How to Milk the Prostate Step By Step

There are a lot of people who do not know that how to milk the prostate is possible but it is a practice being done by people all over the world in order to help them for medical and sexual purposes. Some men do not know if the process will benefit them. Understanding the whole process can help people understand how it is done and how it can have an effect. It can be very hard to try doing the process without fully understanding what should be done. The prostate gland may become damaged if the wrong process would take place.

Benefits of Milking the Prostate

How to Milk the Prostate
How to Milk the Prostate

There are different benefits that men can get from milking their prostate gland like the following:

  • It Gives Pleasure – There are a lot of people who are not aware that milking the prostate can actually give extreme pleasure to the receiver and relieve the male lower abdominal pain. The main reason for this is because a portion of the penis is also located at the prostate gland.
  • It can be Good Mentally and Psychologically – There are some people who will never get to experience the pleasure of undergoing the process but for those who do, it can be highly stimulating and pleasurable not only for the receiver but the giver as well.
  • It can also be a Form of Relaxation – Before the process can take place, the man has to be relaxed. Panicking will make the whole process long and ineffective.

Read more in order to know the step by step process of how to milk the prostate.

Step 1: Prepare for the whole process by making sure that the giver and the receiver are both clean. Hygiene is very important in this process and so is being relaxed. Some men panic at the thought of not being in control so making sure that the man is relaxed before the whole process can help a lot.

Step 2: Make sure that the person who is going to milk the prostate has latex gloves that will not tear easily. There are instances when people may have long nails especially if they are women so in the process of milking the prostate, they might hurt the man a lot. Using gloves will not only ensure hygiene, it can also protect the man’s anus and the highly sensitive prostate gland.

Step 3: Find a comfortable place where the process can be done. If people would have to do this intimate process in the first place that they can find, there is a possibility that distractions will stop people from actually feeling the pleasure that they may get from it. Make sure that the place is free from intrusions and outside distractions.

Step 4: Find a proper position not only for the giver but the receiver as well. A man cannot hold a position that he is not comfortable in. Make sure that both the provider and the recipient are comfortable before the process can be started.

Step 5: It will help if the process will start with a massage first. This will extremely help the recipient to become relaxed especially if it is the first time that this process will be done. Lower back massage will be extremely beneficial. Do remember that it will help if both the provider and the recipient will hold eye contact with each other.

Step 6: When the recipient is already aroused, the provider will then start to put on the latex gloves and use the lubricant. Do remember that the finger cannot be just placed on the anus with force. There are different nerve endings in the anus that can still be stimulated. The provider may then start to start patting the opening of the anus until such time when the anus is ready. Usually, the provider will know when the time is right to start putting the finger on the anus.

Step 7: The location of the prostate is highly crucial in making sure that the whole process will be effective. The prostate is usually located about two inches from the opening of the anus. When the provider is able to locate it, it is not advisable to give pressure to it immediately. The provider should be gentle enough. The prostate usually feels like an oblong shaped lump so when the provider feels it, different sensations will be felt by the recipient.

Step 8: In order for the whole process to be over, the recipient should ejaculate. There are different ways by which people will be able to do this. There are some who are able to ejaculate without the help of their partner while there are some that would still require the provider to continue milking the prostate while the recipient masturbates. It will depend on what the giver and the receiver feels is right. If done correctly, the whole procedure will be a sensational process that the receiver and giver would feel.

Some Things to Remember

Even though the process may seem an exciting thing to do that can help people have a more intimate affair plus the fact that it can have medical benefits, it can be an extremely hard process especially if the provider will not be able to do things carefully. The tearing of the prostate membrane can be a big problem later on. There might be some repercussions if the person doing it is not careful enough. For instance, the prostate gland is highly sensitive which means that if the process will not be done carefully; there is a possibility that it will cause irreversible damage to the prostate.

Do remember that there are also some men who cannot undergo this process because of certain health conditions that might involve their prostate gland or even their anus. It is extremely harmful for people who have prostate cancer to try doing this process because of the wide possibility that the cancer cells will spread further throughout the whole body. Knowing these things about how to milk the prostate will help you determines if the process should be done with your partner or not.

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