Pain Between Shoulder Blades What Does it Mean?

There are instances when you might feel pain on different parts of your body. There may be instances when you have a head ache or a stomach ache. Feeling pain on those areas of the body may be common but there are still other types of pain that people experience everyday one of which is pain between shoulder blades.

Some people assume that this type of pain is something that will go away over time. This is the main reason why a lot of people do not give a lot of attention to it. Some people who do pay attention to it usually have a hard time telling their doctors where the pain is exactly because it can be a bit hard to reach. The pain can be caused by different reasons. Some reasons may be simple and then there are also some that are serious and would require immediate attention.

Possible Causes of Pain between Shoulder Blades

Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Pain Between Shoulder Blades

There are times when the causes of the pain being felt in between the shoulder blades are simple enough. Some of the simple reasons include the following:

  • Working Without Rest – When you tend to work without resting, there is a great possibility that you will experience pain on your back area. The pain is usually characterized by dull pain that does not go away for a certain period of time.
  • Bad Posture – A lot of people right now have bad posture even though they have not realized it just yet. People who have bad posture may be straining their backs. Posture is apparent even when people are sitting or standing.
  • Excessive Movement – There are some people who tend to do so many things in one day. Too much activity can also be bad for the body especially if the person is not able to get enough rest.
  • Nerve Pain – Some people may assume that there is no such thing as nerve pain but it actually happens. When a nerve gets trapped somewhere in the neck area, the pain may radiate near the shoulder blades and even on top of the shoulders.
  • Dysfunction of the Rib – A lot of people have already tried counting their ribs and if you have tried it and counted 12, you are correct. Some parts of the ribs are a bit tender and may cause pain sometimes especially if there is a dysfunction. This usually goes away over time.
  • Muscle Knot – A lot of people usually develop this at their upper backs in between the shoulder blades because of the different things that people do. Some people develop this because of undergoing stressful situations while some get it because of other conditions.

While the types of causes mentioned above are just some simple reasons for experiencing pain in between the shoulder blades, there are still other more serious reasons why people feeling pain. Some of these reasons may include the following:

  • Indigestion – At this point, you may be thinking that indigestion is not a serious health condition but it can lead to more serious conditions such as trapped wind which in turn can lead to a heart attack. When you feel indigestion, you might feel a bit uncomfortable because you feel that you would like to vomit but cannot.
  • Shingles – If in case you are not familiar with this, it is a certain health condition caused by the herpes zoster virus which may be present in your body. If you have the virus and you do not know it, it is just waiting for the proper time when your immune system is down. Once it is sure that you are not feeling well, it will attack and can cause pain between shoulder blades. The chest pain may sometimes be too severe.
  • Herniated Disk – You may not be familiar with what this condition is. It is actually a condition wherein the gel like sack in between your spinal cord moves outward. This is usually caused by excessive moving that has gone wrong or it can also be caused by a sudden, abrupt movement that caused the disk to fall.
  • Swollen Joints – Your body contains a lot of facet joints that make it possible for you to move around and check out different things. While you may feel that everything is okay one minute, when facet joins that are being controlled by the spine gets used up too much, the joints may also become swollen and can become painful.
  • Bilary Colic – A lot of people are not familiar with this condition but it is something that can be considered serious. Usually, when you experience problems with your gall bladder, you probably will not realize it immediately. When the pain starts however, it can prove to be too much. It usually starts near the abdomen and goes up and settles in between the shoulder blades.

Aside from the possible causes of pain in between the shoulder blades mentioned above, there may still be other conditions that may be causing the pain.

