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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast

Stretch marks are a skin condition that can appear at different places, such as shoulders, belly, arms, upper arms, underarms, thighs, etc. They are usually a result of fast weight gain or can be due to a hormonal change. In the beginning they look

Causes of Nausea in the Morning

Are you feeling nauseous in the morning? There may be a variety of reasons why you are feeling this way. It is pretty common to start feeling nauseous throughout the day because of the different things that you will experience but there are also

How to Get Rid of a Groin Pull

A groin pull is the tearing of the hip adductor, or inner thigh muscles. The inner thigh muscles are used quite frequently for propelling you straight ahead or from side to side. They’re even responsible for allowing you to move your foot inward. As

Sensory Receptor Function

Link between the internal or external environment and the nervous system. If a stimulus is strong enough, action potentials will be produced, travel to the CNS and be translated into a sensation at the conscious or subconscious level. Process of sensation: Stimulus – a

Top 10 Home Remedies for Candida

A lot of the common ailments can be caused by bacteria. Sometimes, the common ailments can also be caused by viruses and sometimes even fungi. Such is the case with the Candida Albicana fungus that can cause Candida in people. There are some people

What Causes Belly Button Pain?

There are times when people find it funny that they are experiencing belly button pain because it does not seem to be quite normal but contrary to popular belief, this is actually a common occurrence. In fact, a lot of people actually get to

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Fast and Naturally

Long colds could be very annoying and people try to fight effectively to get better fast. However, the facts reveal that taking medicines are not as effective as people suppose and even lower their immune system, so that they become even more prone to

How to tell if Your Chest Pain is Heart Related

A lot of people especially those who are middle aged sometimes panic when they feel chest pain. They sometimes panic that this is related to problems of the heart although there are times when people experience chest pain because of their chest muscles. At

Skin Sensitive to Touch Causes and Treatment

There are instances when people become surprised when their skin becomes too sensitive to touch. Instead of being able to mingle with other people, they try to avoid situations wherein they would have to be with people because their skin feels painful even with