Best Home Remedies For Stomach Flu

Stomach Flu can be better understood by telling it stomach bug. This term explains the group of harmful viruses that can make your stomach upset and it effects for vomiting, diarrhea or nausea. The principle enemies who are responsible for stomach flu are rotavirus, adenovirus and echovirus. Among them, rotavirus affects in winter season and rest are in the summer and spring. As the stomach flu will make some trouble, it needs to know the best home remedies to prevent from the uncomfortable situation. But when the symptoms are much unavoidable, please consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

What are the common symptoms?

The discomfort in your stomach doesn’t mean of having stomach flu. But there are some symptoms that can be checked out for sure.

  • Acute Stomach pain or cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Nausea

What are the probable causes of stomach flu?

Home Remedies For Stomach Flu
Home Remedies For Stomach Flu

We have already come to know that generally the virus infection causes this disease. But there are some way to be infected by the germs.

  • Contaminated food contents in your meal can access that virus to enter.
  • To be in contact with the persons who are infected.
  • Eating vegetable and fruits before cooking.
  • Unhygienic environmental condition.
  • Lack of proper sanitation.

What are the home remedies for Stomach flu?

Stomach flu can be infected to infant and adult both, but the serious problems can be seen for the infants. When you get an infected baby, you should be much concerned. Follow the instructions to have a home remedy.

  • For your baby makes him get the rest for 15 to 20 min if he has vomited or the diarrhea solution. Then he needs to have a small amounts of liquid to be drunk.
  • For a breastfeeding infant, he needs the best care and call for a baby nurse.
  • In the case of a bottle fed baby, he can be offered a little amount of oral solutions to be rehydrated after consulting with a doctor. But don’t make the prepared solution for him diluted.

For an adult, it may seem that she got sick after waking at the morning and rushing to the bathroom repeatedly. You can feel that stomach flu affected to you and it’s very much a regular way to happen.

Home remedies are very much available for preventing this disease and it is far better than the prevention. So what are the jobs that you need to avoid from the infection.

  •  As the viruses are the main threat, you need to get your hands washed carefully and don’t let it be speeded with your regular chores.
  • You need to wash your hands before eating foods and avoid touching those staff used by the affected patients.
  • The used papers and clothes of the patients need to wash with antiviral solutions.

However, for the treatment of this disease you need not got to medical store or rush for much arrangement. Just peep in the kitchen and take the necessary products to make the home remedies. So it is very important to know that what you need to collect for the remedies.

  •  As your body is turning down of fluids, you need to add many liquid drinks in your meal. Diluted fruit juice, different herbal teas and much water need to be drunk.
  • Different kinds of tea can be served. Red tea that is actually Rooibos tea can calm the cramps of your stomach and different digestive tract.
  • Another different tea named Chamomile can help you relaxed. It is very effective and helps for fixing your stomach as it acts as mild sedative.
  • Mint teas also have the antimicrobial properties and it’s very effective to fight against the viruses. It gets muscle relaxer and the gases came out with the stomach flu. Thus, this kitchen element can protect stomach flu.
  • Lemon juice added water can be helpful for the remedy. It can avoid diarrhea and make you enough minerals that leech out from your body.

Food Habit that you need to follow as home remedies of Stomach Flu

Stomach Flu Diet
Stomach Flu Diet

The regular meal may not support your taste this time, but you need to keep your daily nutrients and minerals in a balanced way. So some food are avoided in this period. More fatty foods can be replaced by small snack. What you should eat-

  • Potassium and Magnesium are the two very important minerals needed for your health. Banana contains much in amount of these two minerals and it can repair your losses during stomach flu.
  • Another important mineral sodium is also going to be decreased and so you need to meet the demand by eating soups or adding a little salt to your tea. It will help to recover you soon.
  • To make your stomach settled you can add some ginger to you is cooking food or you can try to eat some salted biscuits or dry toast.
  • Another kitchen item garlic has the good fame for its antimicrobial behavior as well as antibacterial also. One clove means one pill and this home prescription will let you recover so soon. Also to keep pretreatment for stomach flu it can be practices from childhood.
  • When vomiting you are getting rid of the harmful bacteria. But in another sense you are losing the good of them which are important for your health. Eating some yogurt will help you to keep the good bacteria inside.

What would be your lifestyle after recover?

After recover from this problem you need to avoid dehydration and get more comfort if possible. So you can try some different tips below.

  • Solid foods can be taken to settle your stomach.
  • Plenty of water and different liquids need to take frequently but in small quantity.
  • Get back to your regular diet if the nausea disappears.
  • Dairy products and other fatty foods should be avoided for few days.
  • Dehydration can make you sick. So take enough rest.
  • Be careful about taking medication. Always consult with a doctor for medication.

Thus, certain home remedies can recover you so soon and get back to your normal life. That kitchen staff is really of very good remedies for Stomach flu.

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