Pain above Belly Button what could it be

There are times when people experience sudden pain above belly button. The pain may go away as suddenly as it began. It is possible that if you have just experienced pain above the belly button, you may choose to disregard it and continue with the things that you are doing or you may also want to get to the bottom of the reason why you have felt sudden, abrupt pain. Do remember though that the types of pain that people may experience may differ. This means that if for some people, the pain felt can be sudden and abrupt, and there are also instances when the pain can be like a dull ache that will last for quite a long period of time.

Do remember that there are different reasons why pain above belly button is felt. You may be curious to know the reasons why people experience pain so here are just some of the reasons why.

Causes for Pain above Belly Button

Pain above Belly Button
Pain above Belly Button
  • Pancreatitis – There are some people who are not aware that when the pancreas gets inflamed, pain above the belly button can be felt. Since the pancreas is located a little bit above the belly button, having pancreatitis can come in some bouts of pain above belly button. Do remember that there are two types of pancreatitis. The first type is called acute pancreatitis. From the name itself, you can guess that one of the symptoms of this is sudden, abrupt pain. There are also some symptoms that can accompany this condition. This type of pancreatitis can easily be cured provided that the person is able to seek medical attention immediately. The second type of pancreatitis is the chronic pancreatitis. This is the type of pancreatitis that is usually not given enough attention because the type of pain that people feel when they have this is usually dull. Do remember that this is the type of pancreatitis that will get worse over time. It can be cured but it may require long treatments.
  • GERD – GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and this is a disease that usually affects the esophagus particularly the esophageal lining. While this is not particularly considered to be a serious disease, there are some people who do not seek treatment for it and end up acquiring complications in the long run. Do remember that this can be given the attention that it deserves so that it can be cured easily. Usually, this condition also comes with heart burn and vomiting.
  • Bacterial Stomach Infection – There are instances when bacteria are able to enter the body because of different reasons. It may be because of what people have eaten or it may also be because of the person’s current surroundings. Either way, it is important for people to take the necessary treatments to cure this problem.
  • Nerve Dysfunction – A lot of people assume that the nerves are only used to feel the different things around them but actually, there are a lot of nerves and muscles that are required to work in order for successful digestion to take place. When the nerves dysfunction, this can make it harder for the stomach to digest food. More often than not, people who experience this condition can only take little food at a time.
  • Stress – A lot of people tend to underestimate stress probably because they do not think that it is something that should be given serious attention. It should be given the attention that it deserves though because stress can cause a lot of things. A lot of people get different conditions and health problems because of being constantly exposed to stressful situations and events. This can be properly avoided to avoid getting problems in the long run.
  • Chron’s DiseaseCrohn’s disease is usually the start of a series of digestive problems. The main reason for this is because this disease targets the digestive system and makes the organs inflamed. This disease can be passed on from generation to generation although it does not mean that just because no one in your family ever had it, it already means that you will not get it. Sometimes, it can just affect people unknowingly. Having this treated at the soonest possible time is necessary before it leads to even more serious conditions and complications.
  • Diastasis Recti – This is the condition wherein the abdominal tissues get torn because of different reasons. In women, the tear may be caused by pregnancy especially if multiple pregnancies have happened in a short period of time but there are also instances when men experience this because of wrong ways of exercising. It does not mean that just because people are gaining muscle does not mean that they are doing it the right way. Of course, this can be avoided by giving ample amount of time for the abdomen and the uterus to recover from pregnancy for the female and right way of exercising for males.

The above mentioned reasons are a few of the possible reasons for experiencing pain above the belly button, there are still some who have different reasons for experiencing pain. Being aware and well informed about it can help people seek the treatment that they need.

Possible Treatments for Pain above Belly Button

Admittedly, pain above belly button can come in varying degrees. There are some people who experience pain but are still able to do the their tasks and go through their day while some would have to stop whatever they are doing in order to recover. The treatments that would have to be done for the pain may also vary tremendously. For instance, there are some who would need to undergo surgery in order to stop the pain while others would be prescribed with different medications in order to cure their current condition. Trying to diagnose your condition by yourself is still not a good thing to do. It is important to still go to your doctor to have yourself checked. This way, you can be sure about what is truly causing the problem.

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