What You Should Know about Cayenne Pepper Diet

There is a chance that you have already tried various diets in the past. Some of these diets may have helped you a lot but most of the diets may have been too hard for you to follow. The famous diets every year change depending on their effects and what experts and other people who have tried it say about the diet. Have you heard about cayenne pepper diet? The fact that you are reading this now means that it has gotten your attention and you like to learn more about it.

Cayenne Pepper Diet
Cayenne Pepper Diet

Before you continue to learn more about the Cayenne Pepper Diet, it is important that you know the reasons first why you have gained weight in the first place, there are various reasons that might have caused your weight gain such as the following:

  • Eating Too Much Fast Food – If you hate being pre packed lunches at work or even in school, you may end up eating at a fast food restaurant that usually have big servings that will only give you empty calories. These food products contain too much fat and grease too that will be hard for the body to burn.
  • Lack of Exercise – If you would be asked why you are not exercising anymore, what would your answer be? There is a chance that you will say that your main reason for not exercising is because you do not have time. Still, even walking to work can make a lot of difference or at least trying to buy your own lunch instead of asking someone else to buy it for you.
  • Skipping Meals – You may think that you can actually lose weight when you skip meals but this is not the case at all. When you skip meals, you let your digestive system work slower so your metabolism will work slower as well. You are recommended to take 5 small meals a day instead of not eating at all because this will aid your metabolism in burning fat faster.

Now that you already know some of the possible reasons why you might have gained weight, it is now safe to know more facts about the Cayenne Pepper Diet.

What is the Cayenne Pepper Diet?

Based on the name itself, you can already tell that this is the type of diet that makes sure of Cayenne Pepper that as you know is one of the spiciest peppers available in the world right now.

Usually, cayenne pepper is mixed in with lemon and also honey or maple syrup in order to make it taste better. Generally, what this type of mixture does is it helps get rid of possible toxins that are stuck inside the body. It can also help get rid of the various waste materials that may be stuck in the digestive system.

One version of this diet disallows people to take any type of solid food. This means that people who are doing this diet would have to stick with only liquids for a 10 day period. Since there are some health concerns about this, there is another version of this diet wherein people can also consume some solid food products during the whole diet.

Food Products to Avoid:

  • Processed Food Products and even some canned food products.
  • Red Meat
  • Dairy Products
  • Any Food or Drink that Contains Caffeine
  • Sweets

Do remember that while you are doing the diet, you are not recommended to take food products that you know are unhealthy. You may also want to avoid food products that have been deep fried since the oil may hinder you from doing the cleanse successfully.

These are the benefits that Cayenne Pepper can do:

  1. Help fats and calories become burned faster by the body because of its spiciness.
  2. Helps people get rid of their appetite so they do not want to eat as much as they would want to before.
  3. Helps increase people’s energy to do work. if people tend to feel sluggish because of the food products that they usually eat, the intake of Cayenne Pepper drink mixed in with lemon and honey can energize the body overall.

Do remember that for the second benefit, only those who are not used to eating spicy food may get this type of benefit.

Types of Liquid Allowed During the Cayenne Pepper Diet

There are certain liquids that are allowed when you are taking the Cayenne Pepper diet. If you are not sure what these four liquids are, these are the following:

  • Special Lemonade – Since Cayenne Pepper is usually mixed in with lemon in order to make the master cleanse detox, it is only normal that lemonade is one of those that are allowed.
  • Salt Water – This is the type of water that is usually taken during the course of the whole diet in the morning because what it does is it flushes out the toxins that might have gotten stuck in the body the night before.
  • Laxative Tea – Since it is a laxative, what it does is it makes sure that toxins and other food products will be released in the body in the form of waste materials.
  • Water – It is highly vital for people who are trying to do the Cayenne Pepper Diet to make sure that they will drink ample amount of water throughout the day.

Do remember that if you are a caffeine drinker and you would need to take your coffee in the morning, one alternative that you can take is to use green tea instead. It will give you the energy that you need throughout the day without the caffeine found in coffee.

During the whole course of the Cayenne Pepper Diet, people are not allowed to take any solid food. This is one reason why those who would like to stop the diet already have a hard time with trying to incorporate solid foods back into their diets once again. If you are also in this process wherein you would like to start going back to eating solid food products, here are the steps that you ought to take:

  • In the first few days wherein you have already decided to go back to solids, consume freshly squeezed orange juice. Do remember that you can only take freshly squeezed orange juice throughout the day.
  • After a couple of days, you can start taking in fruits and vegetables. You may want to cook the vegetables so that they are softer so you will start consuming semi solid food products. You may choose to eat raw fruits.
  • After about 5 days of eating liquids and fruits and vegetables, that is the time when you can go back to consuming food normally.

If the diet was effective, this does not mean that you can just go back to your old eating habits and your old lifestyle. If you would go back to that, you will just go back to your weight before the diet.  Do remember that you are not recommended to take this diet ever so often because this might be bad for your body if it would not take solid food products for a long period of time.

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