Knee Pain When Kneeling Down

Have you ever experienced sharp pain when kneeling down and you do not even know the reason why you are feeling pain? It is possible that at one point in time, you have felt some pain on your knee instead of just letting things be, the best thing to do is to take note of the other symptoms that might be experienced aside from the pain. It is possible that the knee is also inflamed or it can also be swollen. Taking note of these symptoms will help people determine what exactly they are feeling.

You might not know the reason why the knee is prone to experiencing pain. The main reason for this is because the knees are in charge of carrying the weight of the body. This means that when people are kneeling down, the knees are in charge of making sure that people are able to keep their balance. This is the reason why people who are overweight and obese find it a bit hard to kneel down because it is more painful than for people who are within the average range. Knee pain when kneeling down may be considered by some people as normal but with the right things that can be done, this type of pain can also be avoided. Knowing more about the knee pain will help you become knowledgeable.

Knee Pain When Kneeling Down
Knee Pain When Kneeling Down

Possible Causes of Knee Pain

The main thing that people should do when they are experiencing knee pain is to get to the root of the problem. This means that people should know the reasons why they are experiencing pain on their knees. Here are just some of the possible causes:

  • Inflamed Bursa – For people who do not know what this condition is, it is characterized by a cyst that can be found at the back of the knee. Usually, the cyst can be felt when people take the time to actually pay attention to their condition.
  • Prepatellar Bursitis – Our knee cap is protected by a thin layer called bursa. The bursa is in charge of making sure that the knee cap does not take all the friction from doing activities. There are times though when this bursa becomes inflamed and this is the reason why this condition exists.
  • Ligament Injury – You have to know that we have two ligaments that work well together so that our knees together with the rest of our lower bodies can function very well. There are instances when because of certain activities, one or both of the ligament tear apart .This is the reason why some people experience severe pain that is felt not only when people are kneeling down.
  • Tendon Injury – There are instances when our tendons already experience stress because of the various activities that we do. Proper rest and sometimes treatment would have to be done to help cure this condition which is brought about by the inflammation of the tendons. When this condition worsens, it will be impossible for you to bend your knee so do not let it come to that before seeking treatment for this condition.
  • Fracture – More often than not, when people have fractures, they will know immediately because they will not be able to move or bend their knees. In some types of fracture, the bone may also come out. Kneeling down should not be done if you have any type of fracture no matter how small the fracture seem to be.
  • Dislocation – There are instances when because of certain movements that people do, they accidentally dislocate their bones. If in case this happens, immediate help is needed so that the person can recover faster.

Aside from these possible causes mentioned above, there is still a possibility that there are still some causes that are not listed. Know more about the possible causes of the pain that you are feeling when you are kneeling. Do remember that the causes of pain when you are kneeling may be different from the reasons why you are experiencing pain on your knees when doing other activities.

Treatments For Knee Pain When Kneeling Down

The treatment that you would have to undergo to help you get rid of knee pain will differ depending on the reason why you are experiencing knee pain when kneeling down in the first place. Here are just some of the possible treatments for knee pain that you should consider:

  • Physical Therapy –This is usually recommended if you have undergone surgery or you have currently dislocated your bone or your ligaments, physical therapy will help you regain control of your knees and also the other parts of your body.
  • Steroid Injection – If you are experiencing pain in an almost daily basis, steroid injections may be able to help you out. Do remember that this does not work for all types of pain so it is important that you know your condition. Doctors will not recommend this if they know that it would not be able to help you out.
  • Ice Compression – If you are only seeking immediate relief from pain usually acquired when you are exercising, using an ice pack and applying it on the area will help relieve the pain and make the pain go away. It is important to make sure not to apply the ice pack for a long period of time because it may cause other permanent damages.
  • Take Medications – Doctors will usually describe different medications depending on your current condition. There are some medications that will only help relieve the pain while others will surely cure the condition.
  • Rest – This may be the simplest thing that people can do in order to have a proper treatment for their knees. You would need to rest so that your whole body can recover from all the work, tasks that it had to do today. When people do not get enough rest, people’s recovery rate also becomes slower.

One thing that should always be remembered is that prevention is better than cure. Do not wait for the day when you experience knee pain when kneeling down when in fact, you can just prevent it from happening. Take care of your body and avoid activities that might damage the knees in the long run.

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