How to Get Rid of Lower Back Spasms

Lower back spasms are the involuntary contractions of your back muscle. Your back muscle can be irritated or even injured any time. Most of the cases last no longer than 5 to 6 weeks and can be treated by a simple home treatment or

How to Make Yourself Puke

There are some people who cannot take the thought of other people vomiting. There are even some who puke when they see other people start vomiting. This is already normal because it can be the body’s reaction to an extreme situation. While most people

Top 10 Home Remedies for Chest Pain Naturally

There are some people who always panic whenever they start to feel some chest pains probably because they always think that this is related to having a heart attack. There are times when chest pain may not be related to that at all. You

Top 10 Home Remedies for Candida

A lot of the common ailments can be caused by bacteria. Sometimes, the common ailments can also be caused by viruses and sometimes even fungi. Such is the case with the Candida Albicana fungus that can cause Candida in people. There are some people

What Causes Belly Button Pain?

There are times when people find it funny that they are experiencing belly button pain because it does not seem to be quite normal but contrary to popular belief, this is actually a common occurrence. In fact, a lot of people actually get to

Skin Sensitive to Touch Causes and Treatment

There are instances when people become surprised when their skin becomes too sensitive to touch. Instead of being able to mingle with other people, they try to avoid situations wherein they would have to be with people because their skin feels painful even with

Home Remedies for Pulled Muscle in Lower Back

It is possible that you were doing something when suddenly; you felt a sharp, sudden pain on your lower back. If you have been lifting, it is possible that you have pulled your muscle. There are times when the pain is bearable and you