How to Get Rid of Keloid Scars Easily

One of the greatest fears of people when they have scars is that their scar is going to continue to grow even when the wound has already healed. This usually happens when people have deep wounds and the skin has to rejuvenate all over again. Even after the skin is healed, there will still be skin that will continue to rise above the skin making the scar even more apparent than it should. For those who do not have keloids, the scar is usually not soft although if you would just look at it, it will appear to be soft.

Since keloids tend to be very obvious, most people who have it would like to have it removed. If you are already thinking of ways on how you can get rid of the keloids then you have nothing to worry about. Do remember that there are several treatments that can be done to make keloids go away over time.

Natural Keloid Treatments

Keloid Scars
Keloid Scars

There are some people who would like to try natural or homemade treatments first to get rid of keloids. Some people assume that there are no natural treatments available but there are actually a lot that can be done. The great news is that the ingredients that people need can all be found in the kitchen. Some of the home made keloid treatments that you can try are the following:

Lemon Treatment – You probably know by now that lemon can be used almost everywhere. There are various treatments that you can try with the use of lemons and you can be sure that there will be an effect. In the case of keloids, what you have to do is to take the juice from the lemonade and gently rub it over the keloid about twice a day. It will make the keloid less likely to be noticed until it eventually fades away.

Use Onion – What you probably do not know is that some of the over the counter products that we have in the market right now actually contain some extracts from onion. What onions do is actually stop keloids from continuing to grow. Stopping the keloids before they become apparent will help tremendously.

Cocoa Butter – There are instances when cocoa butter can be used alone but for best results, it can be mixed in with other natural ingredients such as aloe vera.

One thing that should be remembered in trying to heal keloids with the help of natural ingredients or home treatments is that it might be a bit hard to try to heal keloids when they are not fresh anymore. If in case the natural treatments mentioned above did not work for you, remember that there are still other treatments that you can try out on how to get rid of keloids.

Other Treatments to Try

Are your keloid scars to stubborn and they do not want to budge with the use of home remedies anymore? Do remember that there are still other treatments that can be tried. The simplest one actually involves purchasing medication creams that are said to lessen the appearance of keloids but this is usually dependent on how effective the cream is and how good its effect is going to be for the person. There are instances when the cream can be effective for one person but it will not work that well for another person. Purchasing creams may be a hit or miss and people would have to look for one that will surely work for them.

If you would like to stop the keloids from appearing, here are things that you can do:

  • Make use of prescribed medical sheets – There are some silicone sheets that can be placed on the scar so that it will not form keloids. Usually, the sheets would have to be worn for a long period of time to truly avoid the appearance of keloids.
  • Wear jobskin – There are some people who do not want to wear jobskin because they know how painful it can be. It sometimes feels like second skin but it is very effective in trying to minimize the possibility of getting keloids.
  • Creams – It has already been mentioned earlier that using some creams can help avoid the appearance of keloids on the skin.

If you already have keloids, here are just some of the treatments that you may want to consider on how to get rid of keloids:

  • Surgical Removal – Usually, doctors just recommend having keloids surgically removed when people are unable to do some of the tasks that they usually do because the keloids are hindering them from making some movements. There is a chance though that when the keloid is removed, the skin around the scar will then form a keloid again.
  • Plastic Surgery – While this is similar to surgical removal, there are some people who would rather opt for plastic surgery because it can make things look better. Usually, with plastic surgery, the skin can appear like nothing ever happened to it. Even the normal scar might become less visible afterwards.
  • Laser Treatments – For people who do not want to go under the knife but would still want the keloids to be removed just the same, this may be the type of treatment that is needed. While undergoing the treatment will help the keloids to appear less reddish in color and will possibly flatten the excess skin, the effect will not be seen immediately. There are even some people who steer clear from getting this treatment because they know how expensive it can be. Usually the payment for the treatments is per session and each session costs a lot of money especially for the typical working class citizen.
  • Injections – Usually, there are some people who opt for cortisone injections instead. The effects can be fast. In fact, results can be seen in less than a month but there are some instances when people become disappointed because even though the scars are already flat, the color remains the same. Another type of treatment may be needed to help return the scars to look like the rest of the skin.

Truly, ways on how to get rid of keloids may sometimes be hard to do, too good to be true or expensive but if you would really want to get rid of your keloids, there is always no harm in trying.

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