Lower Right Back Pain – What Could This Be?

There are a lot of times when people just do not pay a lot of attention to the pain that they are feeling. There are instances when people only take notice when they are already feeling severe pain. Would people really want to wait for the time when they cannot stop the pain anymore before they do anything about pain that comes and goes?

One of the types of pain that people feel right now is lower right back pain. There are some who assume that lower back pain is something that would have to be ignored but there will be instances when the pain is just too severe to ignore. Most people are not aware that there is a big difference with pain that is felt at the lower right side of the back with the pain felt at the lower left side of the back. Most people have already noticed that they usually experience more pain at their lower right side. There are some reasons for this such as the following:

  • Most people are right handed. This means that people usually use their right hands more. This is also the same with the movements that people make. People usually do things better using the right side of their bodies.
  • People usually strain their muscles at the right side of their bodies. This is again due to the different activities that people have to go through.

Types of Back Pain

Some people are not even aware that there are different types of back pain pre determine by how long back pain lasts. Here are some things to think about:

  • Normal Back Pain– This is the type of pain that people usually go through and experience in about a day or two.
  • Acute Back Pain – This is the type of back pain felt for about or less than four weeks.
  • Chronic Back Pain – This is the type of back pain that people can feel for more than 12 weeks.

Usually, when people experience chronic back pain, this may be caused by an underlying condition that may or may not have been diagnosed just yet. For people who are experiencing acute or chronic lower back pain, you are recommended to contact your doctor at the soonest possible time.

Causes of Lower Right Back Pain

Lower Right Back Pain
Lower Right Back Pain

Some people may assume that lower back pain can only occur without any reason but more often than not, there are different reasons why people experience lower back pain. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Injury – There are some injuries that people notice immediately but there are also times when people are not even aware that they have already injured their lower backs. Injuries may range from a pulled tissue to severe spinal fracture.
  • Muscle Spasms – Some people do so many things that they cannot help but strain their lower backs. When the strain becomes too much, it can cause muscle spasms. When muscle spasms happen, people are unable to control the muscles on some parts of their backs.
  • Slipped or Ruptured Disc – Some people are not aware what this condition is. Our spinal cord usually has soft tissues in between so that it can be protected against the different things that people do. When people have slipped or ruptured disc, the fluid that is inside the soft tissue may spill out and cause the back to become painful.
  • Kidney Pain – There are a lot of people who often confuse the two types of pain. Kidney pain can be more apparent if people would pay close attention to its symptoms. For instance, kidney pain is usually associated with fever and having difficulty urinating while normal lower back pain does not come with those symptoms.
  • Cancer – Back pain can be a serious sign of this condition. The cancer may be concentrated on certain parts of the body.

Other Possible Reasons

Aside from the things that are mentioned above which can actually be considered more serious, there are some simple things that people usually do that can make people have lower back pain. Some of the possible reasons include the following:

  • Poor Sleeping Positions – There are instances when people do not realize that they are already sleeping awkwardly. Most likely, people only realize that they have slept in an awkward manner when they wake up and they notice pain on the lower right or left side of their backs.
  • Being Overweight – Some people are concerned about being overweight because of aesthetic reasons. They do not want to become overweight because they would want to look great in their clothes. People should realize that being overweight can also have an effect on people’s backs. People who experience pain may be overweight and the back cannot take the extra weight.
  • Bad Posture – Some people have never perfected their posture because of the different things that people do. Some normally just do not stand up or sit up properly because they are already accustomed to the type of posture that they have. Bad posture can lead to experiencing pain too so for people who do not want to experience this, people should do correct and proper posture.

Do remember that there may still be other causes of lower back pain that are not mentioned above. Knowing the different possible causes can at least help people know what treatments they can do and undergo in order to feel better.

