Left Lower Quadrant Pain- What does it mean?

Left lower quadrant pain comes with discomfort and severe pain in the lower left side. Most of the cases the causes of this pain are not serious. However; if the pain is severe and the patient starts to suffer a lot, then it can be a medical emergency. The symptoms of lower left side pain can be chronic, sub-acute or even acute. Basically this type of pain indicates the problem in the lower colon. It is important to check the instances if the pain by a medical professional for the causes as well as remedial measures.

Most of the cases of this pain is temporary. However; if you experience this pain for a long period, you need to contact your doctor. Sometimes this pain can be the symbol of serious health complications.

Left Lower Quadrant Pain
Left Lower Quadrant Pain

Causes of  Left Lower Quadrant Pain

Lower left quadrant pain is common as well as inconsequential condition. There are some factors that are responsible for this problem.  This pain can easily originate from colon, intestine, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen as well as liver. Any problem related to this organ can cause painful sensations. This pain can be felt in various parts of the lower stomach. If it is possible to localize the pain, then the causes of the pain will come forward and the treatment of the pain will be easier. Following are the common causes of the pain.

Above are the common causes of left side pain. There are some other causes that ate responsibly to the left lower side pain. Vascular catastrophes are a rupture or even the blockage of the blood vessel that is a very serious and sometimes it can also be life threating. Any severe pain in the left side can be serious and it needs emergency medical attention.

How To Prevent Lower Left Quadrant Pain

The ways of prevention totally depend on the type of the disease that you want to prevent. Just for example, if you want to prevent irritable bowel syndrome that causes your pain, then you need to change your diet plan and you have to manage your stress. It will help you to prevent your prevent irritable bowel syndrome. If the cause of your pain is Gastroenteritis, then you need to avoid the foods that cause this problem and you need to avoid eating from the places that are unhygienic. If you avoid acidic foods you will be able to prevent kidney stone. You also need to drink plenty of water. It will help the production of the crystallization process. Drinking sufficient water can help you to avoid a number of diseases that can be responsible for lest side pain.

Treatment of  Left Lower Quadrant Pain

lower abdominal pain treatment

Your medical professional may conduct physical examination, x-rays, laboratory tests to diagnose the cause of pain. Doctor will be able to treat your left side pain with proper diagnosis. Doctor can offer you medication or even can advise surgical intervention in case of emergency.  Proton pump inhibitors, Antibiotics, acid blockers, antispasmodic as well as antacids are some of the popular medications that are used to treat left side pain.

Surgery can be required, if you are dealing with Kidney complications, fibroids, ectopic pregnancies or cancers. The causes of the pain can be major or even minor. It is important to consult a medical professional if you are experiencing pain in your left side. The types of treatment include:

  • Antibiotics, acid blockers, antispasmodic for Bacterial infections
  • Surgery can be required for Pancreatitis, kidney stones as well as other conditions
  • Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy can be used for colon cancer

Home Remedies For Lower Quadrant Pain In Left Side

Sometimes home remedies can give you instant relief from the pain. Home remedies are applicable in case your pain is mild and not severe. But in case of severe pain, it is important to seek for the help of the doctors.

  • Drink fluids and lots of water to alleviate left side pin
  • Mix 2 teaspoon ginger juice with 2 teaspoons lime juice with one glass of warm water. Drink it after having a meal. It will give you instant relief from your pain
  • You can apply the cold water bag or even the heat pad on the pain affected area
  • Fresh mint juice can also give you relief from lest side pain, you just need to drink the juice with water
  • Avoid foods that are rich in cholesterol. If you are experiencing pain for gas problem then you should avoid foods like acidic fruits, alcohol, tea, caffeine, tomato as well as fried foods. It will help you to reduce the left side pain
  • If you are feeling like vomiting, then you need to avoid solid foods. You just need to take those foods that you will be able to digest easily.
  • If you want to get relief from heartburn, indigestion as well as gas, then you can take  Antacids


Surgery or even proper medication can help you to get relief from left side pain. Though most of the cases this pain is not serious, but you should not ignore any symptoms related to lower left quadrant pain.

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4 thoughts on “Left Lower Quadrant Pain- What does it mean?

  1. I started having a tender aching pain in lower left side and when I pressed it was a sharp pain now it has moved up under my rib cage, it hurts more when I press on it, but it feels all lumpy, I have been feeling sick and dizzy the last few weeks also.

  2. I don’t have severe pain it just feels like a ball under the left side of my ribs and at times it shoots to my back. It happens when I sit for a long period of time or when I stand(like washing the dishes) for a period of time. It only happens when I gain weight. Last summer I felt fine but my weight was 195lbs and now I weigh 120lbs. It almost feels like a sore muscle. Does anybody have the same symptoms?

    1. It could be a cyst or tumber you should really go to a hospital as soon as possible! Or in other cases it could just be that you need to change your daily routine. Try eating better and exercising. Also drink lots of water. I hope your fine,good luck!

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