Unknown Facts about Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is also known as renal calculus. This stone may travel down the urinary tract or even can stay in the kidney. One of the main tasks of the kidney is to filter the waste from the blood of human and it creates urine. Sometimes different minerals as well as salt stick together and create kidney stone. The size of these stones can vary. However; it is really hard to notice them until they create a blockage.

What Can Cause Kidney Stone?

Kidney Stones

Lack of water is the number one cause. Normally the people who drink less water face this problem more than the people who drink sufficient amount of water. The standard amount of water that needs to be taken is eight to ten glasses of water a day. If any person does not drink much water, the pH level starts to drop and become more acidic. Acidic environment often leads this problem. Some common medical conditions are also responsible for this symptom like Crohn’s disease, renal tubular acidosis, medullary sponge kidney, urinary tract infections and hyperparathyroidism.

Who Gets Kidney Stones?

It is a common problem among men as well as women. Between the ages of 35 to 55, many people experience kidney stones. Sometimes family history of the this disease can increase the chance of experiencing this problem, If any patient have already experienced this symptom, there is the chance the patient may experience this problem again if he fails to take proper preventative action.

Sometimes different kinds of meditation can cause kidney stones like Topamax. This drug is prescribed to treat migraine headache as well as seizures. This disease is very common among the overweight people. The people who take high protein regularly and the foods that contain sodium can experience this disease.

A recent study has also shown that the children are experiencing this disease more than before. Astronauts also lead this problem. There is a connection of high temperature and kidney stone. When the temperature rises, the people start to become dehydrated if they do not take sufficient water, and it often leads this problem.

Facts about Kidney Stones

  • Though the patient affected with kidney stone is found in almost every country of the world, but, the people of the United States are more prone to this disease. About more than 1 million people of this country is suffering from this disease. If you calculate this amount, you will get that 1 stone is created every minute. How dangerous this is!
  • Do you know that about 1 in every 272 American citizens have a disease with kidney stone and in this case males are more prone than the females. According to statics about 6.3% of male ranging from (20-75) years old is suffering from this disease every year. On the other hand, in case of females this rate is little bit low. The rate is 4.1% in the case of females.
  • The white skinned males have more risk to form kidney stone rather than black skinned males that is why the frequency of this disease is lower in black African man somewhat. The same thing is happening in case of white female also.
  • The sports activity or any kind of physical stress can increase the risk of stone formation in the kidney. The reason is that if you engage yourself in sports or such kind of physical work you may suffer from dehydration, which is one of the most prominent causes of kidney stone formation. The number of affected females is still lower than the males but it is increasing day by day in case of females as they are now involving themselves with sports activity. So, it is a must to prevent the dehydration when you are a sportsman.
  • In most of the cases the people kidney stone is formed when the age is ranging between 20 to40 years old and it is an unfortunate fact that when a stone is formed with you, you have a strong chance to develop more stones.
  • The size of  stone is variable. But, it most cases the size differ from 2mm to 4 mm in diameter. This is not true for all cases. Several doctors have reported that, they have gotten the kidney stones which were like a golf ball in size. But there has some exceptional case also. A coconut size is also reported. The weight of that stone was approximately 2.50 pounds. Now imagine how large it was and how it was painful to the man who was bearing this stone.
  • Have you any idea about the treatment process of removing the stones? It is amazing fact that, only copious drinks can remove the stones which are 5mm to 6mm in size. But, in case of larger stones more complex treatment is needed.

Is There Any Home Cure ?

Home Cure for Kidney Stone

If your stone is very small, then there is the possibility that your doctor may recommend you to take medicine that will reduce your pain as well as will help to pass out the stone on its own during the time of urination. You have to keep your urine clear and if you want to keep your urine clear, then you have to drink sufficient water as well as fluids.

If you drink one glass of orange juice on a daily basis, then you will be able to prevent the recurrence of this unwanted  stone. Orange juice is better than any other fruit juice.


Though most of the kidney stones contain calcium, however; you need not to avoid foods that contain calcium. If you eat sufficient amounts of dairy foods or even calcium rich foods, it may lower the chance. You can also ask your doctor to know what the amount of calcium that you can take is in your daily diet.

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