10 Common Causes of Pain Under Left Breast

There are a lot of people who experience pain under their left breast from time to time. It is not considered an uncommon symptom as there are a wide variety of causes why people may experience this type of pain. Since there are different reasons why people may experience pain under the left breast, the cause of the pain may be a bit complicated to diagnose.

One of the things that people misunderstand is that the rib cage is not only above the chest area, it may extend downwards almost near the abdomen which explains why some problems that may be related to it may be felt in those areas. With this said, the possible reasons for experiencing pain under the left breast may be brought about by problems with the organs that are located in the chest and abdominal area.

Pain under Right Breast
Pain Under Left Breast

10 Common Causes of Pain Under Left Breast

There are different reasons why you may be experiencing pain under the left breast. One of the most common reasons is injury.

If you have been hit by a blunt object recently or you have gotten into an accident wherein the left side of your body is affected more then this may be the possible reason. Still, there are some more common reasons for pain felt under the left breast such as the following:

  1. Heartburn

This is one of the most common causes of experiencing pain under the left breast which is brought about by eating or drinking products that have high acid content. This may also be caused by the consumption of too much food all at one time.

When too much acid is released by the stomach, it may go near the chest area and can cause sharp pain under the left breast. Another symptom that may be felt together with this condition is being bloated due to the fact that the body is finding it hard to digest the food in the stomach.

  1. Costochondritis

Costochondritis is one condition that may be felt both under the right and left breast. If in case you are not familiar with this condition, this is when the cartilages that are connecting the rib cage to the breastbone become inflamed due to a virus.

Usually, people who have been experiencing cough and colds for a long period of time may become afflicted with this condition. This may also occur because of doing certain activities for an extended period of time.

There are some people who panic when they experience the symptoms of this condition because it may be similar to a heart attack. Immediate medical attention may be required to diagnose the condition correctly.

  1. Cyst

There are instances when cysts may grow in some areas that often go unnoticed. If they appear in the chest area or the abdominal area, they may not be felt immediately.

The pain that may be felt may come from time to time and is not always constant. Remember that a cyst that grows without being noticed has a chance of becoming malignant or may be a symptom of a more serious condition.

The moment that you begin to feel the cyst, you need to go to the doctor immediately to have it checked and removed.

  1. Spleen Problems

The spleen is one of the organs that is found in the abdominal area that is responsible for the production of red blood cells of the body. It may also be in charge of removing dirty red blood cells that need to be replaced.

It can also take part in the body’s immune system. With all of the things that it can do, when it encounters some problems, then you will definitely feel the pain.

The pain is usually felt under the left rib cage. You will know if your spleen has ruptured or if the pain that you are feeling is brought about by your spleen when you also experience pain in your left shoulder area.

  1. Broken Rib

Let us not forget one of the most common reasons why you may be experiencing pain in your lower left rib cage. You may have a broken rib because of an accident or if you have been hit by someone or you accidentally hit something bad.

You will know if this is the cause when the pain becomes unbearable when you are trying to breathe deeply. If the doctor suspects that you have this condition, you may have to undergo an x-ray first.

  1. Splenic – Flexure Syndrome

This is a type of condition wherein there is too much gas that has gotten stuck in your colon. This can cause pain that is usually felt on the upper abdominal area as well as underneath the breast.

In order to get rid of the discomfort brought about by the condition, a person is required to sit first instead of lying down. This will help get rid of the trapped gas. While this may not require medical attention, it can be a bit uncomfortable. You can avoid this from happening by avoiding some food products that can cause indigestion.

  1. Ulcer

Experiencing pain under the left breast may be a sign of having a stomach ulcer. The pain that is felt because of an ulcer may go up to the shoulder area. You may not immediately realize that you have an ulcer because sometimes, the pain just lasts for a few seconds then goes away as if nothing happened.

When the condition is more severe, it may last for a long time and can cause extreme discomfort. This may require medical attention so that the doctor can state what items are needed in order to cure the condition.

  1. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

While this is a condition wherein the pain usually becomes evident around the abdominal area, the pain may sometimes feel too severe that it will go up just underneath the breast area.

People who are encountering this problem may be suffering from diarrhea or constipation and may also experience a wide range of symptoms such as bloating and cramps.

  1. Stress

You may think that you are reading this wrong but this is true. Sometimes the pain that you are feeling underneath your left breast may be caused by stress. Try to rethink the situations that you are experiencing right now.

Are you having problems with your job right now? Perhaps you are going through something that is personal. No matter what your reasons are, stress may be causing you to feel pain underneath your lower breast.

  1. Pneumothorax

This is one condition wherein a part of the lung has ruptured because of different reasons. It may be because of a puncture due to the breakage of the rib cage. When the lung ruptures, the air that is breathed in may leak out all over the chest area. This can cause severe pain. This is one condition that requires medical attention as this is serious.

Based on the things that are mentioned above, it is obvious that there are so many possible reasons why people may experience pain. You may try to diagnose things yourself especially after learning the symptoms about the different conditions that are mentioned above. To be correctly diagnosed, you need to contact your doctor immediately especially if you suspect that your condition is serious.

Your doctor will require you to undergo a series of tests depending on the symptoms that you will state. Through your symptoms, the doctor will have an idea about what he should look for. The doctor will then tell you more about the treatments that you have to do depending on your diagnosis.

Treatment of Pain Under the Left Breast

The type of treatment that will be done to the person will highly depend on the reason why you are experiencing pain under your left breast.

You know that for some conditions that are not serious like feeling muscle pain or muscle strain because of doing certain activities, you can just drink some medications or rest in order to get rid of the pain but if your condition is serious, there are other treatments that you can do.

  • Surgery – This can occur if you have a severe condition that needs immediate attention.
  • Relaxation – If the pain that you are feeling is mainly brought about by stress then you can surely lessen the stressful feelings that may be causing you to feel some pain. You are suggested to just rest from the office if it is problems that are causing your pain or you may want to go on a vacation. This will surely change things a lot.
  • Change in Diet and Lifestyle – Take a good look at the food that you usually eat. Can you say that the food that you eat is healthy? If you cannot, then you know for sure that you need to change your diet. Incorporate exercising into your diet too in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

With all of these details in mind, you will have a better idea of what you may be going through. Remember that going to your doctor to be diagnosed is always a good idea.

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