Lower Abdomen Pain During Pregnancy

This article is going to talk about lower abdomen pain during pregnancy for women. It will discuss the common concerns and causes and some ways that you can handle your pain safely. If you experience lower abdomen pain consistently through your period you should immediately consult your doctor as it could cause harm to you or your baby. This article will also discuss some of the serious conditions that you may have if you do experience lower abdominal pain constantly.  If you only experience it occasionally then this article will definitely help you.

The causes of lower abdomen during your pregnancy

Abdomen Pain During Pregnancy

First the serious ones.You may be experiencing what is known as ectopic pregnancy this is where your egg got planted in the wrong area of your body. In other words it means your egg or baby is now growing outside of your uterus and the baby or egg is now growing in your fallopian tubes. This can cause you to lose your life and your baby’s so if you experience anything that is not normal for you such as shock, excessive bleeding you should go straight to the hospital or doctor.

You could be having a miscarriage. If you experience any unusual symptoms you should go to the doctor such as described above even if you are just bleeding heavily and feeling crampy. This is not normal for when you are pregnant.

You could be going into premature labor. If you are experiencing any of these following symptoms before the 37 week timeline you should consult your doctor. The symptoms you should look out for include are increases in your vaginal discharges, spotting or bleeding, more pressure in the pelvic area, lower back pain if you never have had a back pain before.

You could also have a urinary tract infection, preeclampsia, or a placenta abruption. Only a doctor can determine if it is one of these or the above causes or something less severe. Plus you may require medicine to heal or to get rid of the pain. Other causes include having a stomach virus, food poisoning, appendicitis, kidney stones, hepatitis, gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, fibroids or a bowel obstruction. All of the last ones should definitely be looked at by your doctor as well in order to treat you and your pain properly. You can then ask your doctor if he can recommend anything that is safe for your baby and you.

Now it could be totally harmless in particular if you do not experience it constantly. Then you may be experiencing one of these mild episodes or causes. This category includes gas, bloating, constipation, round ligament pain. The round ligament pain will be discussed in the next paragraph but is nothing serious. You could also be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor pains). If you think you are experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions they would be infrequent and not consistent throughout the day or increasing too much in volume or pain level.

Round ligament pain

Round ligament pain is just where your body is stretching muscles, tendons and ligaments to make room for your growing baby. It does involve a lot of discomfort and occasional pain in the lower abdomen. So it could be a cause of your lower abdominal pain during pregnancy. One thing you should know is that you might experience this when you suddenly change positions or have had a particular busy day on your feet.

Relief of lower abdominal pain during pregnancy- Safe for you and your baby

There are several small things you can do to try to alleviate some of your discomfort or pain. They include moving around and doing gentle exercising. You can try taking a warm bath (this means the water should not be scalding and cooler maybe even than what you are used to taking for a shower or a bath.  You could try the hot water bottle where you experience discomfort or pain.

You will want to drink plenty of water, not pop or anything with caffeine, this is to prevent dehydration. Why should you drink more? It is relatively simple actually the dehydration can cause Braxton Hicks contractions which might be your discomfort and if you drink more water they might go away all together.

If it Braxton Hicks you might just want to lie down and read a good book to take your mind off the pain and discomfort with a cold glass of water. Your mind can really beat the pain if you are able to concentrate long enough on another task or activity. This only applies to the non-serious causes of your lower abdominal pain during pregnancy.

How to Ease Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

In summary your lower abdominal pain can be caused by something serious or non-serious and if it constant and happens longer than any of the non-serious conditions you should definitely consult your doctor or midwife at that point.

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