What does irregular bowel movements mean

There are a lot of people who become a bit agitated when they are not able to pass on feces for a few days. For some people, this is not considered normal because the usually pass feces every day or every other day. Those who experience irregular bowel movements or constipation often usually just pass about three stools per week. Those who are severely constipated usually just pass on one stool per week. This can be very frustrating because normally, people do not have to find it too hard to pass on stools.

The main reason for constipation is the inability of the food products that have been eaten by the person to be digested and to pass on through the colon. As the digested food stays longer in the colon, the stools become unreasonably hard which of course makes it harder for the stools to pass on.

Irregular Bowel Movements
Irregular Bowel Movements

Possible Causes of Irregular Bowel Movements

For people who are experiencing irregular bowel movements, here are just some of the possible reasons:

  • Not eating enough fiber – Fiber is known to help aid in digestion and can usually be found in oats and some healthy cereals. When people do not eat enough fiber, people find it harder to pass stools through because there is no help in digesting the food products.
  • Processed Food – The main reason why processed foods are considered to be unhealthy is because the body may find it hard to digest the different components that have been placed on the food products so that they can be preserved and so that they will taste good.
  • Not Drinking Enough Water – A lot of people may be surprised by the fact that there are some people who can survive with drinking just half a glass of water for the whole day. While people can sometimes make up for this by drinking other fruit juices as well as sodas, the body still needs water in order to help in digesting food products.
  • Lack of Exercise – When people do not exercise, the food products that they eat also get digested much slower than usual.
  • Ignoring Urges to Pass Urine or Feces – There are moments when people try to stop feces or urine because they are in the middle of something that they consider being important. Making sure that this does not happen often is always the key.

Do remember that there are also more serious possible causes of irritable bowel movements. Continue to read on to know more:

  • Diabetes – People with diabetes sometimes find it hard to digest food products especially those that will not aid their condition at all.
  • Underactive Thyroid Gland – The thyroid gland is in charge of people’s metabolism. When the thyroid gland is underactive, it does not work that much and this makes digestion more impossible.
  • Depression – People who are depressed sometimes do not feel the need to defecate or to urinate just because they cannot focus on anything else other than what they are currently feeling.

Do remember that aside from all the possible causes mentioned above, the type of lifestyle that the person lives can also play a huge role on the person’s bowel movements. Through the food that the person eats and how often the person eats can determine just how many times he or she should defecate in a week.

There is also a natural tendency for people to have some problems with their bowels temporarily depending on their age and the differences that have happened in their lives.

Seeking the Help of a Doctor

There are times when people find it a bit over the top if they would have to go to their doctor just for constipation but people who think this way have probably never experienced extreme constipation wherein the pain has happened suddenly and is severe.

There are even instances when the pain is unusual. Other symptoms to look for are the following:

  • Not responding to the usual treatments done for people with irregular bowel movements.
  • Other symptoms that are not considered to be related with irregular bowel movement but has appeared the same time that the condition has started.
  • Worsening of the condition as each hour passes by.

When people experience the above mentioned symptoms, they are expected to seek the help of their medical doctor immediately so that the condition can be improved. Usually, when people seek the help of their doctors, they would have to undergo several tests that can determine the possible cause of the irregular bowel movements.

While there are instances that it might reveal nothing, there is a possibility that it is correlated with another more serious condition.

Best Treatments for Irritable Bowel Movement

Food for Irritable Bowel Movement
Food for Irritable Bowel Movement

For people who are wondering about the possible treatments that people may get, this usually depends on the type of condition that the person will be diagnosed with. If people would be diagnosed with conditions other than Irritable Bowel Movement itself, the treatments for those conditions would have to be done first to make constipation go away.

For people who are suffering from constipation though, a doctor may recommend getting laxatives and suppositories. Aside from that, here are other things that would have to be done:

  • Complete lifestyle change. It was already mentioned earlier that one of the main causes of irritable bowel movement is the type of lifestyle that people lead. People can help improve their lifestyle with the help of information so that they can incorporate activities and food products that will help in their bowel movements.
  • Be Hydrated. Drinking water often can help aid digestion. People should drink the recommended 8 – 10 glasses a day although depending on the person’s body mass and current lifestyle, a person may need more or less than the numbers mentioned above.
  • Incorporate Food Products that can Help Digestion. There are some food products that can help digestion become much easier. Eating those food products will help improve people’s bowels.

Do remember that there are also instances when constipation can also alternate with another condition called diarrhea which is the exact opposite of constipation.

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