How to Stop Diarrhea After Eating in Children

How to Stop Diarrhea After Eating in Children?It can be devastating to have diarrhea especially if you have an important event to attend that you just cannot miss. You would have to take medications and make sure that you avoid certain food products throughout the night which can be a hard thing considering that there is an event. Still, even if it is hard for adults, you must realize that it can be even harder for babies to have that condition. Babies cannot do much just yet. All they can do is laugh when they are happy and content and cry when they feel uncomfortable. Having diarrhea can be very stressful for newborns and parents cannot help but feel panic when they know that their babies are having a hard time.

Diarrhea After Eating in Children

The best way to deal with this though is to not panic. Parents should have all the needed information to deal with this situation. Panicking while your baby is crying will not help at all but acting responsible will change the situation entirely. There are always a variety of things that parents can do in order to make their newborns heal faster. Parents can always start by finding the right type of medication that babies can take.

One thing though that new parents would have to remember is to not jump into conclusions immediately. This is where a lot of parents make a mistake. They automatically assume that since their baby’s stools are wet and not solid, their baby is already having diarrhea. Liquid stools are not uncommon in newborns because if you would think about it, are they already eating solid food? There are times when the watery stools are there because there was a change in your baby’s diet. If you have changed the food products that your baby is eating, then this might have caused the change. Do not just pick some medicine and let your baby ingest it. Take your baby to a doctor so that you can be sure.

Things to Remember:

  • There are instances when the diarrhea is caused by a certain illness. Your doctor can confirm or deny this. If the diarrhea is because of another illness, what you should do is to cure that illness that is causing the diarrhea and not the other way around. Trying to cure the diarrhea will not make your baby feel any better. There are some ways by which you will be able to tell if it is not just diarrhea alone and that is if the condition is also coupled with fever or sometimes vomiting.
  • Sometimes diarrhea is caused by a certain medication. If your child is recovering from an illness and he or she is taking medication, it is likely that the medication is causing diarrhea. This is not a good sign. Inform your medical doctor immediately and ask for a change in prescription. There are a lot of medicines that will not make your child suffer.
  • Anti-diarrheal medicines are not often recommended for babies. There is always an underlying cause why your child is experiencing diarrhea. Most likely, you would need to make sure that you change your baby’s diet in order for your child not to become dehydrated and you would also have to take medication for whatever is causing the condition of your child.
  • An ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) is necessary for a lot of children because parents do not often realize that their children are already becoming dehydrated. This is important because dehydration can cause children to become extremely weak. It will also be harder for them to recover.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

Starchy Food Products

Aside from the medications that you would need to choose for your baby, you also have to pay attention to the things that your baby is eating. If your newborn is still not eating solid food then the doctor will probably prescribe something else. It is likely that your newborn has ingested too much fruit juices and you just need to lessen the amount of fruit juices that you are feeding your child.

If your child is already ingesting solid food on the other hand, these are just some of the food products that you would have to avoid:

Fiber Rich Food Products – There is just something about fiber that can make digestion easier. Some cereals can do this so if your child is still recovering from diarrhea, avoid giving your child fiber rich food.

Dairy Products – There are a lot of people in the world right now who are lactose intolerant and children may be lactose intolerant at an early age. Try to avoid giving your children dairy products even milk and cheese.

Too Much Sweets – Yes, children are absolutely adorable and when our children like some things, we cannot help but give them what they want sometimes but if your child is currently having diarrhea or has just recovered from diarrhea, try to avoid giving in to your child’s every whim. It will be the best thing to do for his or her health. If it cannot be helped, there may be healthier alternatives that are available.

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