Lower Abdominal Pain in Men Causes and Treatments

Lower Abdominal Pain in Men can have multiple causes when compared to women .This pain may be because of chronic medical conditions, urinary tract infections and also various conditions of the digestive tract. Studies have estimated that every man has experienced at least once in different points of their life a type of abdominal pain and while some have never sought any kind of treatment, others have resorted to herbal treatments and medications in order to manage the pain.

If individuals suffer from groin pain,pelvic pain or sharp lower right abdominal pain, they should consult a specialist right away. The reason to why they may experience  lower abdominal tenderness in men can be due to the following:

Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain in Men

1. Kidney stones

Lower Abdominal Pain in Men
Kidney stones

One of the most common reasons to why men will suffer from lower abdominal soreness in men is because of kidney stones. While developing small stones may trigger no symptoms at all, when the stones will grow bigger and gain irregular sizes, that’s when the bleeding and the pain will also start to appear.

Kidneystones can be potentially dangerous and that is why they have to be identified and treated as soon as possible. If people don’t do anything about them, then the stones may block the drainage of urine causing kidney infections and stasis.

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2. Appendicitis


Even though when it comes to the appendix it doesn’t really have any specific function, because of certain factors it may get inflamed and accumulate pus. As the amount of pus increases, it will become very painful for the individual and he’ll find it very difficult to even walk, cough or move at all.

What’s worrying about this type of inflammation is the speed at which it progresses and within just a few hours, the patient will have to be rushed to the hospital for surgical treatment. The appendix will be surgically removed before it ruptures and infects the entire system.

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3. Irritable bowel syndrome 

Irritable bowel syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome

lower abdominal cramps in men can also be caused by IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. When this happens, the individual will not only experience abdominal pain, but also diarrhea and constipation. IBS is a chronic condition of the gastrointestinal system and when cared for properly, it will still take years to manage.

4. Conditions of the male reproductive system


Another factor that will cause pain in the lower abdominal area of men are inflammations of any of the organs of the reproductive system. One of the conditions that men may experience is vesiculitis, which describes the inflammation of the seminal vesicles which case moderate or even severe lower abdominal pain.

5. Bladder infections 

Bladder infections
Bladder infections

Another cause for lower abdominal distress in men may experience is because of bladder infections and if individuals suffer from a bacterial infection, the pain may also be accompanied by painful urination and fever. The infection needs to be treated very fast by using antibiotics, because if not, it may easily spread and affect the kidneys.

6. Checking the digestive tract

Diarrhea Remedy
Diarrhea Remedy

While it’s not that often men suffer from it, Diverticulitis can be a possible cause that leads to lower abdominal ache in men. This is a type of infection which is caused by the presence of more than one diverticulitis in the digestive tract. So what is Diverticulitis? Well, diverticular are basically small pockets which form in various parts of the digestive system, more specifically in the large intestine.

Because of these symptoms, individuals will get to experience pain in the lower abdomen (diverticulitis). Usually, men will experience swelling and softness in the abdomen.

7. Cystitis


Another reason to why men may experience pain in the lower abdominal areas is because of cystitis. This is a disorder of the urinary traction which occurs because of a bacterial infection. The first thing men will feel is the inflammation with symptoms like uneasiness in the pelvic region, a burning sensation in the urinary tract, the tendency of urinating frequently and of course, pain in the lower abdomen.

People who have an enlarged prostate are also susceptible to this type of infection in the urinal tract, which also causes pain in the lower abdominal area. And even though bladder infections are most commonly met in women, men may also get them. There are lesser dangerous conditions, like constipation, gas or food poisoning that can cause lower left abdominal pain in males.

Treatment of Male Lower Abdominal Pain

lower abdominal pain treatment

As this article already analyzed, the reason for this pain may be a major one or not and that is why it’s always recommended that people will seek professional help when they experience sharp pain in lower abdomen. The doctor will examine the patient and tell him exactly what to do or what to take to alleviate the pain.

Before diagnosis though, individuals should also observe the pain very carefully and then offer a complete report to their doctor for him to be able to put a clear and correct diagnosis. The nature of the pain is very important and it can be severe and sudden if there’s a block in the blood supply. On the other hand, sometimes the pain can be intermittent and sometimes mild, but prolonged. All this info is very important and it needs to be communicated to the doctor in full.

Another aspect to note is the duration of the pain and most of the times, men will ignore mild pain which has been on for many weeks or even months. Even if the pain is mild though, it should not be ignored. Factors that aggravate the pain should be noted down, like eating different types of food, coughing, sneezing and so on.

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Lower Abdominal Pain in Men Conclusion

lower abdominal agony in men may have many causes, but regardless of the cause, pain that aggravates even after people have considered treatment or unusual pain should be consulted as soon as possible. If the assessment is made early, it can lead to better symptom management and a faster recovery.

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  1. I just started realizing pains on my lower left tommy! I don’t know what may be the cause of this and i’ll be glad if you could explain to me better before i go for medical checkup.

  2. i have diagnosed with h-pylori bacteria in 2013. i am suffering from stomach pain , it started in 2004 . can u help please

  3. Dear Sir,
    My name is suresh I am 26 years old.
    I have lower abdominal pain, the pain happen for just 1,2 seconds and gone
    Same thing the pain happen 3,4 times but it does hurt so much. I can feel it as a pain in my lower abdominal. And also I feel pain after I work physically. Please advice me

    Thank you

  4. My name is Julius, I have been suffering from abdominal pain for more than five years. How can this pain stop since I have gone to treatment several times and no response..

    I will be glad if I get redress as early as possible

  5. Assalam-o-alaikum
    My name is Shahzaib Waheed
    I have abdominal pain
    I have many tested like = blood test meckel scan urine test ultrasound x ray and appendix operate
    but this pain is not stop
    this pain is start 6 monthes ago
    but doctors cant diagnosed my pain
    can you tell me why the pain is not stop

  6. Sir,
    I have lower abdominal mild pain frequntly in both sides especially when the urge of sex and not having it. Please advise me in this regard, whether I should go for thorough checkup or some medication could help. Awaiting your reply..

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