Some Symptoms to Watch Out For

Some people assume that all types of pain are similar but when you think about it, there is a type of pain that is so mild you can barely feel it. Then there is also a type of pain that feels like pins and needles being placed on people’s skins. If ever you feel that your lower right back pain is caused by another possible condition, here are just some of the symptoms that you can watch out for:

  • Pain on other parts of the body. While there are times when the pain seems to be concentrated on the lower right back pain but there are also instances when the pain can be felt at different parts of the body.
  • Weakness on some parts of the body. There are some people who only realize that they are unable to move or stand just after experiencing lower back pain. When people feel weak, there is a possibility that there is something wrong with them.
  • Different levels of pain. There are some people who experience a type of pain consistently but those who might have a more serious condition will begin to notice that their bodies are slowly becoming worse over time. The pain may sometimes disappear completely and reappear when it is needed. There is also a type of pain that begins slowly then becomes abrupt and sharp over time. Then, there is also this type of pain that is so painful that it can rouse people who are already asleep.

Do remember that you can also use your symptoms so that you can determine the right condition that is causing you lower back pain. Usually, if you would decide to contact your local doctor, you have to know some details so that it will be easier for your doctor to determine what types of test he or she should give you so that you can be checked for possible conditions. At this point, some people may be wondering what the purpose of getting a test is. The test can be used to determine what is wrong with the person so that the problem can be addressed immediately.

Possible Risks for Having Lower Right Back Pain

Admittedly, there are some people who are more susceptible to lower back pain. When people have more risk factors which they feel can increase their chances of acquiring lower back pain, it is possible that they will truly have more reasons to have increased intervals of lower back pain. Some of the risk factors include the following:

  • Having a back injury in the past – It is possible that the person has already healed or the injury might have happened a long time ago but the risk is still there because the back is already more prone to other types of injury that may cause lower right back pain.
  • History of lower back pain in the family – Some have reported that other family members before them have also reported acquiring lower back pain. People who have back pain as one of their family’s health history is more at risk of acquiring lower back pain than those who do not.
  • Being Pregnant – There are some instances that women feel that they are feeling pain on their backs more often when they are pregnant. The stress of carrying a baby can cause back pain. The pain is usually more obvious on the third trimester of the pregnancy.
  • Aging – As people grow older, people’s bodies also age and as a result, the body may not be as fast and as healthy as it was when it was young. The bones may also become a bit brittle and may contribute to the pain that people are feeling.

Habits That May Increase Risk Factors

bad posture back pain

Aside from the physiological side of being more at risk of acquiring lower back pain, there are also some people right now who are increasing their chances of acquiring back pain unknowingly. Here are just some of the things that people do:

  • Not giving time to exercise – Some people assume that just because they are already too busy with work, they cannot find time to exercise anymore.
  • Doing too much exercise – If there are some who cannot find time to exercise, there are also some who do nothing but exercise all day. Those who do certain exercises for extended period of time may be more at risk of acquiring back pain than those who just do things moderately.
  • Having a job that does not require people to do much – When people sit in the office all day, every day, they might already be straining their backs without realizing it.
  • Smoking – People who smoke will most likely feel the effects of lower back pain than those who do not smoke at all.
  • Undergoing stressful situations – There are already a lot of reports in the past that state that whenever people undergo something stressful, they cannot help but feel that their backs are hurting and this can aggravate them even further.

Contacting Your Doctor

Like mentioned earlier, a lot of people assume that lower back pain is nothing to worry about because some people experience it just rarely. There are times however when people cannot deny that the pain is already too much to handle. To make sure that this will not happen, it will be best if people can contact their doctors immediately if they feel the following symptoms:

  • Back pain caused by an accident.
  • Not being able to move certain parts of the body because of the pain being felt on the lower back.
  • Weakness of the limbs
  • Sudden and immediate pain that can cause people to wake up though they are sleeping.

These above mentioned symptoms are serious and might be caused by a more serious condition. Do remember though that there are some back pain situations wherein people do not need to contact their doctor anymore. It usually takes about a day or so for the pain to go away. If after two days, the pain has not gone away yet, people can consult their doctor about it.

Self  Treatment For Lower Back Pain

More often than not, the treatment for back pain can be pre determined depending on the condition of the person. If the cause of the pain is dislocation of the hip bone, a chiropractor can be contacted or a physical therapist to make the pain go away. Taking medications recommended by the doctor will also help a lot.

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