Gall Bladder Stones: Causes And Effective Natural Treatment

More and more people today are affected from the gall bladder stones. According to a research, this condition affects mainly adults that are over 50 years old and mostly women. Some scientists believe that estrogen is the cause of gall bladder stones. Usually, children and younger people do not experience the severe symptoms of this disease. Some other people that are at rick of experiencing this awful pain are people who suffer from obesity or those with digestive problems, as well as those with high cholesterol in their blood.

Gall Bladder Stones Causes

This disease is caused by gall bladder stones that are formed in case the gall bladder is not able to empty entirely. If the bile is full of cholesterol, this can also become a reason for gall bladder disease appearance. When the gall stones accumulate, the bile access is blocked, which makes it impossible for the gall bladder to function normally and the first symptoms appear.

Gall Bladder Stones
Gall Bladder Stones

The good news is that with some changes in the eating habits and when taking some medicines, this disease can be successfully treated very quickly, especially if people suffer from the mild form of gall bladder disease. However, not the same is the situation in case there are severe symptoms, which might lead to bile removal. This option is possible and not very dangerous, given that the gall bladder doesn’t play a vital role in the body, so it can continue functioning properly even without this organ.

Two gallbladder disease types are known: acute and chronic. People who suffer from acute type, may require to undergone a surgery, while those with chronic gallbladder disease do not suffer from severe symptoms.

When the gallbladder is removed as a result of gall bladder stones, the liver begins to produce bile in large amounts. To make the process of recovery easier, people should follow a low-fat diet as well as to decrease the portions of food after the gall bladder removal. This will help them easily deal with the lack of this organ.

When it comes to the bladder surgery, Laparoscopic surgery is preferred method compared to open one, as it is less risky and leaves a smaller scarring in the end of the surgery. A special medical instrument called laparoscope is used, which is in the form of a tube with an in-built digital camera. After the surgery, patients usually recover fast. It is not too difficult to deal with this disease; however, frequent visits to the doctor are required as soon as you start experiencing some of the symptoms. The ignorance of these initial symptoms may result in further health complications that are more difficult to deal with.

Some of the symptoms are pain the the right shoulder, the back or in the upper abdomen right side. Usually the pain intensity may vary and may last up to several hours or be as short as a few minutes. The main reason for occurrence of gall bladder stones is imbalance in the bile juice content. The bile itself contains bilirubin, cholesterol, bile acids, etc. The bilirubin or cholesterol excess is a precondition for forming these stones.

Two types of gallstones are known, pigment and cholesterol stones. The chemicals that the bile contains are able to dissolve the cholesterol unless there is too much of it. In that case, crystals are formed that turn into a stone. The same is the situation with bilirubin excess. As the name suggests, pigment stones are of dark color, while cholesterol stones are mostly of yellow-green color. The bile begins to form stones due to a concentration that results from not completely and regular gallbladder emptying.

Common Remedies For gall Bladder Stones

There are a few natural remedies that might help sufferers remove gall bladder stones faster. Remember to always discuss your treatment with a doctor, in order to prevent complications.

  • Make use of dandelion to make a tea. This herb is extremely helpful for gallstones elimination, if it is regularly taken.
  • Chicory is another helpful plant that promotes the bile secretion. Usually, seeds, root and flower are used for gall bladder stones treatment.
  • Peppermint and alfalfa are also known to effectively remove gallstones.
  • The leaves of artichoke help for lowering the deposits of cholesterol thus decreasing the risk of gallstones.
  • Ginger root also successfully fights the gallbladder disease and stimulates the bile juice production.
  • Parsley is a diuretic that helps relief the symptoms.
  • Turmeric is known to prevent gall bladder stones, as it stimulates a bile flow.

In addition to these herbs, people that have such problems should increase the vitamin C and E intake, as their deficiency leads to gallstones formation.

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Gall Bladder Stones

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