How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

If in case you are not familiar with what skin tags are, these are little growths that can be found in different parts of the body. There are instances when the skin tags are barely noticeable. In fact, there may be some people who are not even aware that they have skin tags. There are also some people though who would like to get rid of skin tags at the soonest possible time. The good news is that getting rid of skin tags may actually be easy if you know what you are supposed to do but there are also some people who know that the bad news may be that they can be painful when removed from the skin.

Skin Tags
Skin Tags

Ways to Remove the Skin Tag at Home

There are some people who are not too keen to spend money on having their skin tags removed by their doctors when in fact there are some home remedies that can be tried on how to get rid of skin tags. If you are already curious, here are just some of the things that you can do:

  • Using a sterilized tweezer, tweeze the skin tag and pull so that it will be removed. Do remember that you may want to ice the area first so that it will not feel a thing when you actually remove the skin tag by tweezing it. If you are not too crazy about tweezing, do remember that you can also cut off your skin tag with clean scissors.
  • Use A Nail Clipper. For people who would like the procedure to be done immediately, using a nail clipper might be the answer. Unlike tweezers, a nail clipper can help the skin tag be removed immediately. Do remember not to clip too close to the real skin though because this might hurt.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can be purchased over the counter and can be used for a variety of things. Just one of the things that it can help remove is the skin tag. If you are planning to use this, you may have to place the cotton with the hydrogen peroxide for a couple of days before the skin tag will remove on its own.
  • Cut the circulation of blood of the skin tag by using a thread to tie it. Do remember that it might take a few days before the skin tag will actually die and fall off on its own. Usually, you can tell if the skin tag is about to fall off when its color is different from the rest of your body.
  • Use liquid nitrogen to freeze your skin tags so that they will naturally fall off. If you are wondering where you are going to purchase liquid nitrogen, you can actually purchase it over the counter. Do remember that using liquid nitrogen can entail a lot of caution because if used incorrectly, it might cause some people to have some scars in the process.
  • Use vitamin E. There are times when people simply need to be exposed to vitamin C so that their skin tags will stop growing. Do remember that cutting off the circulation of the blood in any way will help people remove their skin tags much easily than what they might have expected.
  • Use Alcohol. A lot of people do not realize that putting alcohol on the skin tag will eventually help the skin tags dry up and be removed very easily. Do remember though that it may take a few days before the skin tag can be successfully removed.

In doing some of the procedures mentioned above, do remember that you may have to prepare yourself that some may involve bleeding. Also make sure that the items that you will use to remove the skin tags are clean and sterilized so that you will not risk yourself getting infections because of your desire to know how to get rid of skin tags on your own.

Medical Ways of Removing the Skin Tag

Do remember that the above mentioned things may seem to make removing skin tags easy; there are rare occurrences when you would have to let a doctor remove the skin tag for you. For instance, there are instances when the skin tags become too dry or they do not look like normal skin anymore. Instead, they have changed in appearance and appear larger than what a normal skin tag looks like. There are times when a change in size and color of a skin tag may cause an underlying condition. Here are just some of the medical ways that your doctor can do to help remove the annoying skin tag:

  • Through Surgery – Actually the surgery is more of the usage of the scalpel and the scissors to remove the skin tag from the skin. The doctor will simply do some things to make the area numb before using sterilized equipment to successfully remove the skin tag.
  • Cauterization – This is actually considered to be the best way to remove skin tag because with the use of this treatment, you can be sure that your skin tags will never appear again on the same place. The great thing about this type of treatment too is that you do not have to worry about scars being visible after the procedure.
  • Non Removal – Most doctors will still recommend that skin tags will not be removed especially if they are not causing any harm to people because sometimes, removing the skin tag only lets it become more susceptible and vulnerable to infection which in turn may put people more at risk.

Do remember that while skin tags are usually harmless, it can be irritating at times especially when they are constantly exposed to irritants. There are some people right now whose skin tags get irritated when wearing jewelry as well as placing perfume. Be aware of these so that you can decide whether you would need to know how to get rid of skin tags.

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