If in case you have already been given prescription by your doctor in order to help cure neck pain, you can just follow the prescription given but in order to help you out even further, here are some treatments that you can do to make things much easier:

  • Make sure that you exercise your neck – There are some people who feel that they should not move their neck so that they will not run into any problem but not moving your neck can actually make it more brittle than usual. You can gently exercise your neck by massaging it gently.
  • A good pillow – A lot of people right now underestimate the magic that can be done by a great pillow but actually pillows can do a lot in order to make sure that people will not experience that much pain in back of neck. You can invest on pillows that are known to improve the condition of the neck and the back so that you can also lessen your chances of experiencing neck pain again.
  • Improved Posture – Having poor posture is one of the main reasons why people experience neck pain in the back. Making sure that you are doing proper costume when you walk or do your daily activities will surely help a lot.

Do remember that for people who are experiencing chronic neck pain which means that the pain in the neck will take a long time before it goes away, would have to undergo different treatments in order to help patients live with the pain better. There are some people who are living with chronic neck pain and they barely give any attention to it right now because they are already used to it and because they are doing the proper treatments needed to make sure that their condition will not worsen even further.

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