How to Get Rid of Razor Burn Step by Step

When you shave, do you get those ugly, irritating bumps afterwards? It is likely that you have just gotten some razor bumps and they can be very unsightly especially when they are in certain parts of the body that cannot be hidden. Even if they do stay hidden, they can also cause you to become uncomfortable because they tend to be itchy too. The best solution is to make the razor burn go away but it is probable that you do not know how you can do that.

Do remember that before you try to get rid of your razor bumps, there are some things that you need to ensure that the steps you are going to take will become a success. Here are the things that you need:

  • Shaving Cream – Most people disregard shaving cream not realizing that they can truly help when people shave.
  • Sharp Razor – Dull and brittle razors are enough reasons to make bumps form.
  • Moisturizer – Moisturizing after shaving is absolutely essential though most people tend to forget this.
  • Towel – To pat dry the skin where shaving took place, a dry towel is necessary.

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn Step by Step

Razor Burn

Here are the things that people can follow step by step in order to prevent razor burns from appearing:

  1. Choose the right razor. A lot of people tend to disregard this probably because of the fact that there are so many razors that are available. Some people assume that they are all the same. Razors come in different colors and prices. Sometimes, the reason why some razors cost more than the ordinary ones is because they are easy to use and can help prevent the appearance of razor burns better.
  2. Take a bath first. The skin tends to become softer and suppler after taking a batch which means that it is easier for razor to glide on the skin to remove unwanted hair. Bathing in hot water can help open up the pores of the skin and can make shaving so much easier. Exfoliating while taking a bath can also help a lot because this can help remove dead skin cells that might be preventing the razor to do its job well.
  3. Use a shaving soap, a cream soap or shaving gel. Most people think that they can still shave without offering the skin any layer of protection. Placing enough shaving gel on the area that will be shaved will help prevent the appearance of razor burns.
  4. Shave slowly. It will be very helpful if you could shave small areas at one time. Trying to shave a whole area without stopping is a ticket to getting razor burns. Do remember that once in a while; tap the razor on the side of the sink in order to unclog the hair stuck on the blades. Use warm water in washing the razor to also remove the bacteria that might also get stuck on the blade.
  5. Hold loose skin well so that there is no chance for the skin getting stuck on one of the blades. This can make you get nicked in the process of shaving. If ever you would have to go through some of the areas again, do not forget to once again apply the shaving soap or cream.
  6. Since you are shaving with the use of warm water, it is not surprising anymore that your pores are all open. In order to close your pores, you would have to make use of cold water. Splash the cold water on the area that you have shaved.
  7. Apply moisturizer on the area that has been shaved. The area that has been shaved is usually dry and if it becomes irritated, there is a very big chance that razor burns will start to appear. To prevent this from happening, apply some moisturizer on the affected area. Do remember too that other products can also be used such as tea tree oil mixed in with coconut oil to help soothe the skin.
  8. Some also prefer putting after shave creams or gels in order to make the area feel clean and smell good. It will be up to you if you would like to do this too.

These are the steps that you would have to follow in order to ensure that you are shaving properly. Do remember that if you are shaving more private and sensitive areas, you would need to take extra precaution in shaving. There are some experts who recommend checking out all the other alternative hair removal options. Some of the hair removal options that are available are temporary like shaving but there are also some that can help make the area that needs to be shaved become hairless for a long period of time.

Some Tips to Get Rid of Razor Burn

Get Rid of Razor Burn

There are several things that you have to remember to lessen the chances of acquiring razor bumps after shaving. Here are just some of the things that you have to think about:

  • Make sure that the blade of the razor that you are going to use is sharp and clean enough. There are a lot of times when the main reason why people acquire bumps is because the blade that has been used to shave is dull and dirty. Remember that all blades are created differently. Some may be made better than the others.
  • Shave in the right direction. Hair grows in different ways. This means that the hair growth of one person may be very much different from another person. Shaving in the right direction can help prevent the appearance of razor bumps.
  • Do not shave very fast. Some people are always in a hurry to shave. If you are already running late for work, it is likely that you are also tempted to shave fast too but shaving takes time. There is a requirement for people to take time while shaving to avoid getting nicks and razor burns.
  • Change the blade of your shaver from time to time. There are times when the blade that people use in order to get rid of hair can be disposed after a few months but there are also some that would need to be cleaned and sterilized often in order to work properly.

If ever you have already tried shaving and you still got razor burns, remember that there are several home remedies that you can try to help get rid of the burns. For instance, the use of Aloe Vera is actually very helpful for razor burns.

  • Get an Aloe Vera Leaf and cut it in half.
  • Place the gel on a container.
  • Use the gel from the Aloe Vera to soothe razor burns. This can be placed on the affected area about 2 – 3 times a day in order to help prevent future irritation.

Other than Aloe Vera, there are still other home remedies that people can try in order to make razor burns go away. Not doing some of the home remedies will prolong the appearance of razor burns on the skin although in time, it would slowly go away until such time when the need to shave comes again.

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