How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs Fast and Naturally

How to get rid of ingrown hair fast?The condition known as ingrown hairs characterizes with grow back, curl hairs that usually appear after waxing or shaving. The place becomes red and irritated and instead of being smooth, the skin feels bumpy.

The ingrown hairs may appear everywhere your hair grows – face, leg or armpit. Usually people that have naturally curly hair are more prone to get ingrowns, but they may happen to just about everyone too.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs Fast and Naturally

Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

The simplest way to avoid ingrown hairs is to stop removing your hair, but since that cannot always be an option, the following few tips can help you get rid of your ingrowns.

When the problem occurs, stop waxing or shaving until the hair grows out, after which you may continue to remove it. Another option is to carefully use disinfected tweezers to pull the ingrown hair out of your skin. When doing this, don’t pluck completely the hair, as the next hair that will grow in its place will become ingrown again and an irritation of the skin will appear. To resolve the problem, simply partially pull the hair out so that it might straighten. The irritation and bump will disappear fast when the curled hair part is out.

Some people try to dig deeply in the skin to pull the ingrown hair out when it cannot be grasped, but this cause skin breakage and even bleeding. The smarter option is to wait for a couple of days for the hair to grow longer or for your skin to shed more. You can use tweezers for thicker ingrown hairs located on legs, arms and armpits, but when it comes for ingrowns that are on your face, you need to be much more careful because of the delicate skin.

Never wax, shave or exfoliate already red and irritated skin, as this will make the situation worse and your skin will inflame. Put aloe vera gel or some effective hydrocortisone cream instead to soothe the irritation first. Since you don’t wish to see your skin prickly and hot, wait for a few days for the skin to calm down and the hair to grow longer and then attempt to remove it.

Active ingredient is also beneficial in treating the ingrown hair. Although manual exfoliation with a scrub may work well, the skin is prone to irritation, while the chemical exfoliants are the better choice. Use either glycolic acid or salicylic acid for an effective treatment. Usually body lotions or acne products contain these active ingredients. You can also use some after-shave products or make others that you make on your own.

In case you are dealing with very stubborn public ingrown hair bumps, you can put an acne treating cream twice a day on the affected place. It should contain either retinoid or salicylic acid to deliver good results. Since the skin and the hair are usually thicker in these places, you can apply even more aggressive treatment. Usually the improvement will come in 3 days after starting an active treatment. The chemical exfoliants, however, make the skin more sensitive, so avoid expose yourself to sun during that period, or put some protective sunscreen to avoid burning.

Even if you don’t feel your skin to be dry, moisturize it regularly to soothe the irritation and to help your ingrown hairs to grow away. You can do that before going to bed and right after you put on the active ingredient. Thus, you will keep your skin soft and the hairs will be able to push out without a problem, so the skin will heal fast. If you treat your ingrowns with active ingredient, such as BHA, it can make your skin drier than usually. To avoid this drying, implement moisture often.

ingrown hair treatment

A few additional advices will make the process of ingrown hair treatment easier and faster:

  • Use a warm and moist compress for some time, if you are unable to see the hair.
  • Boil some water to sterilize in advance the tools that you will use, or alternatively clean them with alcohol.
  • Do not squeeze the ingrowns to prevent skin damages, otherwise your skin will get infected and raw, which will make the process of healing harder.
  • Before you are going to use a razor, ensure it is clean. Use only high quality shaving creams to prevent ingrown hair from appearing
  • You can regularly apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer to all the areas which are prone to ingrowns, as it will not clog your pores.
  • Keep the area as much moist and wet as possible before shaving and do not apply soap on the dry skin.
  • If you shave very delicate areas, make sure you use a new blade only and keep the skin clean enough.
  • Try to avoid shaving unless it is absolutely necessary. The more often you shave, the quicker your hairs will grow, which predisposes to ingrown hair.
  • Apply Vaseline or another moisturizing cream to the red areas.

Follow these simple advices to overcome the problem of ingrown hairs and prevent it from reoccurrence.

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