Can Gas Cause Stomach Pain?

Gas in the stomach not only causes belching, but also it causes stomach pain. Gas can cause mild to severe stomach pain. Gas pain as well as gas can easily strike worst possible moment. You can experience gas pain during the time of an important meeting or even on a crowded elevator. Stomach pain due to gas is not too much serious at all, however; it can be embarrassing.

What is Gas?

Gas is nothing but the air in your digestive tract. This gas is composed of oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen as well as methane. Gas is common for everyone. However; too much gas occurrence can cause stomach pain. Gas is usually caused by swallowing air. There are some behaviors that can be responsible for gas as well as stomach pain.

  • Smoking
  • Overeating
  • Eating under stress
  • Eating hard candy
  • Drinking through sports bottle
  • Talking while eating
  • Chewing gum

People normally produce one to three pints of gas a day as well as normally pass gas 14 times a day! Many people also feel that they have much gas than the others, but in reality they have a very normal amount of gas. Though the gas is odorless vapors, but unpleasant odor comes from bacteria. This type of gas often causes mild to severe stomach pain.

Gas Stomach Pain

How to Manage Stomach Pain

If you know the real reasons of stomach pain related to gas, then you will be able to easily manage your pain. If the cause of your gas is foods, then you can control your food habit or even you can avoid the foods that cause gas. You also have to consider the options. You will get some common medicines available in the market. Most of this medication contains Simethicone. Herbal remedies also work great to treat the stomach pain due to gas problem. If you drink a drop of peppermint with a glass of warm water or event with a cup of hot tea, then you will get excellent results. It will simply relax your intestines as well as it will also make the gas very easier to escape. Chamomile teas as well as ginger also work well to treat stomach pain. If you want to get rid of your stomach pain, you can follow the other treatment options.

  • Avoid large meal, you can take 7 to 8 meals a day, but you have to take smaller meals as it is easy to digest and it will not influence to form gas.
  • Eat slowly. If you eat fast, then you will eat more than normal time. The slow eating process will help you to eat a normal amount of foods.
  • Drink more water. It will help in digestion
  • Do regular physical exercise to keep you healthy strong. If you do regular physical exercise, you will experience less gas as well as stomach pain
  • Do not forget to take a light stroll after you complete eating
  • Maintain a very nice posture at your meal time

Stomach pain that is caused by gas is one of the uncomfortable pains. It is very unpleasant as well as very embarrassing that most of the people want to avoid. Many people sometimes fail to recognize the gas pain. The stomach pain that is caused by the gas often moves from one place to another. You may experience this pain in the middle side of your abdomen or even upper abdomen or even lower abdomen. Many people sometimes get confused, is it gas pain or something else.

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Symptoms of Stomach Pain Caused by Gas

The symptoms of stomach pain or even gas pain are really uncomfortable as well as sometimes very painful. If huge amount of gas has been swallowed, the patient may feel the necessity of belch. Sometimes gas is also trapped in the colon or even the small bowel. If it happens the patient may feel the necessity of passing gas through flatulence. But the problem is that all places are not suitable to expel the excess gas! Due to this reason the gas increase as well as it becomes more uncomfortable. The most common symptoms of stomach pain are given below:

  • Involuntary or even voluntary belching
  • Abdominal pressure and pain
  • Abdominal distention as well as bloating
  • Feelings of heaviness
  • Knotted sensation
  • Sharp jabbing stomach pain

All the symptoms depend on the specific causes of the gas pain.

Home Remedies of Stomach Pain

Home Remedies of Stomach Pain

The main reason of stomach pain due to gas is the eating disorder. You may eat anything that was not suitable for your health. An eating disorder may cause severe gas pain. Whatever the reason for your gas pain, then thing that is important for you is to find a solution fast. Here are some home remedies of stomach pain:

  • Chew Fennel Seeds: basically fennel seeds have the ability to reduce the intestinal gas. You can chew one tablespoon of seeds to get rid of pain.
  • Sipping Hot Tea: Ginger, peppermint as well as anise tea can help you to reduce your stomach pain due to gas. If you have the diarrhea problem, then you can avoid anise.
  • Do Some Physical Exercise: You may get instant relief from your stomach pain after you perform a half an hour exercise program! This is the best solution. If you have enough space as well as privacy, then you can perform several yoga processes.
  • Use Heat Pad: You may also get instant relief if you use heat pad. It is one of the common solutions of stomach pain due to gas. Heat basically will help you to relax your muscle. Do not try to use over heating pad as it may burn your skin.


Gas often causes stomach pain and it is a common problem. It will be difficult to find a person who has not ever experience gas pain! However; though this problem is common, but it is not a serious problem at all. You can easily treat your stomach pain at home. If you want to avoid stomach pain that is caused by gas, you have to conscious about your daily eating habit.

One thought on “Can Gas Cause Stomach Pain?

  1. Thanks for this info. I am 14.5 week pregnant and have been having really bad stomach pain since the day of conception. I was in bed all 14 weeks crying for stomach pain, the gas passing and belching started at 11 weeks and thats when the pain got more severe. Last night I decided to google home remedies for gassiness in the stomach and I came across this blog. I immediately put some ginger tea on the stove and drank it down well hot. Now I’m up this morning and its the best I have ever felt since I got pregnant. I always thought it was the baby making me sick with stomach pain but instead I found out it was the gas.

    I also found out that lemon tea and pumpkin can help with the gas pain too. Oh my God! I will be living on ginger tea until I give birth. I feel normal…I can get out of bed, I can watch tv, I can eat without being afraid of the after pain.

    Now a need a home remedy to sleep. I only take two hour naps and then I’m up …eyes wide open and no sleepiness or tiredness in sight.

    Can you help me on this one, so I can be normal again or until I give birth.


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