Causes and Treatments For Left Shoulder Blade Pain

There are instances when people become confused with the type of shoulder pain that they are feeling at their left shoulder blade. Every type of left shoulder blade pain can be a bit confusing because you cannot pinpoint exactly where the pain is coming from. There are also some people who do not know how to take the pain because it can be caused by something as simple as wrong sleeping position or it may be a symptom of a serious condition. People would want to know more things about it so that they can decipher what they should do.

Causes of Left Shoulder Blade Pain

Left Shoulder Blade Pain
Left Shoulder Blade Pain

In case you have never experienced this type of pain in the past, you should know that you should at least pinpoint what part of your shoulder blades is hurting. There are some conditions that can affect the left shoulder blade while there are also some types of pain that will affect the right shoulder blade. When you sleep though, you can hurt both shoulder blades depending on how you sleep.

  • Strain – Like mentioned earlier, there are instances when the shoulder blade becomes a bit strained because of sleeping the wrong way. There are also instances when people strain their shoulder blades when they do something strenuous. If you have just done something new, your shoulder blades might want to do the adjusting for you.
  • Fracture – You have to remember that the shoulder blades can be hard to fracture but there are still times when it happens. Most of the time, people get fractures when they fall from high places and fall straight on their backs or when they are into other types of accidents.
  • Arthritis – One of the mistakes that people make is they assume that arthritis only happens to people’s joints and legs but it can also affect the shoulder blades. Sometimes, the arthritis also becomes too severe that people can barely move their arms to lift something.
  • Problems with the Abdomen – If the pain that you are experiencing is more towards the right shoulder blade, you can count on having some abdominal problems.
  • Heart Conditions – There are instances when people experience pain first with their shoulder blades as well as other parts of their upper bodies when they are afflicted with heart conditions. This can be a very serious matter and should be checked immediately.

Aside from these symptoms mentioned above, you have to remember that there are still other symptoms that you would have to know more about.

Home Treatments for Shoulder Blade Pain In Left Side

There are times when people are not too keen on going to the doctor and drinking medications in order to help make the pain go away. As long as the cause of the shoulder pain is not that serious, it will always help if people know some home treatments that can be done. Here are just some home remedies that people can do to help people improve their condition:

  • Make sure that you have a proper sleeping position – Like mentioned earlier, people get shoulder blade pains when they do not sleep in proper sleeping positions. This can be avoided by making sure that you are laying flat straight on your back and you do not have too much pillows.
  • Get out of stressful situations – There are times when people experience different types of pain because they are feeling stressed. Some people are stressed because of work while some are stressed because of the situations that they are in.
  • Go easy on routine exercises – There are instances when people try out new exercises so that they can start being fit and losing weight but there are also instances when new exercises can cause a huge strain on people’s shoulder blades and back. Make sure that you do proper stretching first before embarking on new exercises.

  • Get a massage – There are some people who do not know why it is important to get a massage but actually, people should have themselves massaged by a professional from time to time because this will help relax the muscles that might be causing the strain on the shoulder blades.
  • Try Herbal Remedies – If in case you know a lot of details about how herbal remedies can help, you can probably formulate a concoction that will help you on this tremendously.

If ever these home remedies that you have tried do not work with curing your shoulder pain, it might be time to seek medical attention. Remember not to wait too long because your condition might be more serious than you initially thought.

Other Treatments

If all the home remedies mentioned above failed to improve your condition, what you should do instead is to at least try to get medical attention. It is likely that if your condition is caused by not so serious conditions, it will be helpful to take the proper medications that will make you recover in no time. There may also be times when you will be given the option to restrict your movements so that your condition will not worsen.

For instance, if you usually play tennis or badminton, your doctor might tell you that you may have to lay up on playing even for just a short while. Also, you have to consider that the pain may be caused by other conditions. If this is the case, you should seek treatment for the condition that you already have. Do prepare yourself that this might be a tedious and expensive situation since you would have to undergo a lot of tests and you may have to endure some pain in the process as well.

The pain that people feel at their left shoulder blades may not be a serious matter but there are also instances when it can suddenly turn serious. Remember that when the pain does not go away over time, even if you are not feeling any symptom aside from the pain, you should still have yourself checked by the doctor in order to be sure.

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