Inner thigh pain causes and treatment

There are some people who literally feel in shock when they experience inner thigh pain because it might occur suddenly when people least expect to feel it. There are instances when people might be going through with the usual things that they have to do then suddenly, they will just feel the pain and they could not do anything for a while. The pain may last for a few seconds to a few hours. If you sometimes experience inner thigh pain, now is the time to find out more reasons why you are experiencing the pain.

Possible Causes of Inner Thigh Pain

 Inner Thigh Pain
Inner Thigh Pain

There are different reasons why you might be experiencing thigh pain. Knowing about the possible causes will help you out so that you will know what to do.

  • Muscle Strain – For people who are into exercising, there will be instances when the muscles would need time to recover so that it will not hurt. Exercising can cause inner thighs to become painful but the pain would usually go away after a day or so. The moment that the muscles are able to recover, the pain will not be felt anymore.
  • Muscle Rupture – If muscle strain is only caused by exercising, there are instances when people may overdo exercising and this can cause muscle rupture. Muscle rupture is usually more painful even to the point of experiencing excruciating pain. The moment you feel extreme pain while doing any activity, stop what you are doing and have yourself checked.

The above mentioned causes are reasons that are related to the muscles. Unknown to a lot of people, there are also some health conditions that might affect the pain that people are feeling. If in case you are not aware of these health conditions that might cause inner thigh pain, here are just a few:

  • Osteosarcoma – This is also a condition known as a cyst that grows or attaches itself to the bone. Usually, the cyst is malignant or cancerous. This type of bone cancer is experienced by children but it may manifest in adults as well.
  • Osteoarthritis – One of the biggest misconceptions of people is they believe that only old people can develop osteoarthritis probably because of the fact that this condition is caused by degenerative cartilage. Do remember that even young people may suffer from this condition. This is usually acquired when people do not have strong cartilage and the joints become affected by it.
  • Hernia – There are different types of Hernia but the Hernia in the inner thigh is usually known as Inguinal Hernia. There are instances when people are born with Hernia but there are also times when people develop this because of their lifestyle. To check if you have Inguinal Hernia, check for bulges that are not commonly present in the area.
  • Kidney Stones – Some people become surprised that they have kidney stones and that is the primary reason why they are experiencing inner thigh pain. Usually, when people have kidney stones, the pain is situated nearest to the groin area. The main reason why people experience pain when they have this condition is because the particles that are found in the urine are not normal. Do remember that pain caused by kidney stones can be severe and can last for a short period of time.
  • Injury – It is true that there are some people who do not even know that they are already injured until they feel the onset of pain. There are some people who get injured because of different reasons. It may be because of accidents or it may also be because of doing strenuous activities that the body was not able to take. Being sure that you are protected from injury will always help a lot.
  • Instability of Pelvic Bone – Although more often than not, pregnant women are the ones who experience this, there are still times when other people experience the condition wherein the pelvic bones become relaxed and are unable to support the weight of the whole body. As a result, pain will be felt. For pregnant women, the pain may become unbearable at times. Doing some activities will make the condition be even more felt.

There may still be other causes for experiencing pain on the inner thighs. Having yourself checked by a medical practitioner will be your best option.

Some Remedies for Inner Thigh Pain

 Remedies for Inner Thigh
Remedies for Inner Thigh

The treatments that can be done for inner thigh pain will always differ from one condition to another. There will be some that will be required to undergo treatment so that the condition can be cured while others would simply need to take medication to make the pain go away. If in case you are not fond of taking medications often, what you can do instead is make sure that you know some home remedies that can at least make the pain go away even temporarily. Some of the things that you can do are the following:

Use Medicinal Ointment – Do remember that not all ointments will work. You have to make sure that it is the type of ointment that can relieve pain.

  • Do Yoga Exercises – Since yoga helps people connect with their inner self and become more flexible, the muscles all over the body also relaxes and this might relieve the strain.

  • Take a Hot Bath – Applying heat to the painful area may work but in order to make the whole body relax and forget about the pain, taking a hot bath may do the trick. Do remember to still keep the water temperature comfortable so that you will not encounter any trouble
  • Take Vitamins – More often than not, the reason why people get sick easily is because they are not getting all the vitamins and nutrients that they need. This can be avoided by taking all the right medications that will provide not only vitamins but also the other essential things that the body needs.
  • Massage Inner Thighs – Massages can help relieve the muscle strain and can eventually help the pain subside.

Through these things mentioned above, you have hopefully gathered enough information that will keep you knowledgeable about the different details surrounding inner thigh pain.

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