Best Matcha Green Tea Recipes You Need to Try

Do you love Matcha Green Tea? There are a lot of people who are actually fond of this because of how it tastes like. At the same time, they love it because it can be easy to pair with a lot of other flavors that can enhance the taste of Matcha even more.

While Matcha originally started from Japan, the love for this type of green tea has spread all over the world. From chocolates, to drinks and even some food products, Matcha green tea is always well appreciated. If you would like to make it on your own however, what do you think are some of the recipes that you ought to do?

Matcha Green Tea Recipes

Wondering about the different Matcha Green Tea recipes that you are going to do? Here are just some of the recipes that you may want to try:

  1. Traditional Matcha Green Tea

Nothing beats the original, that is what people always say so there is a chance that even if you would work on trying out various Matcha recipes, there is always a chance that you will go back to the traditional recipe that will always manage to help you out. The best thing about this is that it is healthy and yummy too.

  • Scoop out a small amount of Matcha green tea powder and place it on the teacup.
  • Whisk out the Matcha so that it will be smoother and there are no clumps that are available.
  • Place hot water together with the Matcha and whisk it again until it becomes smooth.
  • Enjoy your real, authentic Matcha Green Tea.
  1. Matcha Green Tea Muffins

There are a lot of people who love muffins and there is a very big chance that you like muffins as well. No need to worry about this because you can easily do the things that you do when you create muffins but the only difference is the fact that you are going to use Matcha as your main ingredient.

  • Prepare all the ingredients that you may need to make your green tea muffins. You can also add dark chocolate chips to add to the taste of the Matcha.
  • Remember to do the usual things that you go through when you are creating muffins but instead of the usual flavors that you use, you are going to use Matcha instead.
  • Place the batter that you have created on the baking tray shaped the way you want them. You would have to preheat the oven to 375 degrees. You would have to bake the muffins for about 20 minutes or until such time when the toothpick becomes clean when you check it out.
  1. Matcha Green Tea Milkshake

Have you always loved milkshakes but avoided them because you know about the things that they can do to you? No need to worry about this anymore because you can have the milkshake that you want but in a much healthier version with the use the Matcha Milkshake. The best part about this is that it does not have a lot of calories as well.

  • Remember to prepare all the ingredients that you may need. You will need non fat Greek yogurt, unsweetened milk or low fat milk, matcha powder, almond flavor and vanilla paste. You may also add other ingredients depending on what you think you need.
  • You have to blend all of the ingredients mentioned above plus all of the other ingredients that you would decide to place. After you have effectively pureed all of the ingredients, you may taste it first and then add some more flavors into it so that it will suit your taste.
  • Let the milkshake sit for a few minutes. This will give the shake an ample amount of time to thicken. You can then serve it on the glass, place some ice cubes and serve.
  1. Matcha Truffles

Would you like to do something that you can make in less than half an hour? It may be hard for you to do that especially because there are a lot of things that would take more than an hour to make. Do remember that with Matcha truffles, you can be sure that you do not have to spend a lot of time creating what you need.

  • Prepare all the ingredients that you need for the truffles. Do remember that the filling and the coating will have different ingredients. The filling may have the Matcha green tea powder, maple syrup and coconut butter. You would also need dark chocolate for the coating as well as milk.
  • You would have to mix all of the ingredients that you are going to use for the filling with the use of the food processor. Once they are already combined, you can take them out of the food processor and form them into small balls.
  • Place the small balls on a tray and refrigerate them so that they will maintain their shape.
  • Heat the dark chocolate first and add milk.
  • Once the dark chocolate cools down a bit, the matcha balls can be rolled on the chocolate.
  • Once you have already coated all of the matcha balls, what you can do is place the matcha balls coated in chocolate inside the refrigerator. This will help firm up the balls.
  1. Matcha Chocolate

Do you know that there are a lot of Japanese who have their own version of the Matcha chocolate? This is already considered to be normal because there is something about Matcha that is just hard to resist. While in some places it can be hard to find the right Matcha chocolate that will give you the taste that you are searching for, it is far easier for you to create your own chocolate.

  • There are various ingredients that you may need in order to make Matcha chocolate but of course, you would need culinary grade Matcha and some vital ingredients such as butter and white chocolate.
  • It is pretty simple actually; you would need to heat milk. Once the milk is correctly heated, what you can do is to place the white chocolate bar of your chopped into small pieces placed on the milk. You can also add a bit of butter to make it more flavorful. Make sure that you will mix them all together.
  • Once you have already mixed everything well together, what you can do is place the Match powder. You would have to mix them together until you will not see any other color aside from green.
  • Place the mixture that you have created on your own baking dish. Expect that there may be some bubbles that will be evident. Make sure that you will take away those bubbles so that you can be sure.
  • Remember that you can slice them up the way you want them. Most of the time, people finish them immediately.

The recipes that are mentioned above are just a few of the recipes that you can do so that you can appreciate Matcha even more. Incorporating this as part of the things that you eat will not only give you the benefits that come with consuming Matcha, you will get to enjoy this more often too.

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