Chest Muscle Pain Causes & Treatment

If you think that chest muscle pain is not that common then you are mistaken. It is so common that more people suffer from it than other types of problems that may manifest as pain that can be felt in the chest area. There are some people who panic when they are feeling pain on the chest area because they automatically assume that it is a heart condition that is causing the pain but then, sometimes, it is the muscles that are causing the pain and not the heart. At this point, you may be wondering, how will you know if the pain is being caused by muscles and when is it being caused by the heart?

Chest Muscle Pain

Some Symptoms You Have to Search for

While chest muscle and pain and chest pain caused by heart diseases may be almost similar, here are some of the things that you have to take note of so that you can distinguish which one you are feeling:

  • Chest muscle pain can last for a few seconds up to a few minutes. This is also the same with the pain that is felt when people have heart pain.
  • Instead of the pain being felt on the central area of the chest, they may be felt more on the sides of the chest particularly near the shoulders and the arms.
  • Taking deep breaths can make it go away although there may be times when it can make the pain go back or at least stop it for a certain time.
  • If you try to move or wriggle the part of the chest that hurts and it goes away, this is a sure sign that what you are feeling is chest muscle pain. If the pain does not go away, this might refer to having heart pain.
  • Chest muscle pain will not spread to the throat like heart pain does.

If you feel that your symptoms are more similar to having heart pain, you would have to get yourself checked immediately so that this can be confirmed by your doctor. If the symptoms that you are feeling are pointing more towards chest muscle pain, it is likely that you would like to know more about it.

Causes of Muscle Chest Pain

Now that you understand that what you are feeling is muscle chest pain and not heart related pain, you must now know the various causes, the reasons why you are experiencing muscle chest pain. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Rib Injury – There is a possibility that you have hurt your rib even if you are not aware of it probably because of an accident or you may have hit yourself somewhere without realizing that you have done some damage to your rib. While this heals over time, usually it takes a few weeks to a few months; there are still things that can be done to make the treatment faster.
  • Muscle Strain – If you would check out the muscles on the chest, there may be some points that hurt more than the others this means that these are the muscles that are triggered and are causing the pain. This may cause a sharp and burning pain for some periods of time.
  • Muscle Cramps – There are some people who assume at times that muscle cramps and muscle strain are the same but actually, muscle cramps happen not because of the muscles being used too much but because of entirely different reasons such as some health conditions like hyperthyroidism or sometimes even due to hormonal disorders and dehydration.
  • Tumors – There may be times when there are tumors that are present on the chest cavity. Do remember that the tumors may be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are harmless tumors and can be removed or broken down easily be medications but malignant tumors usually signify a more serious condition which is cancer.
  • Muscle Infection – There may be various reasons why the muscles may become infected. At times, this may be because of a burn that reached the muscles and if it is not cleaned all the time, this can cause the muscles to become infected. This is also the same for deep wounds.

Other than these possible causes that are mentioned above, there may still be other reasons that you have to know about muscle chest pain.

Treatments for Chest Muscle Pain

The type of treatments that will be done for you if you are suffering from chest muscle pain will highly depend on what your current condition is. For instance, even if you and another person that you know are both suffering from chest muscle pain, there is a possibility that your reasons for feeling the pain are different. What is causing your chest muscle pain? Do you know what is the treatment that you have to do?

Here are some of the treatments that you may do:

  1. Hot/Cold Compress

If you are feeling pain on your chest area because you have strained your muscles, your aim should be to make your muscles feel relaxed. What you can do is you can place an ice pack on your sore chest muscles for about 20 minutes and then you can alternate that with a hot compress that would be placed on the affected area for 20 minutes again.

  1. Massage

If for instance doing the hot/cold compress is not enough, what you can do next is get a massage. The great thing about this is that you can ask someone to do it for you for free, usually a loved one, or you may also go to a spa for this. The great thing about massages is that it can prevent further straining especially if the physical activities that you do will affect the same muscles that you have hurt.

  1. Surgery

For tumors, getting the tumors removed through surgery is the right thing to do. This is more applicable for malignant tumors since they usually have to be removed at the soonest possible time. Still, some people also choose to get benign tumors removed. If you would want to, you can also have a tumor if you have any, removed.

  1. Rehabilitation

There are instances when because of some physical activities, rehabilitation is something that would have to be done to ensure that the muscles will eventually get better. If you are undergoing muscle rehabilitation, weight lifting or doing serious physical activities would have to be stopped for a certain period of time.

  1. Medication

One of the most common ways to make sure that chest muscle pain will go away will be based on medication. There are various medications that are available and they are prescribed by doctors for different types of conditions. Follow the medications that the doctor will prescribe and your chest muscle pain will get better.

Do remember that the causes and the treatments that are described above are just some of the things that may be causing chest muscle pain. There may still be more that you have to know. What is important is that you know the difference between this and heart pain. Your knowledge will help you a lot.

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