Types of Shoulder Blades Pain

Some people assume that pain is one and the same. Maybe at time, you are not able to describe the type of pain that you are feeling because it is causing you to hurt so much. Knowing and feeling the type of pain that you are experiencing though will help you determine the type of condition that you might be suffering from. Here are the different types of pain:

  • Mild Pain – This is the type of pain that people feel when they have done something that caused their muscles in between the shoulder blades become a bit stretched. Experiencing this type of pain can be annoying at times but it is something that people should not worry about too much.
  • Pain That Comes and Goes – There is a type of pain that is felt on the upper shoulder blades that may come and go. When the pain comes however, it can be noticeable. You may experience other symptoms during the onset of the pain.
  • Moderate Pain – There are times when people feel a type of pain that can cause them to stop what they are doing for a certain period of time. There is a possibility that the pain will not go away immediately. In fact, it may worsen and progress to another type of pain over time. When the pain does not stop and it worsens or remains its consistency, contacting professional help is still the best solution.
  • Intense Pain – This is the type of pain that can come abruptly and will disable people from doing something. There are times when people stop whatever they are doing because they cannot concentrate anymore but there are also times when people cannot do anything because they are also feeling some numbness in other parts of their bodies.

Depending on the type of pain that you are feeling, you have to be able to determine what would be your next step in order to improve your condition.

Treatments People Can Undergo

In order to make the pain go away, the best thing to do is to seek treatment. Some people do not want to go to the doctor for different reasons. For instance, there are some who do not want to go to the doctor because they are scared of what condition they may discover that they have. For other people however, they just do not want to go to the doctor because of the expenses. The treatments that you may undergo will depend on the type of pain that you are feeling and the condition that you currently have. If you are feeling mild pain, some of the treatments that you can undergo are the following:

  • Rest – There are instances when the pain is just the body’s way of saying that you should try resting from time to time.
  • Sleep – There are some people who barely even sleep because of the things that they have to do. Some people work long hours while others just cannot sleep whenever they need to. Sleeping can make the body recover and can help make the pain go away.
  • Getting a Massage – Since some people tend to become stressed too much, they forget to take the time to actually get a massage and let the stress go away. Getting massages may cause the pain to go away.
  • Reduce Stress – When you are constantly exposed to various stressful situations, different aches and pains will appear and will be felt. Make sure that you avoid getting stressed out a lot. You would have to relax sometimes and do things that will help you get your mind off some things.
  • Apply Hot Compress – You may not have realized it just yet but when you apply heat to the area that hurts, the pain may subside a bit. This is because heat can relax the muscles. This is applicable if the pain that you are feeling is because of strained muscles.

The moment that the pain stops after resting, you would have to be more aware of the things that you are going to do so that you will not overwork your body. If in case you know that you are going to do strong physical activities again in the future, here are some things that you have to do:

  • Do Some Exercises – You might be thinking that exercising will only cause the body to become stressed but actually, exercising can strengthen your body so that it will be able to take more and it will be stronger than ever.

  • Do Not Do Abrupt Movements – There are some people who do abrupt movements without meaning to and while there are times when the movements do not cause any harm, there are also instances when people have developed pain because of it.
  • Improve Posture – One of the main reasons why people develop back pain is because of poor posture. If people would pay closer attention to their posture, this type of pain can be avoided.

If you are experiencing moderate to intense pain, the pain may already be caused by underlying conditions so it is only natural that the treatments that you could undergo will depend on the current condition that you have. In order to determine the cause of your pain, you would have to undergo a series of tests until the cause can be determined. Depending on the condition, here are some of the possible treatments that you can undergo:

  • Physical Therapy – It has already been mentioned above that people would have to undergo physical therapy to correct certain conditions such as herniated disk. You may choose to hire a chiropractor to do the treatments for you or you may also choose to hire a physical therapist depending on who you think will be able to help you best.
  • Taking Medications – Medicine has been created to make people become well and when people are experiencing pain caused by certain conditions, medications can help cure those health conditions to make you feel better again after some time. Depending on the type of condition that is being treated, the number of medications that people would have to take may be a lot. There are also some medications that can only be taken for a certain period of time.

What to Remember

You might think that the pain that you are feeling on your lower back is something that will go away over time but actually, even the most minor pain should be given the proper attention that it deserves. Do remember that the pain may signify a degeneration that is happening in your body right now so you should not dismiss the pain immediately as something that will just go away.

Having annual checkups with your medical doctor will always help tremendously so that if ever there is a condition that has not been detected yet, it can be given the attention and treatment that it deserves. Pain between shoulder blades is serious.You should not let your condition worsen before you do something about it.

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